2022 Psychotherapy Networker Complete Symposium Recording Package
  • 2022 Psychotherapy Networker Complete Symposium Recording Package

2022 Psychotherapy Networker Complete Symposium Recording Package

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2022 Psychotherapy Networker Complete Symposium Recording Package – Instant download!

2022 Psychotherapy Networker Complete Symposium Recording Package
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the Complete Symposium 2022 Recording Package.
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Your 2022 Complete Symposium Recording Package Includes:

  • Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy (EFIT) with Sue Johnson, developer of EFT
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) with Alexia “Lexi” Rothman & Frank Anderson
  • Psychedelic-assisted treatments with Rick Doblin & Michael Mithoefer
  • Neurofeedback with Clair Goldberg & Ellen Shaw-Smith
  • Harm reduction addiction treatment with Andrew Tatarsky
  • Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) with Kate Chard, CPT co-developer
  • DBT from Britt Rathbone, well-known DBT expert for adolescents
  • Sex therapy with Tammy Nelson & Suzanne Iasenza
  • EMDR from Deany Laliotis, founder of the Center for Excellence in EMDR Therapy
  • Anxiety treatments with Catherine Pittman & Sharon Saline
  • Gender, binaries, and sexual identity with Emily Nagoski, Lucie Fielding, Noah Garcia & Joe Kort
  • Expressive Arts interventions with Jamie Marich, author of Trauma & the 12 Steps
  • Post-Traumatic Growth with renowned trauma expert Lisa Ferentz
  • And a whole lot more!

Lock in over 150 hours of fascinating clinical insight and add this amazing resource to your professional library today!

2022 Psychotherapy Networker Complete Symposium Recording Package, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!) 

1. Featured Keynotes

  • Why Aren’t We Talking About Narcissism?
  • Why Behavioral Science Has Failed Us and What Can Steven Hayes Be Done About It
  • The Modern Abolitionist
  • Busting Open How We Think About Burnout
  • The Great Adaptation
  • The Point of Belonging: How We Return to and Reclaim Self

2. Trauma, Anxiety & Depression

  • Transcending Trauma with IFS- Mending the Wounds We Carry
  • Hypnosis for Trauma and Chronic Pain: Protocols for Relieving Pain in Trauma Survivors
  • How Cognitive Processing Therapy Heals PTSD*
  • Cultivating Post-Traumatic Growth: Hope from the Very First Sessions
  • Finding a Faster Way to Treat Trauma: A Neurobiologically Informed Approach
  • Rethinking Borderline Personality Disorder: A Traumatic Attachment Disorder
  • Emotionally Focused Therapy for Traumatized Individuals: Shaping a New Sense of Self
  • Thriving in the Aftermath of Trauma: Restoring the Self Through Balance, Rhythm, and Regulation
  • Expressive Arts Therapy: Creative Solutions for Trauma Recovery
  • Energy Psychology for Treating Trauma: A Fast Path to Emotional Regulation

3. Kids, Teens & Families

  • Beyond Behaviors: Moving Toward Brain-Body Integration with Kids
  • Facilitating Effective Family Therapy: How to Get Uncooperative Parents on Board
  • Healing Generational Trauma: Centering the Needs of Our Children
  • Loosening Anxiety’s Grip: Helping Neurodiverse Tweens and Teens Build Resilience
  • Making Mindfulness Stick with Children and Teens: A Practical Approach

4. Mind, Body & Brain

  • Bringing the Body into Therapy: Clinical Tools from Relationship Repair and Somatic Experiencing
  • The Hidden Brain Speaks: Neurofeedback in Clinical Practice
  • The Many Faces of EMDR Therapy: An Integrative Approach
  • Emerging Psychedelic Treatments: Opportunities and Challenges
  • Taming the Amygdala: A Brain-Based Approach to Anxiety
  • IFS and Polyvagal Theory: Healing Through Compassionate Connection
  • NeuroMeditation for Mental Health: Strategies for ADHD Anxiety, Depression, and PTSD

5. Cultural Competency & Ethics

  • The Ethical Lives of Clients: What Therapists Can Offer
  • The Dance with Boundaries: Understanding the Top Ethical Challenges in Clinical Practice
  • Racial Trauma and the Polyvagal Response: Mind- Body Healing for African American Clients
  • The New Rules of Therapy: Ethics in the Modern World

6. Couples, Sex & Relationships

  • Working with Narcissistic Abuse: Addressing the Impact of High- Conflict Personality Styles
  • Eroticism Beyond Binaries: Revisioning Sex Therapy
  • Healing Trauma in Couples Therapy: Two Contrasting Approaches
  • Gender-Affirmative Therapy
  • From Dysfunction to Erotic Discovery: Transforming the Sexual Narrative
  • Straight Guise: Helping Male Clients with Sexual Identity Confusion
  • F*ck Binaries!: Liberating the Clinical Imagination
  • What’s New with Sex?: Expanding and Exploring the Therapeutic Comfort Zone*
  • From Pain to Pleasure: Erotic Recovery in Trauma Healing
  • The Neurobiology of Healing Relationships: Harnessing the Brain’s Powers of Resiliency and Connection
  • Navigating Breakups and New Beginnings: How to Apply Relational Self-Awareness

7. Tools & Professional Development

  • Becoming a Solution-Focused Therapist: How to Make Therapy Briefer and More Effective
  • Eco-Therapy in Action: Addressing Climate Concerns in Clinical Work
  • Overcoming Hopelessness: Working with Low- and No- Motivation Clients
  • Listening to Suicidal Clients: How to Move Beyond Fear and Defensive Practice
  • Retiring the Inner Critic: Ending the Flood of Shaming Self- Talk
  • Fostering Client Flexibility: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) as a Process of Change
  • Treating Suicide Risk with Competence and Confidence: How to Move Beyond Our Fears
  • Transforming Regret: How to Forgive Oneself to Improve the Future
  • Addressing Grief in 2022: Rethinking Macro and Micro Grief
  • Love and the Therapeutic Alliance: Deepening our Work with Clients and Ourselves
  • Happily Even After: Fostering Well-Being and Resilience in Difficult Times
  • The DBT Advantage: An Integrative Skill-Building Approach
  • Surviving Suicide Loss: Making Your Way Beyond the Ruins
  • A Strengths-Based Approach to Suicidality: Crucial Strategies to Integrate in Your Practice
  • Rethinking Addiction: The Integrative Harm Reduction Approach
  • The Critical Art of Responding to Postpartum Disorders: Tools for Holding Perinatal Distress
  • Getting Your Book into Print: Writing and Publishing for Psychotherapists
  • Liberating Ourselves from Suffering: Justice, Spirituality & Belonging in Your Clinical Practice