YouTube Secrets – Making Money From Your Own YouTube Videos


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YouTube Secrets – Making Money From Your Own YouTube Videos

YouTube Secrets – Making Money From Your Own YouTube Videos

Learn YouTube Secrets- Making Money from your own YouTube videos. I have created this complete course from very basic. You will learn many exciting things from me. No doubt, I will give you complete idea how to get success. Furthermore, it is very easy, but you need to have some hard work over all the videos.

I have started this course from scratch. Something you need to know before creating your channel. After that how to make a video which video will go viral. And In addition, what knowledge that you must make successful videos.

Ok let’s just get started briefly from every video what you will learn in the video and I have explained about each and everything a step by step video by video in this explanation.

YouTube Secrets Course Outline

·         Know About YouTube

Everybody knows but I explained it in my way. All the things on YouTube is about videos and I am here to make your videos more successful and my target to make you successful you tuber.


·         Important things before get start

YouTube is now become a biggest platform over the internet, so you have to think about it before getting start. What important things you should need to know before it right.  I explained in my course clearly. Now you don’t worry about it I always be with you.


·         YouTube Basic (What things should I have to start)

You will learn basic things like a creating thumbnail for your YouTube. Right size of channel art and profile photo.  What quality of it and what is the video size. Many other things in this section you will come to know.


·         Way of creating channel and videos

Let’s suppose You created your video with your mobile phone or with your screen recorder, but you don’t know. What you must add in your video. How many parts could be for your video. At this time, you should get focus of your viewers. That things I have explained clearly in the section.


·         Importance of High level and Low-level Video Studio

You know high-level video studio for YouTube is everything and I have provided you what thing you need to do before making any video studio for YouTube. I also give you an idea about a low-level video studio for YouTube in budget.


·         Required Freeware Software YouTube helping and supporting stuff

I have done my best and pointed out some free their software. Which are most important. If you need to create a good thumbnail. You need to have a photo editor if you want to create a best video. That is why you need to have video editor. I elaborate other ways with the power of helping stuff. Which will help you better than best.



·         Learn about screen recorder

In this video class I also explain how you can create a screen recorded video with the best freeware software. In plus I added the way of use of the software as you can create HD quality videos.


·         Right way to create clickable thumbnail

My best struggle is just that to creating a good quality thumbnail. As many as possible to get clicks on the thumbnail of your YouTube videos. For example, if you have created a good video with good quality content but you don’t add a powerful thumbnail that mistake ruins your everything. Did you ever realize.


·         How to add title description and tags

On website write description title and text is everything it can be one way to get your video views by many others. It is good chance to get it into the many other search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu etc.


·         Common Mistakes

If you don’t know and you have created videos for it. Try to upload it on a and you must follow the terms and condition and policies of YouTube. These many common mistakes done by every you-tuber. Don’t worry but I have explained in my course.


·         YouTube Settings for Channel and Videos

It is very important for everyone who have their YouTube channel must need to set some things for itself how to add language of their video what use by default for every video and which country how to approve advance setting.


·         Ranking factors and Secrets of viral videos

You know ranking factors in the algorithm depends on number of views comments like and share you have created your video how will you get watch time from your viewers and the idea which I have explained in my course easily.


·         Know about YouTube Monetization

You know now a days you need to have a 1000 subscriber in every year in addition you must need to have 4000 hours watch time for your life for your channel. OK so then you will be eligible for your YouTube monetization. So that is why what thing you need to do like for many other you-tubers. For Some big channels.  It is one and half day task.


·         What to do and What do not to do

You know I have completed my course. It’s up to you what you are going to do or what you will not do ok but sometimes most people always think.  They forget as well that these things are not important.  For some reason and for some events it is not important to follow everything to get success on it.

Self-Support and 7 years’ Experience Overview for Students

My dear students I have got 130000 subscribers it is not just a simple thing. I got many strikes on my channel and I handled it and I have learnt many things OK I stay up to date with my you-tube channel and always learn many new things. Whenever I upload a video.

I realized every day and every time. I think that when you create your video after that people watch your video. Here is a point to know what they think and what you must do for this. And many things we have required for it.

In conclusion you should also get an idea from videos. You also know from me as well.  What they are saying into the comment box also make video for it.  And try to be honest with your visitors. Provide them a good quality video as they can enjoy. Good contents always be shared. People also share your video with their friends, on social media ok Do one thing in everything video on the it. Try to get trust from your subscribers.

Conclusion and my tips for students

My target is only to make you success on that. In this way I have tried my best to teach. As a result, you can easily get things clearly. The wonderful thing of my course is that I explained things practically as well as theoretically.