Alexunder Hess – Efficient Designer Masterclass
  • Alexunder Hess – Efficient Designer Masterclass

Alexunder Hess – Efficient Designer Masterclass

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Alexunder Hess – Efficient Designer Masterclass


In this masterclass you’ll learn:

  • Efficiency saves you time and gives you freedom. It comes with confidence and process. You’ll learn the Design Process that will save you days and will make you super-efficient
  • Shortcuts will increase the speed of your work. You’ll learn the most important of them
  • Are you working in a company with other UI/UX designers? Want to organize your design approach? You’ll learn how to manage projects in Figma
  • Did you know that the way you name the layers also makes you efficient? Let’s learn how to name files, projects, pages, layers, components
  • If you need a plan to grow from a Junior to Mid-level, to Senior UI/UX Designer and to a Team Lead, you will get it in this masterclass.
  • How to stop acting like a “child” and become a Mature Designer focused on the result.
  • You’ll learn how to use UI Kits, components libraries, mockups and templates to produce results your clients and managers need;
  • You’ll learn why you need to create templates from your designs and how to implement them in your design workflow
  • Your project also needs structure so your colleagues, other designers and developers, can understand it. You’ll learn how to organize your project, so everybody understands it
  • There are 3 layers of tasks designers face: design management, communication, creative process. Learn how to switch between them to work without stress (Perfect for freelancers and UX/UI designers in startups, and especially if you’re working in an agency)
  • You will learn it all in the Efficient Designer masterclass!

In the Efficient Designer masterclass, you’ll learn the ideal design process and how to organize your work to be the most efficient.

You need processes to make your life easier. How to organize files, projects, pages, layers? How to name your layers and files? What strategy to follow to be confident working on any project? You will get all the answers in the Efficient Designer class.

  • How to become the most efficient in your work whether you work in a company or as a freelancer;
  • How to work without fear of being fired but instead become the most valuable member of your team;
  • How to build a powerful design process in your company so your design team will never struggle with what and how to approach the next project;