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80/20 Marketing Mastery By Perry Marshall


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80/20 Marketing Mastery By Perry Marshall – Instant Download!

“I Know I Need to Implement 80/20, I Just don’t Know Where to Start. Where’s the 80/20 for 80/20? I Need Direction, Assignments, Accountability. Where to Get Started. Etc.”

Why Is it So Hard to Bridge The Gap Between 80/20 Theory and Gritty Reality?

Dear Marketing Professional:

Do you know you need to apply 80/20…but don’t know where to start?

Or worse, are you afraid that if you start applying 80/20 in the wrong place or the wrong time or in the wrong way, you’ll do more harm than good?

Would firing your worst customers, take you from four clients down to two…and be business suicide?

Is it hard to choose which tasks, projects, actions, opportunities are the high leverage ones?

Do you feel like the proverbial dog who found two bones…afraid you’ll just go in circles trying to decide which one to gnaw on…until you drop dead from hunger?

Are you struggling to locate the “80/20 splits” in your business?

Has business dwindled the last few years to the point where you feel you must grab at 100% of your leads and opportunities, because grabbing only 20% would drive you to ruin?

Do you fight like a wolverine to get your paid traffic to convert?

Do you need to hire additional staff to make 80/20 work for you, but you’re afraid the money and time you’ll lose bringing them on will sap your profits before you ever get to that magical 80/20 “delegation payoff”?

Is your business no longer a growth business? Is your niche no longer a growth niche? Are you struggling to find a new niche?

Do you struggle to separate the wheat from the chaff? Do you secretly fear you’re throwing away good opportunities every time you “ignore” stuff? Are you afraid of losing revenue if you fire your bottom customers, vendors or products?

Are you asking “I know I need to apply 80/20…but darned if I know where to start!”

Great. Then here’s how we start…

What’s Your Personal Definition of “Freedom”?

You’ve heard me talk about my early “Pink Koolaid” days as a newbie entrepreneur. Most of that is just me bitching. But despite all my mistakes and blunders, I had the right idea all along.

I knew:

A lot of people get stuck in jobs and careers they loathe and despise, just to hang on to their health insurance. And if I don’t hustle my buns NOW, I might get stuck in some soul-crushing career under buzzing fluorescent lights and I’ll have a mid-life crisis and divorce my wife and be angry at my kids and spend the last 20 years of my life in regret.

I said to myself, I will do ANYTHING to make sure that does NOT happen. Anything.

It was true. I was right.

I am so glad I hunkered down and promised myself that I would do whatever it takes. I am so glad I am not a cubicle slave (or even an entrepreneur slave) today.

Anything you can do to buy yourself freedom… or even a measure of freedom… pays HUGE dividends for yourself personally and your family for years, decades, even a lifetime.

I casted about. Banged my head for ten years. Eventually, I escaped corporate prison. That was a dozen years ago. Since then, trivial things like health insurance and freedom to see interesting places and buy the things that my wife and kids need have simply not been a problem.

If my kid needs a better laptop we buy it. If my wife yearns to adopt a daughter from China we plunk down the money, we fly to Guangzhou and pick up our kid.

Why? Because it’s important to us. And doing what’s important to us is our best definition of freedom. That’s why.

A couple of years ago my son Cuyler needed an extensive psychological evaluation to properly understand some reading and ADHD problems. He’s a very smart kid but some things just weren’t “getting through.” He always felt a little ‘off’ unless he was jacked up on caffeine.

LOTS of kids have some sort of problem like that. A thorough professional evaluation and several weeks of testing cost $4,000.

An investment like that is well worth it, even if it just gives you three simple things to do. Why? Because they affect your child’s trajectory for the rest of his life. Three little things that massively impact his degree of personal freedom.

But if you don’t have the dinero… it doesn’t matter how “worth it” it is. You have to settle for the poor man’s version.

Anybody who’s come to a 4-Man Intensive knows I don’t live an opulent lifestyle. I live in a nice, above-average house in an above-average neighborhood. I drive a five-year-old Toyota Avalon. I am totally happy with that. For me the real payoff of a successful business isn’t McMansions or Rolexes or Bentleys. It is simply:

  1. I get out of bed every morning and do what I decide is important to me each day.
  2. My wife and kids get the resources they need to fulfill their promise as human beings.

