Digital Ultimate Bundle – Human Design and Gene Keys Canva Templates
  • Digital Ultimate Bundle – Human Design and Gene Keys Canva Templates

Digital Ultimate Bundle – Human Design and Gene Keys Canva Templates


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Digital Ultimate Bundle – Human Design and Gene Keys Canva Templates – Instant Download!

First ever Human Design Canva templates – the inspiration and beauty you need to create Human Design content that stands out, with ease.

With the templates in this bundle, you can —

  • Create aesthetically pleasing content for your brand that allows you to stand out – you don’t need a graphic designer to have your stuff looking super professional (no more screenshots and ugly bodygraphs necessary)
  • Establish your authority with your own style of content and visuals so that you can make a mark on your community (imagine people seeing a post of yours and knowing it’s yours just by looking at it!)
  • Share the details of this complex system with speed, ease and beauty.
  • Customize the bodygraph with colors that match your branding
  • Create custom reports & charts for clients (commercial license included!)
  • Join the movement of Human Design experts bringing this new, transformative and empowering system to the wider population – with the images and graphics that make it easy for people to understand.
  • Easily repurpose graphics for all your different social platforms (TikTok, reels, Pinterest, Stories) without spending hours and hours fiddling with images
  • STUDENTS: Create visuals to help you learn and integrate as you learn Human Design
  • TEACHERS: have ready-to-use, beautifully designed and accurate visuals to add to your teaching materials (slides, worksheets, flashcards, etc.)
  • Stop looking for inspiration about what to post – there are hundreds of posts ready for you to use — just customize them for your brand colors and add your caption. (Possible side effect: you may become a Human Design content creation machine!)
  • Save so much time when you need graphics or visuals for Human Design presentations, workshops, projects, programs or reports
  • Fall in love with sharing Human Design in your own fun, creative way – Canva is so user-friendly and easy to work with. You can open the templates and just start playing – no graphic design knowledge required.
  • These templates are designed for human design and gene key guides, readers, coaches, clients, and students who are experimenting, whether it’s for self-study or following along a course, program or certification.

WHAT’S INCLUDED: this is a value-packed bundle and includes all our best-selling Human Design Canva Templates Bundles — a dream for content creation in Canva!

  • The Canva Templates Ultimate Bundle includes HUNDREDS of posts ready for you to edit and focuses on Centers, Gates, Channels, Circuitry, Simple Bodygraphs, the fully customizable Bodygraph graphics and chart templates as well as Human Design Instagram Content and Reading Report Template plus Gene Keys Instagram Content and Report Template.

This is not a physical product. This is a digital download. Upon purchase, you will receive an email with instructions on how to download your digital files.

Digital Ultimate Bundle – Human Design and Gene Keys Canva Templates, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!):

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