YouTube Ads For High Ticket Funnels By Kyle Sulerud
  • YouTube Ads For High Ticket Funnels By Kyle Sulerud

YouTube Ads For High Ticket Funnels By Kyle Sulerud

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YouTube Ads For High Ticket Funnels By Kyle Sulerud – Instant Download!

What If You Were Only One Funnel And One Strategy Away From Building A Profitable YouTube Ads System For Your Business?
On This Page, I’ll Reveal The Only Funnel You Need And How My RFA Method Transforms This Simple Funnel Into A Sales Making Factory
“I Know It Probably Sounds Too Good To Be True.”

What Other Clients Have To Say…

Moran Pober –
If you don’t mind paying a premium price for premium results, then Kyle is your man, and I highly highly recommend you work with him.

Carl Parnell –
Having attempted to run Facebook ads for many years, and the most insane headaches involved with them, I knew it was a smart move to move over to YouTube. Out the gate – four times return on investment. From my first ad and you guys setting it all up and running it, 4X return is pretty unheard of straight away.

Joey Choy –
The ROI has been tremendously good, even better than what we have on Facebook. If you are looking to run YouTube Ads, these guys are the best at what they do. I’m glad I made the decision to work with them.

Imagine You’re A Poker Player And You Have These Cards In Your Hand…

YouTube Ads For High Ticket Funnels By Kyle Sulerud

For those of you who might be unfamiliar with poker, this means you’re two cards away from having the best hand in poker.

The Royal Flush.

The Royal Flush is the ultimate hand in Poker. It’s an automatic win.

YouTube Ads For High Ticket Funnels By Kyle Sulerud

In our context, a Royal Flush is…

A sustainable and scalable YouTube Ads system.

And we’re going to cheat a little bit… the other players at the table don’t know it yet…

But I’m the dealer and I’m going to secretly slip you the remaining cards you need to make the Royal Flush 🤫.

Just make sure you hold a steady poker face.

Most people scream at the top of their lungs, with their voice reverberating off the walls.

And you know what?

That’s the same reaction my clients have (some of them) when their YouTube ads are cranking out sales consistently.

And to keep the same theme going, this hand is a good representation of what my clients see on other ad platforms like Facebook.

YouTube Ads For High Ticket Funnels By Kyle Sulerud

(Oof…so close.)
Things are working one day, sales are coming in, everyone’s happy…

…then suddenly the Return On Ad Spend (ROAS) tanks.

For no rhyme or reason.

It must be a bug in the system or something right? So you launch new campaigns using what’s worked before…

This time your ad account gets shut down. Now instead of having less money coming in…

Your business is totally frozen.

On the other hand, maybe you see a campaign that’s cooking…

So you decide to crank up the heat. Throw more gasoline on the fire. Doubling or tripling your budgets…

But the heat is too high. The campaign starts to take a downward spiral.

You’ve now turned that sizzling, juicy medium rare steak into a charred piece of leather.

So like always, you’ve got to relaunch the campaigns with new creatives… hoping to hit the same stride as before.

Now maybe you’re sick of inconsistent results, so you decide to jump ship.

Maybe you watch a few videos about YouTube ads, follow a generic campaign, and set a budget for $200.

You decide to shoot a short video with your smartphone or you might think, “Hey, this video worked on Facebook, it must work on YouTube!”

You log into your Google Ad account 2 days later… only to feel like Mike Tyson just socked you right in the gut.

$200 spent. A ton of impressions…

But barely any clicks and definitely no sales or calls booked.

So at this point, most business owners come to the conclusion of:
YouTube Ads Don’t Work For My Business
But here’s the truth…

Everything works.

Whether it’s Facebook ads, YouTube Ads, TikTok or carrier pigeons.

You just need the right cards.

If you’ve tried YouTube in the past without any success… chances are, you aren’t holding the right cards.

And that’s not your fault, many YouTube ads “experts” like to say they have the “one size fits all YouTube ads strategy”.