I send my daughter to a private arts high school. If the kids want to go to Computer Graphics summer camp, Laura sends ‘em. If a friend’s kid should go too but their folks don’t have the money, Laura chips in. If the French teacher is taking a trip to Paris, Tannah goes.

And if my kids’ lattes are too foamy, I take them to the brothels in Calcutta so they can see first-hand how the other half lives.

In other words, nothing gets in the way of what’s truly important. That’s our freedom.

We buy ourselves many conveniences. Time savers. Can’t figure out how to juggle five kids’ schedules and get it all done? The Uber driver picks up my kid from school for 20 bucks. A fractional billionaire invites me to come see him in Portugal? I go. With a stop in Ireland to commune with nature and have a spiritual retreat for a few days (cuz you’ve always gotta take some time to stop and smell the roses).

What is the Clarion Call for Freedom for YOU?

Maybe it’s wealth. Like a guy who told me the other day, “Perry, I should be a billionaire.” Or another guy who said, “Perry there’s no reason why I can’t make a million dollars a year.”

Maybe it’s paying down thousands of dollars in tax, debt or medical bills. Maybe it’s buying time for yourself and your family so you can create the environment they need to flourish.

One customer confessed, “My wife writes me off every so often, to the brink of wanting a divorce.” The injection of dollars continuing consistently would help him tremendously. It may not solve his problem entirely, but he will be on his way to getting his biggest problem solved.

Maybe you’re a mature business person or serial entrepreneur. Maybe you own five corporations but you’re just a little too beleaguered with niggling details and putting out fires. Maybe you’ve achieved a measure of freedom but just not nearly enough.

Maybe you still have an actual job.

Maybe you’ve made the escape, but you’re battling to make it come together and achieve the promise you know deep in your heart it’s capable of.

You don’t need megabucks to have time and money freedom. You can be a member of the Generation Y Jet Set for a quarter million a year – if your business isn’t a ball and chain that drags you into every last little detail 14 hours a day.


IF you’re on the right side of 80/20 instead of the wrong side.

Here Are Some Not-So-Obvious Red Flags that Mean
You’re on the WRONG side of 80/20

Do you have too little time for strategic thought or analysis because of the volume of trivial and not-so-trivial everyday stuff?

Have you found yourself unproductive even as your time has been freed up?

Does it feel like you’re self sabotaging and you’re not sure what’s causing it?

Do you know you should hire an assistant or staff member but you don’t have enough cash flow to justify the expense? Does staring at that every-other-Friday paycheck deadline just kill you?

Are you puzzled about who is your ideal client and how to best attract them? Do you struggle to get the attention of skeptical, walled-in, protected, thick-skinned business owners?

Do you wonder what are the true signals that separate the “probably will buy” from the probably-will-nots?

Do you battle “bright shiny object” syndrome?

Do you secretly wonder whether this pitch you are reading right now is selling you something that will HELP or if it too is just another shiny object that keeps you distracted and medicated while inner head demons steal your future?

Not enough clients?

Not enough money for advertising?

Is your sales cycle too long? Do Google AdWords or Facebook take way too long to get you in front of a hot-qualified prospect? Too much low-quality traffic and not enough red-hot buyers?

How do you get affluent clients when you yourself are strapped for dollars?

Is it maddening how there is just always something new to master? Does the word “master” give you the heebie jeebies?

Is it hard to translate theoretical concepts into an actionable plan?

How do you get your own clients to recognize and really buy into the benefits of 8020 thinking? How do you overcome the objection “Aw, that’s just that old Pareto thing.” Is it like mental anguish for you when you feel like you’re having to fight the client for their own success?

Do you have ONE product that’s 60% of your revenue, and when that one thing slows down, it’s panic station?

How do you gather data and actually use it, and understand what the numbers are telling you?

How do you engineer a killer offer for your Google ads?

How do you rack the shotgun for a high-end service, where Google ads would never work?

OK, Perry I Have Many of those Problems…And I Know
I Need to Implement 80/20 EVERYWHERE in My Business…

But Where DO I Start?

I can’t apply 80/20 everywhere all at once.

What’s the 80/20…of 80/20?

