Dan Kennedy – Collection
  • Dan Kennedy – Collection

Dan Kennedy – Collection


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Dan Kennedy – Collection – Instant Download!

Dan Kennedy – Collection

The Copywriting Clinic
How To Literally WRITE Any Size Paycheck You Like, As Often As You Like…

“I Know 97 Specific “Tricks” to Creating Copy That Reach Out and Suck Money Right Out of Peoples’ Wallets Like An Out-Of-Control Vacuum Cleaner Monster – How Many of My Tricks Would You Like to Know?”

12 Business Building Strategies

Dan Kennedy – Collection

Despite false hope that the economic storm is over, it’s only just beginning—which means we face huge changes in the near future. The good news is the future has never looked brighter for business owners who take the initiative to “batten down the hatches” and prepare to ride out the economic hurricane. Build a recession-proof business designed to rise above any and all current and FUTURE economic storm clouds with 12 Super-Strength Business Building Strategies Guaranteed to bring a flood of cash—even during the darkest of times. • Turn Uncertain Economic Times to Your Advantage • Put Cash in Your Pocket NOW! • Prepare For The Coming Economic Challenges

7 Figure Academy
During this 3-Day Event, Dan S. Kennedy gave frank, candid, direct, in-depth direction for achieving a 7-figure income, disclosing the methods he used for himself (and coached many others in doing the same) to build a 7-Figure Income from zero.

A whole lot of folks are still in “time out” waiting for the economy to “get better” and “return to normal”—Which is why there is no better time to leap way, way, way up than when most aren’t even seriously trying. If you are dead serious about creating a consistent 7-figure income…if you have drive and ambition to do what it takes to create the life of your dreams, there’s no reason you can’t use Dan’s behavioral and business practices roadmaps to climb and reach the top rungs of the economic ladder and join the 7-Figure Club.

Don’t Just Increase Your Income, Multiply It!
Grow A 7-Figure Income at the Maximum Speed Possible
Wipe Out Personal Resistance That Keeps You From a 7-Figure Income

Advanced Business Development

Placing covert strategies into your hands for ultimate business breakthrough.


This insider’s program delivers highlights from 41+ years of Dan’s intimate work with hundreds of companies – ranging from built-from-scratch multi-million to billion-dollar businesses.

Lifetime of Work
“Discover Dan Kennedy’s Lifetime Of Work–Including 356 Examples And 1556 TOTAL Pages Of Ads, Notes, Samples, Photos And Artifacts–Accumulated Over 40+ Years In Marketing, Copywriting, Speaking And Authorship…”

You Can Only Get This RARE Collection

Of My Lifetime Of Work For A Very Limited Time…

You see, I picked these to be good representatives of changes in style and technique across the decades, from 1970 to Present. Included are pieces that were extremely successful, pieces of historical curiosity, and personal favorites.

This collection includes my first B2B full-page trade journal ad I wrote back in 1973…all the way to recent promotions I wrote this year.

It also includes my first ads I wrote for Magnetic Marketing…my most successful product to date. I even included the script for the actual speech I used to sell Magnetic Marketing from the stage.

I also included selected pieces from the seminar marketing campaigns I did for one client – Rory Fatt and Restaurant Marketing Systems – from 2005 to 2006 through 2010.

Make Them Buy Now

How to Make Sales

As a sales person, you need and want to make sales. It is imperative that you produce, close sales. Sales are the measure of your success and, not to be ignored, how you put food on your table.

There are no secrets to being a successful closer, only common sense attitudes toward work, appearance, and interaction with people.

Regarding work, know your product, be it insurance, call center software or auto parts. If gaining and maintaining that knowledge means taking classes or self-study, take them, or do it. If it means reading brochures about the product, read them. Always keep your knowledge current. Know how to convey that knowledge to your clients.

Dear Friend,

If you’re receiving this invitation, it’s a safe bet we already know each other – probably well.

That means you’re hopefully already well aware of my prowess at persuading people to part with large sums of money, pay large fees, ‘pledge allegiance’ and behave like top-value customers and clients.

You may have already heard a lot
about this from me already and you’re probably pretty damn good at it yourself too!

I have already revealed a lot of my methods in different places, venues, products and at various times, but hard as it may be to believe, I’ve held a lot back as well! The sort of stuff that’s too hot to handle for most people. Very specific hijacks and techniques I rely on to virtually erase people’s free will, (without them knowing!) and substitute my control in its place.

