5 Secret Techniques Every Woman Wants In Bed by Adam Armstrong
  • 5 Secret Techniques Every Woman Wants In Bed by Adam Armstrong

5 Secret Techniques Every Woman Wants In Bed by Adam Armstrong


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5 Secret Techniques Every Woman Wants In Bed by Adam Armstrong

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Adam Armstrong – 5 Secret Techniques Every Woman Wants In Bed (7 ebooks – PDF)

Each report will take you about 15-20 minutes to read and is free from ‘fluff n’ filler.’In fact, I’m so confident you’ll love the tips and techniques in each of these reports that I’m willing to bet you’ll agree with me when I say that the information is worth AT LEAST 10X what you’ll pay for it.

Report #1: Magic Words That Make Her OrgasmIn this special report you’ll discover: 3 simple, yet devastatingly powerful words that you can use to make your woman orgasm over and over and over again (you won’t believe how easy this is!) Why women love dirty talk and why it’s IMPOSSIBLE to give your woman truly great sex without talking dirty My 5 rules for successful dirty talk… ignore them at your peril Why you must deliver your dirty talk with CONFIDENCE and how to appear confident even if you’re nervous as hell Examples of what to say to your woman during foreplay – these magic words will get her so hot and horny she’ll BEG to feel you inside her What to say to your woman just before you give her ORAL SEX… this’ll drive her wild A 13 word dirty talk phrase that you can say to your woman when you’re screwing her ‘from behind’ – she’ll absolutely love it (WARNING: it’s not for the faint hearted!) The 1 secret magic word that lets you get away with – and causes your woman to LOVE – really, really dirty talk (IMPORTANT NOTE: if you try to talk REALLY dirty to her and don’t use this 1 secret magic word, you’ll offend her at best and make her cry at worst) The right way to refer to your penis and her vagina during sex… get this wrong and she’ll dry up faster than an oasis in the dessert (it’s probably not what you think) The one thing you MUST do when talking dirty that pretty much ensures your success (HINT: it’s ridiculously simple, yet most average guys don’t do it and most average guys suck at dirty talk) 5 different dirty talk phrases that’ll ‘tip her over the edge’ and make her ORGASM… once you know these magic words, getting her off will be easy

Report #2: Get Her To Give You HeadIn this special report you’ll discover: The proven technique that changes EVERYTHING – use it with your woman and she’ll give you head WHENEVER you want… and she’ll love every second of it The specific kind of orgasm you should give your woman if you want her to blow you on a regular basis and with more enthusiasm than you could ever possibly imagine What NOT to do if you want your woman to give you more head – (MOST men have been given this lousy ‘advice’ – avoid it at all costs) What YOU should do whilst your woman gives you head… this makes the experience totally fulfilling for her and keeps her desire to blow you sky-high (most men don’t do this very simple thing and this explains why many women have little desire to give their men head) How to get her to give you head exactly as you desire her to do it, without offending her (in fact, if you use this technique as I suggest – she’ll want to do pretty much ANYTHING for you in bed) Examples of the kind of dirty talk your woman wants to hear when she’s sucking you off… say these lines to her and she’ll get incredibly WET and EXCITED as she pleasures you (HINT: the more wet and excited she gets, the more she’ll want to do it The one MISTAKE many men make when their women are giving them head… if you make this mistake – she may never ‘go down on you’ again (I show you how to avoid it)

Report #3: How To ‘Cheat Proof’ Your RelationshipIn this special report you’ll discover: The 6 major reasons why women cheat and how to avoid them Why the myth that ‘guys cheat more than girls’ still exists and how many woman cheat without ever getting caught (this is a scary percentage) How to make sure your woman NEVER cheats on you in 10 simple steps… this is it, the can’t-fail, step-by-step guide to ‘cheat-proofing’ your intimate relationship What to do if your woman has already cheated on you (it’s probably not what you think) The single most important thing you can do to ‘cheat-proof’ your intimate relationship… get this one right and you’ve done most of the hard work!