Where Do I Start I order to
not only get the biggest bang for my buck…
but also NOT DESTROY my business before I even start to see the benefits of 80/20?

This is why I’m teaching a very affordable, Six-Week 80/20 Course. 

When you Master Practical, In-The-Trenches 80/20….

You’re able to pick up the kids from school and take your wife out on dates without worrying about tipping the bank balance into the red.

80/20 Mastery means having a Life. A happier wife and time with the children.

It means clarity of purpose/direction. Confidence. Financial liberation. Priceless.

I cannot overstate the importance of practically executing 80/20 until it’s in your very BONES. Here’s why:

Technology. Please listen to me very carefully.

Most people cannot deal with the Internet. The Internet is not merely a “new communication medium” as some people have said. It is as pivotal to the evolution of humanity as discovering fire. It will transform EVERYTHING.

The average human cannot handle it.

How 95% of the World Uses the Internet

The average human being uses the web to mentally “check out.” The average human just rides along in a haze of entertainment and distraction. Texting, Facebook, Social Media. The phone makes a little “ding” sound and another tiny little endorphin rush eats up two more minutes. It eases that frantic feeling that life is going by. It seems like that “next thing” that we’re always looking for, hoping for, yearning for.

That next text message is never going to scratch the itch.

But people think it will, so they just ride along with the crest of the wave.

Really, they’re just slaves to the virtual reality machine.


So… 95% of humanity is destined to drift along and go where other people direct them. Half the world doesn’t even know which links are free and which ones are paid.

Sleepwalking through life.

How 5% of the World Uses the Internet

Now… what about the other 5%?

The other day I was talking to my friend Giles. He was telling me about his son, a sophomore in high school. He made it into his high school jazz band at a very large well-funded public school in the Chicago suburb. He plays string bass. His quintet plays kick-ass music. Giles, who is an avid, hard-to-please music fan and accomplished pianist, says to me, “Perry, his jazz band is really good. And he’s only fifteen.”

“You know why that is?” I said. “Think about it – your son can find a YouTube video where somebody dissects everything and shows him how to play any tough bass part you can think of – including the fingerings and everything.

“5% of the people in the world GET that,” I said. “They use the web to advance themselves. The sleepwalking 95% watch cat videos. So 5% of the world is super-mobile and everybody else mindlessly floats down the river.”

You are undoubtedly in the top 5% or you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

How You Go from Top 5% to Top 1%
But how do you now escalate yourself to the top ONE PERCENT where you are the grandmaster, where you are in charge, where you direct the stream instead of being swept away by it?

Until You Take Action, 80/20 Is Just Theory
One thing you must do to get 80/20 in your bones is act. In this course, I will give you assignments. You can hook up with an accountability buddy, if you want, in the Mastermind Members Forum. You will get hammer-and-nails, nuts-and-bolts, actionable, practical moves you can make the very same day. Not 80/20 theory, not abstractions.

You’ll discover how to hire the person or people you need and focus all your time on maximizing revenue.

Your life will be turned upside down in the most wonderful way possible. You will be able to apply this principle in more areas than just business. You want to be a more effective human being in every area of your life. Like King Solomon said a millennia ago, riches, notoriety and wealth are useless without wisdom. There is much wisdom in 80/20. Especially when applied to hard core practical day-to-day situations.

Having clarity and focus will simplify your life and greatly expand your income and wealth. It can mean everything!

If you want the satisfaction of being able to replace your current 6-figure + income by achieving freedom in your business and creating financial stability for yourself and your family, you need 80/20 in your bones.

You learn this only by DOING.

Then and only then do you get the life you want. At ease. Profitable. Not having to “try” too hard.

So, you must be willing to act. A lot of people (let’s say 80%, maybe?) who have read my book, probably never took any of the actions recommended in the book. They nodded through the whole thing and then one of two things probably happened…

  1. They thought “great ideas” but were too lazy to take action. They’re people who prefer to stay in their heads and never implement. Implementing is hard. Implementing is work. Much harder work that reading a book. I’m not talking to those people right now.
  2. They thought “great ideas” but where do I start? I’m overwhelmed. What’s the best way to begin? I’m willing to do the work. I’m ready to act…I just don’t know how. This program IS for people like that.

