Yuen Method: How to Shift Energy By Khadine Alcock
  • Yuen Method: How to Shift Energy By Khadine Alcock

Yuen Method: How to Shift Energy By Khadine Alcock


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Yuen Method: How to Shift Energy By Khadine Alcock – Instant Download!

Yuen Method: How to Shift Energy By Khadine Alcock

It’s An Advanced Fundamentals Course!

What you’ll learn

  • Learn the Yuen Method technique . Learn how to shift energy for immediate results. This is the most powerful technique out there at this time. It would be an honour to take you on this journey.
  • You learn to clear energetic blocks and weaknesses. By enrolling you join my group where we take requests and strengthen each other.
  • i also make some energetic corrections to you so that you can do the method on your own.


  • Some knowledge of the Yuen Method would be beneficial but none is required.


This is a course package in one! You will find a mini course as well that teaches you the Yuen Method in a simplified way. This is the way the Yuen Method was intended to be learned, simple and less words. Then the main course is in online seminar format and slowly walks you through the Yuen Method. You learn what it really is, how to shift energy, how to maximize your results , use symbols and neutrality to help you overcome obstacles. There are many energetic strengthening being done for you and also to you, which alone makes the price worth it! I have priced this at a low cost for Yuen Method courses, but i am aware that most students gravitate toward the 10 dollar courses.

Course Content


  • Introduction
  • Simple Things You Can Do to Maximise Your Abilities to Shift Energy Yuen Method Fundamentals

Yuen Method Fundamentals

  • Mini course detailing the steps and special ways to use the Yuen Method
  • Perception Activation Video

Main Lecture: Exploring the Method

  • A Closer Look
  • Being Neutral
  • Shifting Energy

Going Deeper

  • Strengthen Weak Energy on Autopilot
  • Find the Root Cause of Issues
  • You Can Do This… You are already doing it

Get Stronger Results

  • Understanding When It Does Not Work The Way You Want


Khadine Alcock: Teacher/Trainer

A mom with a passion for empowering others through information. A Teacher, Researcher, Nutrition Coach, Life Coach and Fitness Instructor. I come from a family of teachers who love working with students who have fallen behind, to encourage them to believe in themselves.

Yuen Method: How to Shift Energy By Khadine Alcock, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)

  • 01 Introduction
  • 02 Yuen MEthod Fundamentals
  • 03 Main Lecture: Exploring the Method
  • 04 Going Deeper
  • 05 Get Stronger Results