Zoom Profits By Dave Kaminski
  • Zoom Profits By Dave Kaminski

Zoom Profits By Dave Kaminski

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From Hiding In Plain Sight
To Everyday Necessity

Zoom meetings aren’t new. I’ve done them almost daily for years, both free and for profit.

Yet until recently, most people weren’t even aware of Zoom. And for those who were, Zoom meetings were just a once-in-a-while convenience….a quick, easy and extremely reliable way to have a video chat.

Then the world changed.

And suddenly, Zoom became a fun way to keep in touch with others. Then a tool businesses needed to survive. And now, a tool businesses can use to thrive.

It’s gone from a little-thought-about novelty, to the accepted, preferred and default way to do business.

And for savvy business owners, it’s become not only a new way to generate revenue, but help people too.

Profit For Your Own Business
or Profit Helping Others

Online learning has taken a major shift in 2020. While pre-recorded digital courses are still big, people now crave personal interaction in their online learning…the human element.

That means learning from someone directly one-on-one or in a live virtual class, where people can ask questions and get answers, just as if they were meeting in person.

As the saying goes, “10 minutes on Zoom accomplishes more than 2 weeks of self-paced learning”.

For you that means two things.

First, you can be paid to connect with a single person or group of people through a Zoom meeting. You are giving them your instant expertise in exchange for a fee. And they pay you before the meeting even happens.

And second, once you know the methods and techniques for running successful paid Zoom meetings, you can be paid to teach other business owners how to do the same thing.

There are tens of thousands of businesses desperate for information on how to do this. The demand far outweighs the supply.

In fact, one of the fastest growing startup markets is for services that do this very thing. And now is the perfect time for you to enter this market too.

$50 For 15 Minutes?
$150 For 30 Minutes?
$500 For 1 Hour?

Paid Zoom meetings command a high price because they are live and the results people get from them are immediate.

For example, if you can solve someone’s problem in a 15 minute Zoom meeting…where otherwise it would have taken them hours, days or weeks to figure it out themselves…you get compensated accordingly.

The hourly rate for Zoom meetings can be huge. $50 for 15 minutes doesn’t sound like much. But that’s $200 an hour. Or $400,000+ a year.

And the bigger problems you solve, the more you can make.

Even celebrities are using Zoom meetings for profit…and they don’t even solve a problem. Want to talk to Barry Williams (Greg from the Brady Bunch) for just 10 minutes on Zoom? It will cost you $500. That same 10 minutes will cost you $1,000 to Zoom with Charlie Sheen. Or if you’re an American football fan, you can spend $2,000 for a 10 minute Zoom with Brett Favre.

And that’s not to mention the other side of the coin; teaching other business owners how to profit from Zoom.

Once you know how to do this, charging $500 for a one-hour Zoom meeting, where you train a business owner on how to use paid Zoom meetings for their business, is not uncommon. In fact, you can charge more (or less), it’s up to you.

The key is that you’re providing instant expertise, which provides them immediate results. And when you do that, you are compensated handsomely.

But How Do You Successfully
Run, Market and Sell
Great Questions. Here Are The Answers


Zoom Profits By Dave Kaminski

Zoom Profits is the tell-it-like-it-is course that shows you:

1. How to profit from Zoom meetings yourself, step by step

2. How to profit by teaching other business owners how to run paid Zoom meetings, step by step.

No fluff, no filler, no wasting time. Just what to use and what to do to start profiting from Zoom.

You don’t need any experience. No tech skills. No marketing skills.

That’s because running profitable Zoom meetings is waaaaaaaaayyyyy easier than selling digital courses. It’s way faster, way simpler and has way less of a learning curve.

But you’re still going to need someone to guide you through the process. Because running successful paid Zoom meetings is a completely different animal than just hopping on Zoom and chatting with your sister.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to do…guide you through the process step by step. No guesswork. No confusion. I’ll lay out for you the exact system to use for profiting from Zoom meetings.

Actually, it all gets broken down into 3 parts. Here’s a closer look at each:

How To Zoom Like a Pro

When people pay for a Zoom meeting, they expect a professional experience…good looking video, good sounding audio and a glitch-free experience.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to show you how to do in this section of the training.

We’ll deep dive into the best settings, advanced usage and best practices that will give your customers and clients the professional experience they are paying for.

I’ll also be covering all of the tech…cameras, audio and more…showing you what your options are, what to avoid and what to use for the best results in different situations.

The bottom line is once you’re done with this section, you will be a Zoom pro and your meetings will look and sound 1,000% better.

How To Sell Zoom Meetings

Running a free Zoom meeting isn’t hard. You click a link and you’re in the meeting.

But running paid Zoom meetings is a different animal. You need to collect the money upfront, make sure your clients have the correct links, provide meeting recordings and more. And if you try to tackle this manually, you’re in for an epic nightmare.

So in this section of the training, I’m going to show you how to automate it all…where technology does everything for you…so running paid Zoom meetings becomes as point-and-click simple as free meetings.

Plus, I’m going to introduce you to exciting new technology that makes this process even easier yet.

The bottom line is once you’re done with this section, all of the crazy technical stuff required for paid Zoom meetings will be a piece of cake for you.

How To Market Zoom Meetings

So what’s the best length for a paid Zoom meeting? Should you offer different meeting lengths? If you’re doing a group class, is there a certain seat limit that works best?

In this section of the training, I’ll be answering those questions and more. Because as much as people crave one-to-one meetings and live group classes, there are certain formats that simply won’t sell.

But wait…how do you let people know that you’re offering paid Zoom meetings in the first place? What’s the best way to get them to sign-up? How can you charge the highest price? And how do you separate yourself from any potential competition?

I’ll be answering all of those questions and more as well, putting you in the best position to sell the most meetings and for the highest profit.

The bottom line is once you’re done with this section of the training, you’ll know how to use paid Zoom meetings to generate revenue on demand.

The New Way of Online Learning Has Arrived
Don’t Be Late To The Game Again

Do you wish that you had started selling a digital course back in 2004? It would have been so easy back then. Low-competition. Lots of low hanging fruit. Lots of people who were eager to pay to learn from you because it was such a new approach.

I can tell you that’s exactly how it was, because that’s when I started publishing digital courses. Back then the tech sucked…but everything else was so easy.

And I always wondered how the “online learning thing” was going to evolve. What was going to be the next big thing in online learning.

Well, it’s here – and it’s Zoom meetings. I never would have predicted it, but it’s become a reality nonetheless.

And this is your opportunity to get in on it…while there’s still low-competition, lots of low hanging fruit and lots of people eager to pay for it.

Not to mention lots of businesses that are desperate to learn how to do it too.

So if you were late to the “digital course game”, this is your chance to rectify that. Because the best time to get in on paid Zoom meetings is quite literally, right now.

No Skills of Any Kind Required
and Two Ways To Profit

What I love about paid Zoom meetings is the barrier for entry is so low…with everything.

Easy to get started. Easy to learn. Easy to market. Easy to profit.

In fact, last month I taught a 71 year-old grandmother how to start getting paid for Zoom meetings…and she still owns a flip-phone. But she had no problems getting everything setup (with my help) and had her first paid Zoom meeting in the books the next day.

Easy to get started. Easy to learn. Easy to market. Easy to profit.

But if you’re one of the people who says “I don’t have any expertise that people would pay for in a Zoom meeting”, then remember the second way you can profit.

And that’s by teaching other businesses how to run their own profitable Zoom meetings. Which I teach you how to do in Zoom Profits as well.

In other words, if you don’t have a skillset, then I’m giving you one. I’m giving you the “expertise that people would pay for in a Zoom meeting”.