• AFFILIATE EVOLUTION by ODi Productions

AFFILIATE EVOLUTION by ODi Productions | Instant Download !


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AFFILIATE EVOLUTION by ODi Productions | Instant Download !


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This 4-Week Program is the ANSWER to all of your questions, including the following:

  • How do I get started with affiliate marketing, step-by-step?
  • If you were to start ALL OVER, and you knew everything you did today (7 years of experience), WHAT would you do and HOW would you start?
  • What are the best Niches for affiliate marketing?
  • What are the best affiliate marketing products?
  • What’s the best platform to promote?
  • How do I get traffic?
  • How do I get SALES?
  • How do I make good content?
  • What gear/software do you use?
  • What is your mindset/mentality advice for becoming successful?

Now, I could simply answer all of those questions BUT… I decided to do something even better…

I decided to conduct a 30-day experiment and simply DO all the answers to those questions, and let you see all the BEHIND-the-scenes of what I did every single week, down to the day-to-day actions.

And now I’m peeling back the curtain and letting YOU watch me build not just one, but TWO affiliate marketing businesses from ZERO to full-time passive incomes.

What’s BETTER than teaching? DEMONSTRATING.

With my 8 years of experience and 2 years of teaching thousands of students…

I’ve FINALLY streamlined the path to affiliate marketing success.

In this program, I’m sharing 2 MAIN Methods for affiliate marketing: PROFIT vs PASSION.

  • Case Study #1 shows the PROFIT method of how I personally went from Zero to $4,000 in monthly RECURRING commissions in just 30 days.
  • Case Study #2 shows the PASSION method of how I was able to take my hobby and turn it into a FULL-TIME living!

In addition to the 2 Case Studies, I’m giving you ALL the sales funnels email templates used so you can Copy and Paste my exact funnel and process.

Course Curriculum

Affiliate Evolution – WEEK 1
StartWELCOME to Affiliate Evolution!
StartWhat’s NEW and DIFFERENT with this Program?
StartThe 2 Methods: PASSION vs PROFIT
StartThe MILLIONAIRE MINDSET Explained in 30 Minutes
StartCase Study #1: The PROFIT Method
StartZERO to $4,000/Monthly Recurring Revenue in 30 Days (Case Study #1 – Week 1)
StartCase Study #1 MARKETING PLAN Infographic (View/Download)
Affiliate Evolution – Week 2
StartZERO to $4,000/Monthly Recurring Revenue in 30 Days (Case Study #1 – Week 2)
StartZERO to $4,000/Monthly Recurring Revenue in 30 Days (Case Study #1 – Week 3)
StartZERO to $4,000/Monthly Recurring Revenue in 30 Days (Case Study #1 – Week 4)
Affiliate Evolution – Week 3
StartThe PASSION Method Overview
StartCase Study #2: How I Started with $100 and turned my PASSION into $3,000/month Passive Income!
StartSTEP-BY-STEP: How to Make a Successful Affiliate Website!
StartRESOURCE: Want to see what a Million-Dollar Affiliate Marketing Website looks like?
StartWeek 3 Concluding Thoughts
Affiliate Evolution – Week 4
StartWeek 4 Overview
StartIntroduction to SEO My Philosophy on Free vs Paid Traffic
StartComplete SEO Tutorial for Beginners – STEP by STEP
StartHow to Install Facebook Pixel for Retargeting Ads on FB/Instagram
StartPaid Advertising EXPLAINED for Beginners
StartHow to Create Facebook/Instagram Ads Tips
StartHow to Create Google/YouTube Ads Tips
StartThe SECRET to Conversion Rate Optimization – Get MORE Results for LESS
StartHelp Improve Affiliate Evolution Provide Your Feedback!