Opportunity Marketing Concepts
Opportunity Concepts Marketing

How To Use Opportunity Selling Concepts

To Attract More Committed Customers And Clients

To Your Business Or Practice…

Opportunity Concepts Marketing is a 10 DVD, 20 CD course that contains more than 12 hours of the core training—directly from the days of sessions from the original closed-door, $5000-per-head event in Cleveland, OH.

To be clear, this is NOT training about marketing actual businesses or moneymaking opportunities. I showed MANY examples from the opportunity market—and someone who is in this market will benefit from it greatly–but this is much broader than that.

This is about marketing just about ANYTHING—but certainly information products, courses, seminars, coaching programs, and business services by transforming them so they can be presented with “opportunity” concepts and language.

You see, my knowledge of opportunity concepts are unrivaled, and I have 40 years under my belt when it comes to these advanced and sophisticated strategies.

And, mind you, this also isn’t a “business in a box” or a course on copywriting—or how to write your message in an irresistible fashion.

Renegade Millionaire 2.0

We are typically viewed by many peers as barbarians. Or fools. They judge what they see us doing – what of it we let them see – as so out of whack with the norms they conform to, that we scare them, annoy them, even enrage them. Mystify them. They scoff, laugh, ridicule. Sometimes they demand we be brought to heel by some Authority. We are at odds with much of our own industry or profession. And it doesnt stop there. Were often disapproved of by family and friends. Demonized in media. CONSPIRED AGAINST.

Rather than be cowed by it, we see criticism, resistance and opposition as encouragement. I know that I am on the right track when a majority scream n squeal. This is a Core Concept for me.

The Best of Dan Kennedy

Sneak away with the EXACT same Money-Making Tools and Profit Strategies others paid thousands of dollars for. Follow Dan’s experience-based, experienced-tested, and experienced-proven guidance on how to position you and your business for maximum growth, profits and success. Apply Dan’s systems (the same ones people have used to make fortunes with) and you’ll walk away with reliable, predictable, consistent systems that affordably and efficiently provide you with abundant quantities of quality prospects, customers and clients.

Re-invent Your Business for Maximum Growth, Profit & Success
Turn Your Mailing Lists Into Money
Solve ALL Your Advertising, Marketing, & Sales Problems Fast & Forever

The Business Of Copywriting Academy
Are you ready to leap up to the big leagues?
What’s holding you back?

Dan Kennedy – Collection
Dan Kennedy – Collection

What excuses do you give for not being a more successful freelancer? Not enough time. Not enough skill. People don’t appreciate your genius. You’re still developing your talent.

Whatever the excuses, if you’re ready to stow them, and move on to big league success, then Dan Kennedy is ready to lead the way.

You see, it’s not about talent. Or skill. Or time.

Freelance success is about business … specifically how you run your business.

If you are content with an ordinary, ‘small-time’ copywriting career, getting and doing jobs, and being paid by the job, and worrying and hustling over the next job, this isn’t for you.

BUT, IF YOU ARE READY TO RAPIDLY TRANSITION TO THE BIG LEAGUES … .AND ARE READY TO EMBRACE THIS AS A BUSINESS … then Dan Kennedy’s Copywriting Business Academy is just what you need.

The Writer’s Utopia

For the first time ever you can get a giant collection of the best works of Jerry Buchanan. This is a treasure trove of material no serious info-marketer will want to be without! A lot of “big time” infomarketers owe some credit got some of their early inspiration from Jerry Buchanan. as I did. Now I’ve reprinted a huge collection of Jerry’s most interesting works, so vou can have the same ideas and encouragement that got people like Ted Nicholas and Joe Cossman and Dan Kennedy.
Jerry started out as an information marketer by selling information in magazines. Circumstances requred Jerry to learn how to get gophers out of gardens.Once he figured out a method, it ocurred to him that others would be interested in the techniques Jerry began selling his techniques through ads in magazines.

Dan Kennedy – Collection, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • Dan Kennedy – The Copywriting Clinic
  • Dan Kennedy – 7 Figure Academy
  • Dan Kennedy – 12 Business Building Strategies
  • Dan Kennedy – Advanced Business Development
  • Dan Kennedy – Advanced Coaching & Consulting
  • Dan Kennedy – Lifetime of Work
  • Dan Kennedy – Make them buy now
  • Dan Kennedy – Mind-HiJacking
  • Dan Kennedy – Opportunity Marketing Concepts
  • Dan Kennedy – Renegade Millionaire 2.0
  • Dan Kennedy – The Best of Dan Kennedy
  • Dan Kennedy – The Business Of Copywriting
  • Dan Kennedy – The Writer’s Utopia – Jerry Buchanan’s Information Marketing Collection