If you’re ready to act, I’m ready to show you my “80/20 of 80/20”. In six simple but profound sessions, I’m going to give you the “Start Here” of 80/20. The “do not pass GO, do not collect $200 unless you’ve done these steps first” of 80/20…

Six Power Strategies That Will Earn You $1000 Per Hour,
2 Hours a Day, Every Day

SESSION 1: Generating Clients at Will. “The Mother of all 80/20 Strategies”…the One 80/20 Skill that Impacts All Others

This is the true key to a regular income stream. Even if you’re a genius at life-long relationships, even if customers stay with you for years, the ability to get clients at will determines your gravity in the marketplace. If you can’t get customers where you want them when you want them, you’re at the mercy of every whim of the marketplace. You ride crest and wave of economic turmoil. The people in your market know you’re just a minor player.

Getting customers at will has never been more challenging. Ten years ago, if you just knew how to buy clicks you were halfway there. Now, it’s only the beginning.

The problem with most lead generation techniques is, they bring too many low quality prospects who take way too long to buy. Today the #1 issue is SPEED.

Is there an element of uncertainty in your deal flow that’s killing you? In session one I am going to give you

  • TWELVE signals that you’re dealing with a real customer and not just a ghost.
  • A “Toolkit” for building offers that slice through the clutter and get peoples’ attention. (Hint: The “free report” of years gone by is dying of emphysema. Wheezing like a dying animal.)
  • My methods for markedly increasing front end revenue, so you can begin to build a solid list and customer base again.

If you are working this as a side business while running another business full-time, this session will be of paramount importance.

SESSION 2: How to Break Through Indecision, Get Clarity and See Exactly Where You Can Add $1,000/hour Sessions to Your Day. Every Day.

Do you sometimes start a task or item, thinking it’s good use of your time, and then when you’re in the thick of it, wonder if you chose the best thing to be doing?

Symptom: “I’m still doing $10/hour work. I still have the feeling of ‘must do it all’.”

Do you have a hard time LETTING GO of non-important stuff? Do you feel compelled and compulsed to “do everything”? Does it feel like you’re somehow leaving something undone?

Do you wish you could just consistently earn $100 per hour?

Is it hard to keep the lights on and keep the machine running, while somehow managing to find time to set up systems to outsource the less profitable parts of the business?

Do you feel like you’re not getting things done, checking Facebook instead of getting real traction? Jumping from article to article or scanning Twitter and the next thing you know the day is over?

Is it hard to simply STAY FOCUSED on what you really must do to move the ball forward?

Do you have to force yourself to re-calibrate on what is wanted and needed for today, constantly being drug away by time vampires and distractions?

The reason you are checking email – Gmail – Facebook – Twitter – pulling smart phone out of pocket and looking at it… is…. You don’t know what to do.

The enemy is indecision. Solving this would mean a huge shift in your business on a number of levels; and you will also be able to role model it for clients. We will spend a fair bit of time showing you how to solve this exact problem. This is not easy to do and the reason it’s going to work is – I had to do this on myself.

Then, I’m going to give you a brilliantly focused, almost infallible method for gauging the opportunities in your day, week, month and year. You have NOT seen this before. This is a whole new rhythm. A new litmus test for what stays, what goes.

Be warned: This is ruthless elimination. It will hurt. It will be painful. But it will work.
By the way: This is going to require you to figure out what you WANT to do that is different from working 16 hours a day. What do you WANT to do? Be thinking about that, cuz I’m going to ask.

SESSION 3: How to Stop Doing the 5 Things You Hate Most without Running Your Business into the Ground When Things Don’t Get Done!

Bryan had a conversation with a customer in 80/20 Productivity Express. The guy said, “That’s just lazy. Sometimes you just have to do stuff you don’t like. Deal with it. Accept it.”

Sure it’s true that some of the time and for some parts of our life we have no choice.

But for the highly productive entrepreneur that is a soul-destroying myth. It’s not true.

If you hate doing it, stop.

If you don’t want to buy your groceries, you don’t have to.

If you don’t want to empty your trash, you don’t have to.

If you don’t want to write emails, you don’t have to.

If you don’t like selling face to face or over the phone, you don’t have to.