No such thing exists.

But that nonsense ends today. If you match a certain set of criteria (we’ll go over in a minute)…

I’ll show you the cards you need to create a profitable YouTube ads system for your business.

Now before I reveal what the right cards are… I have to be upfront about a few things.

I have a particular set of skills like Liam Neeson from Taken.

And that skill is creating and running highly profitable YouTube ads for a specific set of individuals.

So if you’re a:
Course Creator
Agency Owner
Media Buyer
And you or your clients also sell a high ticket product/program ($500-$15,000+)

My RFA Method for YouTube ads is made for you.

But if you do one of the following:
Affiliate Marketing
Low Ticket
Local Lead Gen

Sorry. But the RFA method isn’t for you.

So if you’re still here…
Here Are The 5 Cards of The Royal Flush For Profitable YouTube Ads

  • Offer
  • Creative
  • Funnel
  • Ads Strategy
  • Budget

If you or your clients are selling a high ticket product ($500-$15,000+) and it’s proven and actually helps people…

And you’re able to test $25-$100 a day in YouTube ads… (if you can’t and you’re trying to sell high ticket, your problem isn’t ads)

And you’re using the correct funnel for your offer… (if not, no worries. I’ll show you the only funnel you need later)

You’ve already got 2-3 cards of the Royal Flush. Stick with me here and I’ll deal you the rest.
But first… Hi, My Name is Kyle Sulerud.

My agency has been hyper-focused on YouTube Ads for the past 4 years and we’ve spent over $20M on ads.

Typically, I like to stay behind the scenes and scale sales funnels. And my agency AdLeg won’t even consider taking a client unless they’re open to spending at least $30K/month on ads.
This has given me the opportunity to consult and work with some awesome clients like Dan Henry, Moran Pober of, Frank Kern, Joel Erway, and many more.

Dan will also have something to say later on, so stay tuned for that.

Look, I don’t have a rags to riches tall-tale to share with you. I didn’t have one successful campaign and then woke up with the striking revelation of…

“I think I’m going to teach YouTube Ads for a living now!”

My agency AdLeg still manages multiple 5-figures per day in ad spend for different clients. And I actually opened a new agency in 2022 in a new niche that quickly crossed $100,000/month in its third month.

And it’s all done through YouTube ads.

And you know what…

The course that I’ll present to you later on – it’s my first ever YouTube Ads course.

But before we get into that, let me pass the mic to Dan Henry…
Hey Guys! Dan Henry Here.

I’m not going to spend too much time describing myself here. You can find out if I’m legit with a quick Google search.

Or you can ask the hundreds of coaches, consultants, and course creators who started and scaled successful online education businesses from my programs.

So Kyle here is elite at what he does. He’s the only person I refer my clients to when it comes to YouTube ads.

Kyle has given in-depth trainings to my clients AND he manages my YouTube ads.

That’s why when Kyle asked me to partner with him to bring his first course to life, I didn’t hesitate. You’ll see the cool bonuses I’m throwing in later on.

So most people usually know me as the Facebook ads guy, but the thing is…

With everything going on with Facebook lately, more and more of my ad spend has been allocated to YouTube. I’ll let Kyle explain that more later on.

But there’s one more thing I have to get off my chest.

I have to apologize to everyone who has taken my message out of context. You see, for years I’ve been promoting the idea of:

Master one platform for your business.

And now that message has gone haywire through a massive game of telephone.

Mastering one platform doesn’t mean to ONLY use one platform.

That’s just plain dangerous.

Yes, I still use Facebook ads and always will. That’s my bread and butter. But everyday I’m seeing less and less ROI from Facebook ads…

And higher ROI from YouTube ads… at scale too.

Of course that’s credited to Kyle, YouTube is his realm of expertise. So I’ll pass the mic back to him so he can talk to you about an important concept when it comes to traffic.

Thanks Dan.