Report #4: Last Longer In BedIn this special report you’ll discover: A simple, proven, quick and easy 3-step process for lasting as long as you want in bed… this 3-step process will produce immediate results – all you have to do is put it into action The 4 major benefits of being able to achieve a hard, long-lasting erection How to increase your Testosterone levels SAFELY and NATURALLY… do this and your sex drive and erection quality will massively increase (no pill, potions, lotions or potentially harmful drugs required) Why ‘the little blue pill’ is not the answer to erection problems and what to do instead (your Doctor probably won’t tell you this and yet it’s VERY important if you want to experience the truly fulfilling sex life you deserve) How to ‘fuel yourself for excellence’ in the bedroom… follow these 10 simple steps and a full, hard, strong, long-lasting erection will be yours… and you’ll also have the sex drive to match 2 types of popular food you should AVOID at all costs if you want to perform like a STUD in the bedroom The technique many millionaires, billionaires, elite athletes, movie stars and artists use to achieve super-stardom, and how to use the very same technique to perform like a SUPERSTAR in the bedroom How to strengthen the muscles responsible for a STRONG ERECTION… you can do this in less than 3 minutes a day Why controlling your BREATHING is one of the major keys to lasting as long as you want – and exactly how to do it (it’s so simple you’ll kick yourself for not realizing this sooner) An ancient intercourse technique that helps you to give your woman vaginal orgasms and helps you to LAST A LOT LONGER

Report #5: Sex Position MasteryIn this special report you’ll discover: How to ‘get her off’ over and over again in ANY sexual position you like… This simple technique gets the job done! Period. The 3 ‘Master Sex Positions’ and the 3 best variations of each (that’s 12 awesome positions in total) – use them all to give your woman MUCH BETTER SEX My 3 rules for choosing which sex positions you should use with your woman – ignore these at your own risk The ultimate ‘quickie’ position… whether you want to bang your woman in a public toilet, over your office desk or up against a tree

– THIS is the position of choice A secret nugget of wisdom that most men will never know about ‘women and sex’ – once you know this, giving her ORGASMS becomes easy. VERY easy indeed. How to make love to your woman in a DOMINANT way, even when she’s on top… (HINT: women love dominant lovers and “YES” – you can still be dominant even when she’s on top. I’ll show you how) Simple techniques for being DOMINANT during intercourse – all 9 techniques will drive your woman crazy 12 of my favorite tried-and-tested dirty talk examples… say these as you’re screwing your woman and she’ll cream herself. It’s just a fact.

Report #6: The Amazing Orgasm SecretIn this special report you’ll discover: The simple, proven technique that makes her orgasm over and over again – use it to give your woman MULTIPLE ORGASMS every time The 3 things most guys think they need to have in order to SATISFY their women and why none of these things really matter one bit The shocking truth about the clitoris – including the reason why focusing on it is a sure-fire way to make sure you NEVER totally satisfy your woman The single most important type of ORGASM you can ever give your woman… get this baby working and she’ll be 100% addicted to you in the bedroom – even if you’re old, fat, ugly and very small ‘downstairs’

The Ladder Of Pleasure… and how to help your woman climb the rungs and experience more and more pleasure (FACT: the more pleasure you give her, the more sex she’ll want and the more she’ll want to please YOU) The only scientifically proven way to tell for sure if your woman is having a REAL orgasm. Forget everything you’ve ever been told – this technique tells you if she’s FAKING it with 100% accuracy The best lubricant to use ‘in the bedroom’ – it’s totally natural, smells and tastes great, is pretty cheap, stays moist for a long time and doesn’t contain a whole bunch of harmful chemicals like most lubes do. How’s that for a list of benefits? How to give your woman MULTIPLE ORGASMS every time. Combine this wisdom with the orgasm technique you’re going to discover in the report and you’ll become an ‘orgasm giving machine’ – something that’ll make you feel like a REAL MAN and will put a huge smile on your woman’s face So Here’s The Deal…Right here, right now, today – you can take all 6 reports for just $19.97.

100% satisfaction or your money-back guaranteeAnd of course – you get my iron-clad, 60 day, 100% satisfaction or your money-back guarantee that works like this…If, for any reason, you aren’t happy with your purchase, send an email to me at adam [at] betterinbed [dot] tv and I’ll refund you in full.

Promptly and courteously. No questions asked.

Seriously though…I’m sure you’re gonna love these reports and the way they help you to have incredible sex with your woman.Are they quick and easy to read? YESAre the remarkably good value? YES Will the techniques work for you regardless of your ‘size,’ looks and previous sexual experience?

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5 Secret Techniques Every Woman Wants In Bed

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