Get Control Fast By Charles Black
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Get Control Fast By Charles Black

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Get Control Fast By Charles Black – Instant Download!

Discover How You Can Last 30+ Minutes Longer And Give Her Multiple Orgasms Without Creams, Condoms or Nerve Numbing Pills
Skip the humiliation of Premature Ejaculation and last longer in bed by learning how to come on command. This works for even the most severe cases. Use some of these tricks for an instant 10-15 minute boost tonight

From the bedroom of Charles Black, world renowned sex coach and founder of

Dear friend,

  • If you’ve ever felt the embarrassment of lasting only a few minutes, if not a few seconds…
  • If you’ve ever felt ashamed of your bedroom “performance”…
  • If you’ve ever felt your confidence nosedive at the mere mention of sex because of your inability to satisfy your woman for longer than a few minutes…
  • Or if you’ve ever felt the fear of losing your lover because of your stamina issues in the bedroom

Then you’ll know the look…

The look familiar to millions of men around the world…

The emasculating look that says “is that it?”

Whilst she claims “don’t worry, it’s okay”…

And until now…

This problem of yours has been firmly out of your control…

You see, since the very first moment you discovered porn and masturbation, you’ve unknowingly conditioned yourself to blow your load as fast as possible.

And you’ve been reinforcing this every single time you tug one out.

But, what if I was to give you the power to take back control?

The power to look your girlfriend, wife, or lover in the eyes and just KNOW you’ve fully satisfied her?

The power to come when you want

The power to have complete control over your “excitement” so you come when YOU want?

Well on this page you’ll learn how you can do this by tonight.

That’s my promise to you.

You see, I’ve created a new training program.

And I have very cleverly called it Get Control Fast because it will show you step by step how you can last longer in bed…FAST!

In just six weeks you’ll go from minute man to marathon man.

You’ll learn the scientifically proven tricks, techniques and strategies that I’ve taught my clients and that I use every single time I have sex.

And I can guarantee that if you go through this program, apply the techniques you WILL last longer.

If that’s not enough, some of the tricks I reveal, you can even apply tonight for an instant 5-10 minute “boost”.

Here is EVERYTHING I’m Going to Cover in Get Control Fast:

6 Rules That You MUST Follow if You Want to Last Longer in Bed
7 Steps You Must Follow to Ensure You’re Successful at Solving Your Performance Issue
8 Myths So-called Experts Would Have You Believe That Actually Make Your Premature Ejaculation Problem Worse
7 Little Known Causes of Premature Ejaculation
Exercises That Will Take You From Minute Man to Marathon Man
Unique Sex Simulation Method to Train Yourself Out of Premature Ejaculation
Easy to Follow 6 Week Challenge to Solve Your Performance Issues For Good!
Simple Sex Positions That Will Keep You Going Forever (and Give Her Ultimate Satisfaction)
REVEALED: 9 Tricks to Use to Last Longer Immediately (Use These Sparingly)
BONUS 1: 6 Step Plan To Come Faster (You’ll Need This After You Learn to Get Control)
BONUS 2: How to Get Her Addicted to You (This is Not For The Faint Hearted)

Reviews And Experiences a Handful of Men Who Were Lucky Enough To Get Early Access

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Get Control Fast By Charles Black

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Get Control Fast By Charles Black

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Get Control Fast By Charles Black

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Get Control Fast By Charles Black

move to a new country just because of his “stamina”

Get Control Fast By Charles Black

Get Control Fast is Perfect For You If You Want To Know:

  • Which foods make you come quicker (and it’s not what these so-called “sex gurus” say)
  • Why you’re wrong if you believe you are coming prematurely because you’re hypersensitive
  • Which commonly touted “fix” for premature ejaculation only makes the problem worse
  • Little known impact of common remedies that “help” with premature ejaculation
  • How to find and maintain the right level of excitement during sex (and a quick way to achieve this)
  • How muscle imbalances cause premature ejaculation
  • The difference between physical and mental excitement in men and how you can use to your advantage
  • How to identify the exact moment you should stop fucking to prevent ejaculation
  • Most common mistakes men make when training their PC muscle — just making ONE of these mistakes makes you more prone to a painful injury or tear
  • The scientifically proven method to experiencing multiple male orgasms

BONUS 1: 6 Step Plan To Come Faster

I’m not lying when I say, if you apply everything you learn in Get Control Fast, you will have COMPLETE control over your orgasm, that means you’ll last as long as you want.

On those rare occassions when you need to come quickly, you’ll be glad to you got this bonus to show you how to come instantly.

BONUS 2: How to Get Her Addicted to You

This bonus is not for everyone, but if you have no problems with manipulative and borderline sociopathic tricks to make a woman obsessed with you, then you’ll LOVE this.

This trick guarantees she’ll want to fuck you again after the first time.

Still Not Convinced? Well, Let Me Walk You Through Your Options

Option 1: You could do nothing
How many times have you delayed making an important decision. You defer things to your future self, tell your self you’ll get to it later.

The truth is later might not come, but you will continute to and quickly unless you take control today.

Option 2: You could try to solve it yourself
Sure, if you’re unemployed and willing to dedicate a few years to research and testing then you could do this. Lets not ignore the fact that by obsessing over this you’ll make the problem worse.

But, if you’re employed, short on time or looking for a simple easy to follow program, you can skip all that and get the exact training schedule that has been proven to work for hundreds of other men.

Option 3: You could get creams, pills or devices from questionable sources on the internet
This stuff works. There’s no doubt about it, but there are several problems with it.

Firstly, they are band-aid solutions at best, so if you want to last longer, you’ll have to use them for the rest of your life.

Secondly, there’s no guarantee the cream or pill you’re buying online is real, let alone safe. Do you really want to risk your dick with some cream or pill you bought online?

Finally, what’s worse, most of these creams work by numbing you dick so you’ll no longer enjoy sex. Why would you do that to yourself?

Option 4: You order Get Control Fast today
Of course, this is where I was leading, as it’s the only logical step.

You order Get Control Fast today and solve your premature ejaculation problem once and for all. Your best (and also cheapest) option is to take the first step try my Get Control Fast program today.

And I’ll see you on the inside…

Until then,

To your endurance,

Get Control Fast By Charles Black

Get Control Fast By Charles Black, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • Bonus 1
  • Bonus 2
  • Introduction
  • Module1
  • Module2
  • Module3
  • Module4
  • Module5
  • Module6
  • Module7
  • Module8
  • Module9
  • Module10