So let’s talk about why…
You Need To Diversify Your Traffic.
Or else you’ll end up like Blockbuster.

Located within a humble shopping plaza in this small Oregon town – the remnants of a once billion dollar empire still survives.

At its peak, Blockbuster had over 9,000 stores, was home to over 84,000 employees, and serviced millions of customers. And today?

Believe it or not, Blockbuster is still hanging on by a thread. A single Blockbuster store still exists in Bend, Oregon.

The local community keeps the heart of the store beating like a pacemaker.

You’ve probably heard about this infamous story before. So I won’t go over the full story of how Netflix ate Blockbuster’s lunch and drank their milkshake.

But the reason why Blockbuster went from a media empire to a mom-and-pop shop in just 10 years… boils down to one simple reason.
Blockbuster didn’t diversify their traffic.
Yes, yes I know. I can already hear all the people swearing me off.

“No! It was the business model Kyle, don’t you know anything?”

And they’re not wrong.

But what does having an online streaming service vs. in-person video rental really provide?

It unlocks a tsunami of potential traffic to the business! Waves of people worldwide can now become customers.

That’s a lot better than having 9,000 stores nationwide servicing different geographical areas. And not to mention…

If you wanted more traffic, it cost a minimum of at least $500,000. Why?

That’s how much it cost to open a new Blockbuster store.

By rejecting Netflix’s offer, Blockbuster believed they were building a moat to block the competition. But instead…
Blockbuster built their own prison.
That’s just one example of what could happen if you don’t diversify your traffic.
Let’s look at a few others.

If Amazon bans your seller account or decides to sell their own branded version of your product…

You don’t have an Amazon business anymore.

If Facebook decides to ban your ad accounts tomorrow and the lifeblood of your business is in your ads manager…

Your business is in the gutter.

Dan has spent millions on Facebook ads with no blemishes or sketchy tactics. But still, there’s been multiple instances where Facebook “mistakenly” closed his ad account.

The lowest cost for one of Dan’s programs is $10,000. So you can probably imagine how much money he loses from not having ads for a week.

And let’s take a quick look at this Microsoft Excel influencer. She has 840K followers and can pull 100K-1M+ views per video.

“How an Excel TikToker Manifested Her Way to Making Six Figures a Day”
Not only is it impressive that she’s making six figures a day… but all her customers come through TikTok.

What if TikTok decided to limit her reach or ban her account tomorrow? Yeah…

So if you’re okay with leaving your business’s fate in the hand of one platform…

There’s nothing wrong with it. Just know…
You’re Walking On Eggshells
It’s like going all-in on every single bet you make at the casino.

And it also means the information I’m about to share with you probably isn’t for you.

But if you want to learn how to keep your business safe WHILE effectively scaling your business to new revenue heights… you’re in the right place.

So let me make myself clear on a couple items…
1. I’m not here to tell you Facebook ads are better or not better than anything.
If you’re profitable on Facebook, awesome. But by diversifying your ad spend, it keeps your business safe.
2. I’m not saying to abandon Facebook.
Let’s look at our ad spend from an investor’s perspective, not a gambler’s.

Investors and hedge funds diversify their investments for the best return.

So why would you not treat your ad budget like investments?

And I’m not even going to tell you to add 10 other platforms to your marketing mix…

That’s way too much work and requires manpower. We want a traffic source that can help us add customers seamlessly and scale our business with ease.

But what about all the “experts” saying that we shouldn’t be looking at any other ad platform unless we’re spending $100K/month?

Well, like Dan said… just another misinterpretation of mastering one platform for your business. $100K/month is not the cutoff for mastery.

If a platform isn’t working for you, don’t be afraid to test.

And for everyone who recommends starting with organic until a certain revenue…

To me and Dan, organic is a good way to test whether your offer is going to sell. Once you know your offer sells, you can move to paid ads.

