Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs By Charles Black
  • Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs By Charles Black

Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs By Charles Black

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Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs By Charles Black – Instant Download!

Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs By Charles Black



Discover the Prude-to-Porn Sex Cookbook that will turn your bedroom into a freakshow and destroy bedroom boredom syndrome forever.

Reason #1: You don’t want to put your dick in a slow moving cigar cutter

You can’t keep fucking her the same way all the time. She will get bored of having sex with you.

If it already happened; you know what I’m talking about.

If it didn’t; it is inevitable she will lose interest in sex. She might wait for the right opportunity. Preferably a child, busy career or other some pseudo psychological nonsense she can blame it on.

But in the end, it will be like your dick is cut off.

Reason #2: You don’t want to lose interest in fucking her

Say something magical happens and you start losing interest in sex before she does… This is a whole different problem.

You don’t have erectile dysfunction. But your dick just doesn’t get hard the same way.

Sure. If it is easy, quick and the perfect timing. You’ll go for it.

But outside of that you’ll find yourself sneaking in a wank watching porn.

Reason #3: She will call you daddy

It’s frightening how quickly she’ll turn into a foul mouthed, insatiable little slut, once you figure out her variation switch…

You want her to beg, plead and scream. You want her to get down on her knees and look you in the eyes while pleading…

… Please let me suck your dick daddy.

Reason #4: You want true love and devotion

If you can keep surprising her in the bedroom, she will keep being insanely attracted to you.

She respects you, looks up to you and is attracted to you beyond belief.

It is like in the beginning where she can’t keep her hands off of you. Where she looks at you with those glimmering Bambi eyes.

… Forever.

Reason #5: Women crave men that can teach them sexual experimentation.

Women want to try new things. But most men are just dumb, insecure or untrained.

They crave it so much Fifty shades was the best selling book in the world!

I am not even kidding.

(If it wasn’t for the Bible, Quran and Harry Potter it would have been the best selling book in the history of mankind)

And what you have to know about 50 Shades of Grey, is that it is about a man that can grab her by the wrist and lead her…

All women desperately crave the man that can do that.

You can be that man with my step by step instructions.

Reason #6: You will learn how to make her wild

There is a simple formula to make a woman excited about doing new things in the bedroom.

It goes like this.

1. Get her horny more often.

I will teach you under the radar techniques to slowly build her arousal.

(She will not even notice you are doing this. She will just feel an uncontrollable urge to fuck you).

2. Get her to enjoy sex in new ways.

I will teach you how to do new things in a way that will make her crave more experimentation.

3. Experiment with her.

I will teach you step by step progressions that will lead her down the rabbit hole of her own, unexplored sexual desires.

Reason #7: “In a matter of days, you’ll be Bending, Banging, and Binding that booty in every filthy way you desire”

Get started with:

Charles Black’s

Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs By Charles Black

Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs By Charles Black
About me, Charles Black

Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs By Charles Black

Charles Black is one of the most popular sex coaches in the world with over 20,000 happy and devoted clients. Men all over the world are relying on him for down to earth advice on how to be a great lover.

And even though big tech cancelled him multiple times for giving politically incorrect advice, he keeps finding new ways to get the word out.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

Module 1: The 6 Elements Of Wild Bedrooms
How To Create A Sex Drive Elixir And Cure Bedroom Boredom

  • How to put together your own bedroom blueprint so you know exactly what type of sex to give her and when in order to leave her turned on for you and only you 24/7.
  • Why even beginners and virgins are able to use this sex drive elixir to cure bedroom boredom.
  • How to “gauge” your partners “sexual thermometer” and use it to give her the exact type of sex she craves at that moment.
  • Why do many smart hard working men fail miserably in the bedroom… while their lazy counterparts get all the kinky sex they can handle.
  • How one extremely common mistake is the reason she’s always “tired” or “not in the mood”.
  • The secrets of “leveraging” your day to day interactions with your partner to make you irresistible to her.
  • How to reactivate dead bedrooms.
  • How to get her into BDSM, roleplaying, public sex, threesomes, anal, consensual non-consent or any sexual fantasy you have kept hidden.

Module 2: Verbal Intimacy
Simple Sentences That Keep Her Mind Dirty 24/7

  • How to make her feel like a sexual creature without making her feel sexually harassed and objectified.
  • The one thing a woman craves from the man she’s in a relationship with more than anything.
  • Decode your woman’s sexual blueprint (get it right and her oyster is yours, get it wrong and that clam slams shut).
  • One simple exercise that forces her to think about sex with you more often (and like it).
  • How to build a mild, but erotic undercurrent into all of your day to day interactions with your partner.
  • The 3 secrets to “ethically rigging” your relationship so that she’s always turned on.
  • Why your woman never forgets old arguments and how to use this like a magic trick to make her wet.

