Clear’s Qigong & 247 Daily Practice by Logan Shaw
  • Clear’s Qigong & 247 Daily Practice by Logan Shaw

Clear’s Qigong & 247 Daily Practice by Logan Shaw

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Clear’s Qigong & 247 Daily Practice by Logan Shaw – Insatnt Download!

Clear’s Qigong & 247 Daily Practice by Logan Shaw

Clear’s Qigong & 24/7 Practice

Why is it that some masters are spry into their 80s and 90s, but others are basically crippled by 50?

It’s probably easy to blame it on “hard styles” vs the “soft styles”-

And I think there’s a lot of truth to that.

But it isn’t the whole story, because even masters of many softer Kung Fu styles make it to their 60s, and not much further.

There are some qigong practices out there that will give you short term benefits- but will shorten your life as well.

I’m not a fan of that trade.

I’m lucky I’m still alive

My family doesn’t have great genes.

One day when I was a young child, my mother looked at my hands and told me something pretty scary-

She told me she could see the twists my bones were making, and that most of our family had it.
She said it wouldn’t be too long before it began to hurt, and that it’d only get worse with age.

I had inherited degenerative arthritis.

Around this age, I had already attended the funeral of two of my grandparents who had died before the age of 50 due to heart attacks brought on by Juvenile Diabetetes (which I also inherited…)

That terrified me- and strengthened my resolve to find a solution.

And Not Too Long Ago- I Broke My Spine in 4 Places

When they first heard what happened, they’d assumed I’d be paralyzed.

But that isn’t what happened-

With the training I had put so much time into- my body reacted to danger the way I had trained it to-

I had managed to spread the energy all across my body-

I cushioned the blow, and kept it from concentrating in any one place.

And while I spent several months in a brace- I’ve made an almost full recovery and can still run, squat, and do chin ups.

So What’s My Secret?

Here I am- over 50, in great health, with no pain in my joints, and no aches from early injuries.

It wasn’t good genes that got me through all this- it was Qigong.

These are Qigong practices I make sure that I do EVERY DAY-

Not because I feel like I have to, but because they keep my feeling healthy and young.

Okay- there’s a little more to it than that-

These aren’t your normal everyday Qigong practices.

It’s not the kind where you have to sit in a quiet room for 30 minutes and do a specific set of movements.

These are Neigong (internal work) practices, and they can be done throughout the day at any time- and almost no one will notice you’re even doing them!

And when I was laying in bed in a brace, hardly able to move, that meant the difference between me getting better soon, and me possibly taking so long to recover that I might not ever be right again.

This is one of the major problems behind a lot of qigong practices for health-

The primary benefits happen as you’re doing it, and you only get a residual effect for long term health.

If you really want the health benefits, you’re going to want to do it all day long.

And for most qigong, that’s just not possible.

You need neigong practices designed to be done throughout the day.

And I can teach you how to do exactly that-

Clear’s Qigong
Daily Neigung & 24/7 Practice

This program will teach you neigung practices that can be practiced daily, but don’t eat up time in your day. You’re doing them the whole time.

  • ​Improve The Flow: I’ll show you how to get your energy flowing automatically, and how to keep it moving without much attention.
  • Bone Marrow Washing: Learn the secrets to building bone density, and pliability, to give you bones like hard rubber that absorb and reflect incoming force.
  • Better Joint Health: Alleviate arthritic pain, and restore damaged tissue over time

Do You Want to Stay Young and Healthy-
Even If The Deck Was Stacked Against You?

You need long term health practices that aren’t just in effect for fractions of the day.

You need neigong 24/7 practice-

The Results Will Speak For Themselves

Clear’s Qigong & 247 Daily Practice by Logan Shaw, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 0. Proof
  • Qigong-1 Sigung Richard Clear’s Personal Practice Daily 24-7 Training
  • Qigong-2 Quiet Sitting
  • Qigong-3 Bone Marrow Washing
  • Qigong-4 Bone Marrow Breathing
  • Qigong-5 Marrow Washing Questions & Troubleshooting
  • Qigong-6 Mental Acuity
  • Qigong-7 Make Time to Practice
  • Qigong-8 Open Connection to God’s presence – The Universe
  • Qigong-9 Relax & Release – Melting Downwards
  • Qigong-10 Yi Training Isolated Tense & Relax Every Body Part
  • Qigong-11 Waving & Moving Inside & Out
  • Qigong-12 Open & Close All Body Parts
  • Qigong-13 Opening & Closing the Joints
  • Qigong-14 Spiraling Inside & Out
  • Qigong-15 Whole Body Breath
  • Qigong-16 Winding Breath Through the Body
  • Qigong-17 Zhong Ding & Wu Chi Alignment Internal & External
  • Qigong-18 How Long Should I Practice Each Day
  • Qigong-19 Energy Ball Check & Energy Perception
  • Qigong-20 Sensing Energy Flow from head to toe
  • Qigong-21 Deep Rooting & Heaviness for Golden Bell Internal Iron Body
  • Qigong-22 Heavy Brushing & Heavy Patting,
  • Qigong-23 Floating and Swimming in the Air
  • Qigong-24 3 Powers
  • Qigong-25 Floating Root
  • Qigong-26 Shaking
  • Qigong-27 Move Energy through the Body
  • Qigong-28 Stand on 1 Leg
  • Qigong-29 At least one exercise proper & slow with great alignment
  • Qigong-30 Pick one new thing – skill to work on & work it throughout the day every day until you own it