Unless of course if you want to worry about pushing out content 24/7 like Gary Vaynerchuk (who has over 600 employees by the way, that helps).

So here’s my simple elegant solution to diversifying your traffic.
Just Add One More Traffic Source. YouTube Ads.
So the main reason ad costs continue to rise on Facebook is due to lack of inventory.

More competition running ads, increasing demand, but there’s only so much space to run ads on.

And Facebook is stuck. They obviously don’t want to pack and bombard the user’s newsfeed with ads. But they also need to appease all the advertisers giving them money.

On the other hand, YouTube never has to worry about inventory. Each new YouTube video uploaded becomes a new ad space.

Research shows that over 500 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube every minute. (Statista)

Every YouTuber in your niche is congregating your ideal audience in different pools. So if you follow our ad strategy, it’s like finding a needle… in a pre-made package of needles.

And here are 3 other aspects of YouTube that are critical for your business:

  • User Intent
  • Lead Quality
  • Scalability

User Intent

YouTube is currently the second largest search engine on the web. What used to be a platform for people to go watch entertaining videos has now become a major source of research for customers.

Studies from Google show that around 68% of users use YouTube to make a purchase decision.

This means YouTuber users want to see your ads. They’re actively searching for your solution right now.

So your only job is to show up.

Meanwhile, Facebook is still a platform for users to be social. People don’t log into Facebook with the intent to purchase your product.

They want to see what Mary and Joe are up to. They want to see pictures of their friend’s new corgi or their family’s newborn.

And to let you in on a little secret…

This is exactly why businesses who try to use the same video ad from Facebook on YouTube… usually bomb.

Incongruence with intent.

YouTube users are researching and actively looking to solve their problems. That’s why your hook needs to be compelling and useful immediately.

And this user intent is good news for you because it means…
Better quality leads.
Combine this with the ability to laser target your prospect…

That’s why you probably see “value posters” singing praises for YouTube ads in Facebook groups.

And they’re not wrong. Except their post is clearly disguised as a sales pitch not a value post. But that’s another conversation for another day.

So imagine being able to select the exact videos, channels, and keywords your prospects are searching…

And even narrowing down to characteristics like income level, so you can eliminate tire-kickers.

Pretty cool, right?

Now all you need is the right funnel to put them through. (I’ll show you what funnel to use in a little bit)

And last but not least…
Have you ever had a Facebook ad campaign running smoothly, getting sales for you everyday?

It feels like you’re on cruise control in a car. But when you try to increase the budget to scale…

A tire pops. The engine is smoking. And now you gotta start all over with a new campaign.

With YouTube, my clients are still in cruise control at $1000+/day. You can double the traffic into your funnel and still keep the same ROI.

And you probably already know about account suspensions with Facebook, so I won’t get into that.

If you ever get your account suspended with YouTube, I have a reversal process that still has a 100% win rate. It’s also something you’ll learn inside my course.

So with that being said, here’s…
The Only Funnel You’ll Need With YouTube Ads

The “VSL” can be a webinar or shorter video sales letter…

The “Offer” can be an offer for a sales/strategy call, or a direct sale.

Again if you’re running YouTube Ads for a course or coaching program…

This is the most proven funnel for high ticket products ($500-$15,000+). It’s the same funnel I optimize and scale with my own agency clients.

And if you’re not using this funnel, well… hit up your funnel guy right now.

So now you should have 3 cards if you didn’t before:

  • Offer
  • Budget
  • Funnel

All you need now is the right YouTube ads strategy and creative.

And here’s the thing about YouTube creatives…

You don’t need a decked out studio or fancy equipment. Your smartphone’s camera is good enough.

You’ve probably seen this ad once, twice, or 100 times.
This single video ad built Tai Lopez’s business and was all shot with his iPhone.
All you need is a compelling script. And we got you covered.

When you join our course, you’ll discover Dan’s 4-part framework to consistently create high converting YouTube ads. More on that later.