Module 3: Short Erotic Contact
Smooth ‘Innocent’ Touches That Keep Her Ready To Go

  • How most men let their partners fire die and how this leads to zero attraction.
  • You need to do a LOT to keep your partner constantly aroused in a long term relationship, but with this one trick it becomes as easy as watching a movie together.
  • The number one technique for creating more sexual passion and less drama in your relationship.
  • A proven checklist of small displays of affection that you can pepper throughout the day and which have an inordinate effect on her desire for you.
  • 5 Simple tricks to ensure her attraction for you remains alive.
  • Exactly how to get back to the beginning of the relationship when you guys were all over each other and she wanted to fuck you all of the time.

Module 4: Orgasm Inducing Activities
How To Make Her Come And Supercharge Her Libido Without Breaking A Sweat

  • The real reason you’re always getting the “I’m tired” excuse. How to fix it and get 3x more sex.
  • How to remove all the “heavy lifting” from your sex life and live life on easy street.
  • My “secret weapon” for making her feel she owes you adventurous sex.
  • The golden rule to make sure she always walks away satisfied.
  • 11 Creative ways to bring her to orgasm that will trigger the adventurous part of her mind and have her begging you for more.

Module 5: Short Duration Penetration
How To Casually Dump Your Load Inside Of A Woman And Give Her A Sexual Experience That Is Tattooed In Her Fantasies Forever

  • How quickies play an important role in a good and satisfying sex life. And why most men are 100% wrong in the way they use them.
  • How to manipulate the natural laws of the female libido to your advantage.
  • The “pringles” technique to increase her libido and make you last longer.
  • The most important thing you must do every time you have sex to ensure her maximum addiction.
  • A step-by-step play-by-play guide to making quickies the most erotic, passionate satisfying experiences she’s ever had.
  • How to treat her like a whore and leave her wanting more.
  • How to use the first responder secret for epic public sex.

Module 6: Experimental Sex
How To Have Wild Experimental Sex That Leaves Her Begging For More

  • How you’re ruining your sex life by trying to run marathons when you should be trying to run 10ks.
  • How to get her so aroused that anything you introduce into the bedroom will be associated with ultimate pleasure.
  • The absolute, without a doubt, incontrovertible, best way… to dry a vagina instantly. Avoid this at all costs.
  • The number one behavior you must employ immediately to make her respect you more. The more she respects you, the more she wants to fuck you.
  • How to introduce any idea into the bedroom with FULL confidence, even if just the thought of mentioning it terrifies you right now.
  • How to thwart her “slut defense” and sneak any new sexual behaviour in under her radar.
  • The guaranteed way to expand her sexual comfort zone making even things she’s said “NEVER” to seem suddenly appealing.
  • My most tightly kept secret for transforming your sex life over night (previously only shared with my private clients).

Thought that was all?
Nope. You’ll also get 7 step-by-step guides on the topics of:

  • Roleplay
  • BDSM
  • Anal Sex
  • Oral Sex
  • Public Sex
  • Consensual Non-consent
  • Threesomes

These progressions are a ‘boil-the-frog’ system to get her into these acts. With scripts and playbooks for every level.. It’s like a Don of Desire Method for Threesomes, BDSM, Anal etc.

And here’s reason #8:
My methods work. See for yourself.

Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs By Charles Black

Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs By Charles Black

Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs By Charles Black

Bedroom Boredom Breakthroughs By Charles Black, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • #5697 – ‘Overview – Don of Desire’ –
  • #5698 – ‘Main Progressions – Don of Desire’ –
  • #5699 – ‘Misc. Progressions – Don of Desire’ –
  • #5700 – ‘Misc. Progressions – Don of Desire’ –
  • #5701 – ‘Misc. Progressions – Don of Desire’ –
  • #5702 – ‘Misc. Progressions – Don of Desire’ –
  • #5703 – ‘Misc. Progressions – Don of Desire’ –
  • 0-BBB
  • 1-How to learn.mp4
  • 2-BBB Module 1 V2.mp4.mp4
  • 3-BBB Module 2.mp4
  • 4-BBB Module 3 V2.mp4.mp4
  • 5-BBB Module 4.mp4.mp4
  • 5-BBB Module 5.mp4.mp4
  • 6-BBB Module 6.mp4.mp4
  • 7-Spicer App.mp4
  • BBB+Orgasm+Bonus.pdf
  • BBB+Progression+1+Oral.pdf
  • BBB+Progression+2+Anal.pdf
  • BBB+Progression+3+Public.pdf
  • BBB+Progression+4+Roleplay.pdf
  • BBB+Progression+5+BDSM.pdf
  • BBB+Progression+6+Rapeplay.pdf
  • BBB+Progression+7+Threesomes.pdf
  • BBB+Quickies+Bonus.pdf