If you’re good at it, but you’ve grown tired of doing it, you should stop that too. Even if you think you have no choice. In this session, I’ll tell you about how others wrested several “$1000 per hour jobs” from my stubborn grimy fingers, and liberated two hours a day from my schedule. By the way, this is not something I’ve revealed in public before. I’ve told other stories like this one, but this is a whole new layer.

We all have stubborn beliefs about what we need to be doing, or could do, or should do. And those beliefs are holding us back. They are holding YOU back.

Stop it. Now.

I will deeply challenge your beliefs about what your job is. This will most likely reveal key insights about what really is $1000 per hour work and what is $10,000 per hour work. Many people are being crippled as we speak by lucrative, profitable, perhaps even enjoyable work which nevertheless has become repetitive, monotonous or simply too time consuming.

Many others are crippled by $10 tasks (I think MOST people are in this category) that are holding them back from $1000 an hour opportunities.

In this session, I’m going to straddle the line between people who simply want to get in TWO HOURS PER DAY of $1,000 per hour work (that will make you a quarter million a year, so you can at least get an entry-level pass to the Nouveau Jet Set) and guys and gals who want to crack into seven figures.

Yeah, I know it’s ridiculous to dispense such valuable advice for a mere $299 but even if you’re a beginning entrepreneur burdened with $10/hour tasks, you need to see where the road map can take you. It will also give you a taste of Roundtable (which is closed until 2015).

SESSION 4: Making the Huge Leap from 0 employees to 1, Outsourcing on the cheap; Building a team, and Building a QUALITY team.

The first person I ever hired was a lady who, let’s just say, did not work out. Fortunately, her biggest crime was stealing a credit card to order a large pizza with everything on it. No big deal.

My 2nd hire was Jeremy Flanagan. Jeremy was a kick-ass hire. Jeremy is awesome.

My company would NOT be what it is or where it is today if it weren’t for Jeremy. No way, no how.

Who you hire is HUGELY important. Yes, for people who are rubbing nickels together to get it all done, you’re gonna get some shortcuts. But, once that is out of the way, we’re gonna talk about getting QUALITY people on your team.

This is going to be delivered as much by my staff as me. The more team members you have, the more exponential power you can get – and the more easily you can get drug into the weeds.

The cost of a bad hire is FIVE TIMES THEIR SALARY. I just had this conversation with Roundtable Member Susan Kruger this week. She reminded me, it’s true. The WRONG person on your team – or the right person in the wrong job – is deadly. I’m going to include several of my team members and we’re going to show you what’s been working for us. This is doubly helpful if you run a virtual team because virtual brings its own set of quagmires.

Finally: A segment on the CULTURE you need to build a quality team even if you’re only paying average wages.

SESSION 5: How to find the 80/20 in anything and everything – business, sales, numbers, spreadsheets, problems – FAST so you know WHICH ONE to attack FIRST.

The great management guru Peter Drucker said, “Half a loaf of bread is half a loaf of bread. Half a baby is a dead baby.” The tricky part about 80/20 is figuring out which parts of your business are loaves of bread and which parts are babies. There are some tasks that can be no less than 100% done.

I don’t consider this easy so I’m going to give you a set of criteria you can use. Perfectionism is often your enemy but at times it is absolutely necessary. 5% of what you do DOES have to be absolutely perfect. 25% of what you do doesn’t have to get done at all.

And the other 70% needs thought, discernment and attention. Most of us enjoy perfecting that 5% because it’s in our lane. It’s in our talent zone. It’s how you handle that middle 70% that determines whether you’re wheezing on the hamster wheel or enjoying the ride.

This is a hard core session on the arithmetic of 80/20.

We will go through actual examples from a half dozen different business situations, showing you the signals that yes, this really is a hinge that swings a big door. And this other thing? Just a decoy.

SESSION 6: How to Break through Your Personal Head Trash and Dig Yourself out of Mental Sand Traps. (This is the REAL Reason Most Entrepreneurs Never Implement 80/20 the Way they Should).

All the business strategies in the world will not work unless you’re ready on the inside to receive the rewards.

I could not possibly give you the totality of what you need without including this in the program. I have worked with so many people and seen so many wipeouts, spills and disasters; so many planes that are still chugging down the runway after weeks, months or years having never taken off (yes, people do somehow manage to turn 1,000 miles of runway into Route 66). I simply must do this.

