Deva Presence – Orgasmic Touch Course
  • Deva Presence – Orgasmic Touch Course

Deva Presence – Orgasmic Touch Course

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Deva Presence – Orgasmic Touch Course

Orgasmic Touch Course

Make Love & Deep Intimacy through Orgasmic Touch.

How to do erotic massage or tantra massage? We go beyond the lingam (penis) or yoni (vagina) teaching good Sex Education. We will show you how to be a great lover. Less porn more real connections. Healthy relationship advice too.

Why are we expected to know everything about sex?

We put pressure on our self or feel it from our partner. We did not learn positive sexual education in school. Mostly, we learn from what we see in porn and may get addicted to the wrong idea about our sexuality. And we wonder why intimacy is plagued with insecurities and disappointment. Well, worry no longer. You have right here an easy to follow and exceptionally juicy guide to bring back the excitement in your love life!

Why are you here?

My guess is you want to open and receive as much as you give but lack the trust to fully surrender due to fears of past experiences like rejection, poor performance or feeling undeserving.

  • Do you feel you hold back and hide your authentic desires?
  • Are you afraid of being “too much”, “too naughty” or “too needy”?
  • Are you longing for that deeper connection?
  • Or maybe you’re a Sexual Jedi destined to know every aspect of being a master lover!

Creating sacred union (that never fades) fosters connection beyond your wildest dreams.

We at Orgasmic Heart share a safe way to confidently open to long lasting intimacy, great sex and courageous connection.

Come Alive, feeling accepted in your desires while learning erotic massage online from a place of rich self love and a harmonious attitude of gratitude.

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