And if you don’t want to show your face on camera for some reason…

I get it. Public speaking makes everyone’s heart race.

But as a business owner, it severely diminishes your credibility.

If Dan and I didn’t introduce ourselves or reveal our faces earlier, how would you feel?

I would feel a little more skeptical.

So again, the 2 things you need for successful YouTube ads – smartphone and script.

No high end production needed.

And of course those ads do work, the Harmon Brothers are notorious for this style of ad.
But the reason why both Tai’s and the Harmon Brother’s ads work so well, even though they’re complete opposites production wise…

Boils down to the message in the ad.

Both their messages were able to win the hearts and minds of their prospects.

Actually, you may be able to work directly with my team to help develop your script and messaging as a free bonus.

More on that later.

And that leads to the next part about YouTube creatives you should know…
YouTube Creatives Have A Longer Lifespan
This is because of the laser focused targeting and dynamic capability of Google’s ad platform.

On occasion, a good YouTube creative can last for years.

Once you create a winning creative, it’s like discovering a hidden oil well in your backyard.
Compare this to Facebook where you might end up refreshing creatives as many times as you’re posting daily content.

And on top of that…
The Game of YouTube Ads Has Changed Again.
One of the most attractive benefits of YouTube ads was the Pay-Per-Watch feature.

In the past, you didn’t have to pay for a YouTube ad unless someone clicked or watched at least 30 seconds of your ad.

That’s no longer the case with the type of bid and targeting we focus on.

(Pay-Per-Watch is still available for cost-per-view bidding, but this bid strategy drives losing results. You may as well put all your money into a slot machine until it’s gone.)

So if you want consistent sales and the ability to scale, you’ll have to pay per impression.
And that’s why our YouTube ads strategy is so laser focused. Again, I’m going to reiterate this point:

The RFA Method for YouTube ads is for:

  • Coaches
  • Consultants
  • Course Creators
  • Media buyers
  • Agency Owners

Plus, you or your clients also have to sell a high ticket product/program ($500-$15,000+) for the best ROI.

If you check all the boxes, then the RFA Method is built for you. And that makes you a good fit to join mine and Dan’s program…
Introducing: YouTube Ads For High Ticket Funnels ($1997)

This isn’t a 12 week course or a program filled with 100+ hours of content.

You can implement the RFA method for your business tomorrow.

Because all you need is 3 hours to learn my entire system. Heck, if you’re feeling ambitious… you can have the entire RFA method implemented by the end of the video, because I walk you through it step-by-step.

Of course we’ll also give you some bonuses to go with it. You’ll see those later on.

And this is the first time I’m offering this training to the public. Before, it was only available for clients of Dan Henry’s high end program – Digital Millionaire Coaching. (A 5 figure investment)

Not only that, Dan has since closed off his program to the public. So you can’t even get the training there anymore unless you’re an existing client of Dan’s.

And if you’re wondering whether or not this strategy will become outdated like many other strategies we see in our space…

I’ve been using this same strategy for years for my agency clients. Unless Google completely removes all their targeting from their platform, the RFA Method will live.

And unlike Facebook who’s removing targeting options, Google is always adding more.

So the core training of YouTube Ads For High Ticket Funnels falls into 3 parts:

Part I: Creative

This is where most people’s YouTube scaling dreams fall flat. The creative is the electricity powering the sales factory we’re creating here.

And if you slack on this part, then you’ve got an abandoned factory. Maybe once in a while, a sale will come out… but it definitely won’t make up for the ad spend bill.

So I’m going to walk you through our process to consistently create high converting YouTube ad creatives.