The Man Who Paid a Scammer $15,000 for Permission to Succeed

One time, a guy named Jeff redeemed a consultation coupon. We got on the phone for an hour. He told me about the $15,000 franchise license he’d just bought. I seem to recall that the franchise was selling printing services. Something like that, anyway. He wanted advice on how to run his Google ads and generate leads.

Something felt a little ‘off.’

As I probed into his USP and what he sold and what it was that his “franchise opportunity” actually consisted of, I had a realization.

“Jeff, it looks like you pretty much paid $15,000 for a commission-only sales gig that gives you the right to print your name on business cards! Is that right?”

“Um, yeah, now that you put it that way, I guess I did.”


Oh how I felt bad for the guy. Plus, at this point the people he bought the thing from weren’t doing much to help him out.

He’d been had. There was nothing special about selling printing services for commission. Nothing he couldn’t have gotten simply by signing up in somebody’s affiliate program, or cutting a deal with some printer somewhere.

(People do this all the time, by the way. In fact half of the “biz-op” industry is exactly this.)

I said to him: “Jeff, I could be wrong but I am guessing that what you really needed when you bought into this opportunity was permission to succeed. You wanted someone to say, “Jeff, you are the man! It’s OFFICIAL now. You now officially have the right to be in your own business and go out and sell. YOU are official now. You are blessed to go thou and prosper. Congratulations, sir you’re in business.”

I said, “Jeff, nobody needs to give you permission. You just need to give YOURSELF permission.”

I had to remind myself that the $1,000 he paid for my marketing kit, which got him that phone consultation, was more valuable than the $15,000 he’d spent to become a commission-only sales guy for a printing company.

This story sounds almost silly when I unmask the naked truth. But, the fact is, people need permission to succeed. If you don’t feel like you’ve gotten that permission, you need a ritual that grants you that permission.

Newbies buy opportunities like the one Jeff bought. Some of it is just lack of experience. Something happened in their life or at their job and they know they have to do something and they plunk down a chunk o’ change on the first opportunity that comes their way.

Of course, the next day they don’t feel any different; just more scared than they did yesterday.

But that’s not the root issue.

The root issue is, you need to receive permission.

So, in a strange move that came to me when I was journaling just this morning, I’m going to do a permission to succeed ritual with all of you.

It is more than 3,000 years old.

The ritual in itself is an 80/20 case study of financial, academic, cultural and political success. Success in music, in the sciences, in language, literature, world trade and negotiation.

It’s connected with everything from Nobel Prizes to wars that should have been impossible to win.

I’m going to give you that in Session Six, if you’re ready to receive it. Of course, it, like all of this, is optional. This is a smorgasbord buffet. Take what you need, leave the rest.

You can Stop Building Your Business Based on FEAR.

You can leave your worries about consistent growth and focus on new business! You can focus on growth more than putting out day-to-day fires.

If you were inspired by 80/20 Sales & Marketing but feel like 90% of it somehow flowed through like a sieve and you didn’t execute very much of it, that can change. Now. That’s why I’m offering this course.

I can’t wait to get the show on the road. I have original material, new solutions to age-old problems, and a very exciting plan for this. You will love it.

80/20 Marketing Mastery Course

Perry Marshall

What People Are Saying…

“I have totally revolutionized how I run my business…”

I’m a productivity junkie, and I’ve done just about every book. training, or system, from Stephen Covey to David Allen. Perry’s has been some of the best teaching on this subject I’ve ever experienced. In the first session, I reclaimed an extra hour per day… by the third session I have totally revolutionized how I run my business – thanks!

– Ray Edwards, Spokane WA

TOTALLY worth it. The most important part for me so far is the time management and not letting my day run me but managing my time. I think it will take a lot of practice. It is a work in progress but it has been VERY helpful. Thanks again,

– Teresa Sedmak, Rancho Cordova, CA

This was fantastic stuff, guys. One of those pesky life-changing experiences. Now I’m heading off to go do it.

– Randall Ingermanson, Battle Ground, WA

80/20 Marketing Mastery By Perry Marshall, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • Bonus Content
  • Q&A Sessions
  • Session 1
  • Session 2
  • Session 3
  • Session 4
  • Session 5