Amanda Holmes – Ultimate Sales Machine 2023
  • Amanda Holmes – Ultimate Sales Machine 2023

Amanda Holmes – Ultimate Sales Machine 2023

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Amanda Holmes – Ultimate Sales Machine 2023

How to Double Your Sales in the Next 12 Months Flat!
A timeless classic updated for your modern evolution
Every single day, 3,076 businesses shut their doors.
The business world is getting more complex, more crowded, and more competitive than ever before.

The marketing and sales methodology of legendary Chet Holmes, has:

– Served over 250,000 businesses worldwide, in every industry,

– Proved it’s timelessness over the last three+ decades,

– Generating billions of dollars for clients.

In The Ultimate Sales Machine, Chet’s advice starts with one simple concept: FOCUS!

What if you could get nine times more clients pouring into your business for the same marketing dollars?
Instead of trying to master four thousand strategies, zero in on the handful of crucial skills that, once mastered, can transform your business.
This revised edition includes 80 pages of new case studies, frameworks, and easy to follow application to help you double your sales while reducing your stress!
Ten years in the making, Chet’s daughter, Amanda, has created a modern evolution on Chet’s timeless strategies.
Think about this… when Chet first came out with the original book, “web sites” was a two letter word.
The average business marketed on 7 different platforms.
Today, companies average 13 marketing channels, 5 social media sites, and 3 paid advertising mediums.

That means you’re doing DOUBLE the amount of work, for HALF the results.

You’d think all this marketing would make it easier on salespeople, but it hasn’t.
97% of your prospects find salespeople too pushy.
Thanks to Death Star Amazon, your traditional “commission-breathed” salesperson is dead.
The world of business once again needs the timeless proven strategies of The Ultimate Sales Machine to become the ultimate strategist.
Because the strategist will outsmart a pure tactician every single time.
No hype or theory.
This new edition sprinkles in case studies of proteges who have, against all odds, generated record breaking sales results.
Your copy of the new and updated Ultimate Sales Machine will include:
  • How to Become #1 in Your Marketplace, where price is no objection. (This is a framework we’ve used to make more companies number one in their marketplace than anyone else)
  • A simple but powerful check-listing system you can apply to ensure a higher ROI from all your current marketing efforts.
  • Since salespeople who sell using social media outsell their peers by 78% you’ll see more examples of how you can use social selling to follow up and close business without ever feeling pushy.
  • Get critical new insights that will be the success or failure in your Dream 100 strategy (this one strategy that has doubled the sales of more companies than anything else).

But WAIT… There’s a more touching side to this story.

One late night right before the manuscript was due to the publisher…

Amanda found an email Chet had written to a dear friend explaining how he’d generated more money in the last 6 months than in the previous 8 years combined!
Amanda included this never before seen letter as the encore he never got to give on “How to Live a Rich and Full Life.”
Get your copy and you’ll also receive the new foreword, “Dear Dad” a letter from Amanda to her father Chet.
With modern updates to this timeless classic, it is an essential read for any entrepreneur, executive, or salesperson.

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