Here’s a preview of what we’ll cover:

  • The most common downfall for YouTube ad scripts is market awareness incongruence. If your script is in the wrong awareness, it forces your prospect to skip your ad. So discover the 5 stages of market awareness and where your script falls into so you can win your prospect’s attention and business.
  • Are you ending your YouTube ads incorrectly? Here’s how to add an extra 30 seconds to your ads (no talking needed) and skyrocket your conversion rate.
  • My team and I have studied thousands of successful YouTube ads and we’ve uncovered “YouTube hook gold”. You’ll discover the 10 most successful YouTube ad hooks so you can command the attention of your prospect. My agency’s favorite hook is the “Open Loop”.
  • Can you make a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Then you can use our process to develop strong ad creatives. Each creative can be divided into 4 distinct parts. You don’t need to do anything fancy to start, just follow these 4 parts and you’ll end up with a strong creative. (If you’re wondering what the 4th part to a good PB&J is… it’s to toast the bread! Gamechanger.)
  • Are you making this simple mistake while writing ad scripts? Instead of trying to sell in each line, do this instead (This is how you get someone to watch an ad until the call-to-action)
  • In marketing, we stand on the shoulders of giants before us. Get my Ad Formula Cheat Sheet I’ve created from studying legends like Dan Kennedy, Victor Schwab, Gary Halbert, and Frank
  • Kern. This is the sheet my team fills out with every new YouTube campaign.

Part II: Scaling

This is where the magic happens. The heart of the RFA Method beats here.

Now that you’ve got some strong ad creatives, here’s where we’ll turn those creatives into sales reps for your business. Plus, we’re only going to put them in front of highly targeted prospects.

RFA stands for Ready, Fire, Aim. And this is exactly how we’re going to create scalable YouTube campaigns at record speed.

Here are a few nuggets you’ll discover from this part of the training:

  • Why we start each campaign at such a low budget, and why this is the fastest way to uncover profitable YouTube ad campaigns. (Your morning coffee may cost more)
  • The exact scaling progression I’ve used to scale accounts from a standing start to over $1000/day in profitable ad spend…in less than 30 days.
  • How to target your prospects in their exact time of need, when they’ll be most receptive to your offer. There’s more than one way to do this, and if you’re only using one or two methods you’re leaving money on the table.
  • Stuck on keywords? No problem. Use this feature of Google to find a list of profitable search terms your prospects are Googling right now.

Part III: The Walkthrough

Welcome to the last part of the training. You’ve got some killer creatives. You know how we’re going to methodically approach our campaigns. Now this is where the rubber meets the road.

Here’s where I’ll walk you through Google Ads on how to set up your campaign from scratch.

Pro tip: It’s extremely helpful if you create a mock campaign while following along. Just so you have all the settings and whatnot.

So here’s a preview of what to expect in this part of the training:

  • Why you should avoid Google’s “warnings”. These warnings are created for one reason only and we’re not going to fall for it. I’ve gotten way better results by ignoring these specific warnings.
  • You’re going to see some outrageous impression estimates (in the billions). I’ll show you what range your impression count should fall under. If it’s too high, your ad will get completely diluted with low quality traffic.
  • My agency’s process for winning back suspended Google accounts. We have a 100% win rate like Floyd Mayweather with Google Support.
  • There’s a signal you should look for when starting your campaigns. This signal tells you that a campaign probably isn’t going to get a lot of traffic. We’ll show you what to do when this happens.
  • The counterintuitive method we use to decrease cost-per-lead while a campaign is scaling. (It’s like negotiating for a better price with more volume.)

And Of Course, Here Are The Bonuses
Bonus #1 – Google Retargeting Mastery ($997 Value)

In this 4-part module, you’ll learn the 4 types of retargeting campaigns my agency uses to turn stragglers and prospects on the fence – into customers and clients.

These are advanced-level strategies, so make sure you go through the core training first!

