Andrew Mioch – Sexual Quantum Leap – Best She Ever Had
  • Andrew Mioch – Sexual Quantum Leap – Best She Ever Had

Andrew Mioch – Sexual Quantum Leap – Best She Ever Had


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Andrew Mioch – Sexual Quantum Leap – Best She Ever Had

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When you grab the ‘Best She Ever Had’ Online Academy – you’ll discover how to:

Last as Long as You Want, Have Full Control over Your Ejaculation & Have Amazing Sex All Night

  • Have Her Scream You Are The Best in Bed so She Won’t Ever Want to Leave You
  • Build a Deeper Connection with Your Intimate Partner Through Sex
  • Understand How to Communicate Your Sexual Desires & Get Your Needs Met Sexually
  • Have Any Woman You Have Sex With Utterly Addicted to You & Willing to do Anything to Keep You Around
  • Kill Your Sexual Anxiety & Relax Your Body Completely
  • Boost Your Sexual Energy & Heighten Your Arousal Levels
  • Increase your Woman’s & Your Own Levels of Sexual Pleasure
  • Spice Up Your Sex Life & Live Out Your Fantasies
  • Make A Woman Squirt Like Niagara Falls (Yes, every woman can)
  • Unlock Your Orgasmic Potential
  • Secrets to Add Variety to Your Sex Life With a Significant Partner
  • How to be Rougher, More Assertive & Dominant in the Bedroom
  • PLUS Tonnes more

Here’s what’s inside the course:

Module 1: The 10 Quintessential Mindsets Of Sexuality

  • The Little-Known 80/20 Psychology To Become A Savage In Bed
  • The Truth About Sex That 95% Of Guys Don’t Know (Literally No PUA, “Dating Coach”, Or So-Called “Guru” Talks About This)
  • The #1 Mindset To Get What You Want In The Bedroom (See Video 6)
  • The Single Most Important Realization You’ll Ever Need To Build Amazing Connections & Keep Her Around. This Will Allow Her To Live Out Her Deepest Fantasies With You & Never Want To Leave
  • The 2 Thoughts That Go Through My Mind When I Look At a Woman That Makes Her Feel Safe and At Ease

Module 2: Destroy Performance Anxiety

  • The Easiest Way To Cultivate Unstoppable Sexual Confidence (Even If You’re Inexperienced)
  • THE TRUTH ABOUT PORN. Is This $97 Billion Epidemic Ruining Your Sex Life? See Video 1.1
  • The 1,700 Year-Old Secret That Kills Sexual Anxiety & Relaxes Your Body Completely
  • The Weird “Sexual Transmutation” Exercise That’ll Boost Your Sexual Energy, Heighten Your Arousal Levels & 10x Yours & Her Pleasure
  • Masturbation Is Bad, Right? Wrong!
  • And TONNES more

Module 3: Ejaculation Mastery

  • My 5 Secret Ejaculation Control Exercises To Last As Long As You Want And Never Cum Too Fast Again
  • 6 Ways To Get it Up And Keep It Up That You’ve Never Heard Before
  • The Mamba Method: My Unique Method To Get It Up, Keep It Up, and Go All Night
  • Muscle Exercises to Drastically Reduce Your Struggles with Premature Ejaculation

Module 4: Secrets To Foreplay & Dirty Talk

  • How To Do Dirty Talk Properly To Have Girls Begging To Fuck You
  • The Secret To Get Her Dripping Wet Before You Even Touch Her Pussy
  • WARNING: This Drives Women Crazy! Discover The Art Of Unpredictable Foreplay
  • The “Light-Touch” Foreplay Sequence: Use This To Ramp Up Sexual Tension & Make Her Dangerously Aroused!
  • Live “In-Field” Model Demonstrations: I Will Show You 7 Different Foreplay Techniques To Demonstrate On A Model How It Works

Module 5: Female Anatomy & Multiple Orgasms

  • 11 Different Types of Female Orgasms: The secrets to have & give multiple orgasms to a woman
  • Discover the 7 most sensitive parts of the female anatomy to give her the best, hardest, most intense orgasm every time!
  • Why All Woman Can Have Multiple Orgasms
  • Most Powerful Combos To Make ANY Woman Orgasm & Thank You For It
  • Live Video Demonstration On Model So You Know Exactly How To Stimulate All Her Areas. (By The End You Will Know How To Play Her Pussy Like You’re Mozart

Module 6: How To Eat Pussy Like A Champ

  • Why Every Man Must Learn This ONE Thing To Have The Sex Life They Deserve
  • The Famous Peach Exercise: How To Go Down On a Woman – Taught to Me By A Female Sexologist & Kink Expert
  • How To Eat Pussy 101: Discover The Secrets Taught To Me By A Woman Who Has Obsessed With It For Over 30 Years
    The Step-By-Step Guide To Going Downtown


  • I Will Show You Exactly How To Lick Pussy & Give Her Orgasms Every Time

Module 7: Pussy Massage

  • 4 Crucial Things You Must Know For a Sensual Pussy Massage
  • How to Give A Pussy Massage That Gets Any Woman Soaking Wet & Addicted To You
  • Know exactly how to set up the space so she is super comfortable with all of the 5 senses
  • 4 Multiple Orgasm Fingering Combos To Make Her Cum So Hard She Won’t Remember Her Name

Module 8: Squirting (Yes, Every Woman Can)

  • The 4 Positions You Can Make any Woman Squirt In
  • The “Inner/Outer Game” Of Squirting
  • How To Use The “Champagne Bottle” Position To Make Her Squirt Like Niagara Falls
  • Learn The Quickest Technique To Make Woman Fall Dangerously In Love With You. This Is Something 95% of Guys Don’t Know And Will INSTANTLY Make You Stand Out She’ll Remember You For Life.
  • Discover What Happens The 1st Time A Woman Squirts…

Module 9: Anal (The Forbidden Entrance)

  • The Ultimate Anal Sex Guide – Do’s and Don’ts
  • How To Give Her An Anal Orgasm
  • Are You Unsure How To Introduce Your Girl into Anal? Here’s How You Can Bring It Up & Make It a Great First Experience!
  • Plus TONNES More.

Module 10: Sexual Connection & Dominance

  • The 4 Pillars To Ultimate Sexual Connection
  • How To Be Firm and Rough In The Bedroom and Have Women Absolutely Loving it and Thanking You For It
  • How to Take Control and Lead in The Bedroom and Why Women Love it Safe Words, Precautions & How To Use “Aftercare” To Keep Her Coming Back.
  • Plus: The SINGLE Most Important Thing You Can Do To Build A Lasting Connection… And The Worse Sin You Could Ever Commit That Can Destroy Your Sex Life!

Module 11: 10 Must Know Positions & Transitions

  • 10 Positions & Transitions To Become a Fu$k Demon (I Promise You Most Of These Positions You Have Never Done & I’ll Explain Exactly What Spots To Hit)
  • The 2 Most Overlooked Principle To Having Great Sex
  • How To Tease The Fuck Outta Her With This ONE Simple Technique (It’s Not What You Think)
  • What I Learnt From a Guy Who Travels Globally Doing BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) About How To Be Assertive and Dominant in The Bedroom

Module 12: Sex Toys Essentials

  • 10 Fantastic Sex Toys You Must Have For an Insane Sex Life
  • 3 Sexy & Easy Ways to Tie Her Up
  • Exactly How To Use Sex Toys To Spice Up Your Love Life
  • Develop a Killer Mindset To Get Over Using Sex Toys and Thinking it’s Weird
  • Live Video Demonstration Of Sex Toys Including The Infamous “Hail Mary” Combo
  • See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

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