Here are a few things you’ll pick up during this module:

  • Like baking a cake, retargeting requires the right mix of content. There are 2 main pieces of content you need for retargeting campaigns. If you use one without the other, it’s like baking a sugar-free cake (with no artificial sweeteners). And like your cake, your retargeting campaign won’t be getting any repeat interactions.
  • How to structure your retargeting campaigns like Google Maps directions for maximum sales. If your prospect has already been through one step, we’re not going to bring them back to the original spot like an outdated GPS. We’re going to show them the next step in their journey, guiding them closer to the sale.
  • Haters and trolls will decrease the performance of one type of retargeting ad (really annoying when the ad starts off profitable). Here are 2 ways to combat these keyboard warriors without affecting the performance of your ad.
  • How to get in front of indecisive prospects for pennies on the dollar without being annoying… while driving them closer to the sale. Research shows the more someone sees you, the more they’ll like you. (The propinquity effect)
  • Google likes to automatically turn on booby traps to drain your ad budget. I’ll show you what settings to use and what unprofitable settings to turn off.

Bonus #2 – Placement Exclusion List ($997 value)

Because YouTube doesn’t have an inventory problem like Facebook, it’s both good and bad for your business.

Good – because you can scale easily while keeping a steady ROI. But…

Bad – because there’s a lot of inventory that may not be a good fit for you. Things like music videos, gaming channels, and kids’ channels.

So over the years, my agency has compiled a list of thousands of channels you can immediately exclude from your campaigns.

It’s the biggest list anywhere because we’ve been actively compiling it while spending millions on traffic.

It also hasn’t been available anywhere outside of my agency…until now.

Just copy and paste what’s on the sheet into your campaign and voila! You’ve successfully avoided wasting thousands of dollars in ad spend.
Bonus #3 – Ad Scripting Workshop Recordings ($2500 value)

Would it be valuable if my team and I walked you through exactly how to script your YouTube ads for your business?

What if you could see us work one-on-one with other business owners like you, developing ad scripts?

This is the same process my agency uses to onboard brand new clients before running their campaigns.

You’ll get access to over four hours of content, recorded over two sessions, so you can follow along and come up with endless ideas for how to script your own YouTube Ads.
Bonus #4 – Targeting Workshop Recordings ($2500 Value)

Similar format to the Ad Scripting Workshop. During these Targeting Workshops, my team and I helped develop the exact targeting for several hotseat participants.

Again, this level of support has only been exclusive to my agency clients. It’s actually something my clients never see because my team handles it internally.

Now you can see exactly how we do it by watching two full sessions, following along, and applying what you see to your own business.

Bonuses From Dan Henry
Since Dan and I are teaming up for this program, he’s going to throw in 2 major bonuses to help you succeed with YouTube ads.
Bonus #5 – YouTube Ad Madness ($197 Value)

This is a training straight from Dan’s copywriting program, Modern Day Copy. This program is not currently available to the public, so you can’t access this training unless you’re a previous Modern Day Copy student.

In this training, Dan will go over the exact framework he uses to hand over high converting YouTube ad creatives to my team, so we can scale his YouTube campaigns.

Here are a few things you’ll learn:

  • How you can successfully adopt this same YouTube creative process for other platforms like Facebook and Instagram.
  • How to use the right “environment” to amplify the power of your hook and create instant credibility.
  • The 4 different ways to position your offer inside your ad. My favorite is the “Value Story”.
  • The most profitable way to end your ad. You don’t even need to say anything else. A screen with one line of copy is enough to substantially increase your conversions.

Bonus #6 – Lighting And Cameras Session ($497)

This is a private training Dan did for his Elite mastermind clients. Dan’s clients paid multiple five figures to attend these events, and the mastermind is no longer open.

So this is the only place where you can access this training.

Here are a few things you can expect to learn:

  • The goal isn’t to make an Oscar nominated film. If you decide to invest in a camera, this is the only camera Dan uses to film all of his ads.
  • How to adjust your ISO setting so your video quality isn’t grainy or dark.
  • The 3-point lighting system to make sure videos are in perfect lighting from different angles.
  • Outfit contrasts to avoid when filming. If you wear the wrong outfit, it’ll cause your prospects to pay more attention to your background instead of you.