Harlan Kilstein – Blackhat Facebook Traffic
  • Harlan Kilstein – Blackhat Facebook Traffic

Harlan Kilstein – Blackhat Facebook Traffic

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Harlan Kilstein – Blackhat Facebook Traffic

Harlan Kilstein – Blackhat Facebook Traffic

Table of Contents

What is Blackhat Facebook Traffic?

Harlon K. created the Blackhat Facebook Traffic program to demonstrate how to leverage Facebook for website traffic without conventional SEO or Google reliance. The program educates on utilizing Facebook algorithms and user interactions for rapid traffic growth.

Participants will learn about crafting viral content, expanding organic reach, and capitalizing on traffic using affiliate marketing, AdSense, and email lists. Additionally, the course provides insights into excelling in particular niches, steering clear of restricted topics or methods on Facebook, and possibly attaining top Google rankings through unconventional approaches. To preserve effectiveness and prevent technique saturation, the course emphasizes confidentiality and restricted access.

Here’s a summary of what’s included:

  • Facebook Traffic Strategies: Techniques for leveraging Facebook to drive traffic to your site or page.
  • Viral Content Creation: Guidance on creating viral content that resonates with Facebook users.
  • Affiliate Marketing: Instruction on becoming a successful affiliate marketer, potentially focusing on specific products or niches.
  • Email List Building: Methods for building and growing an email list, which can be a valuable asset for marketing purposes.
  • AdSense Income Growth: Strategies for increasing AdSense revenue by maximizing traffic and engagement.
  • Secret Society Access: Access to a limited, exclusive group for additional insights and support.
  • Technical Support Upsell: Optional technical support services for those who may need assistance implementing the strategies.
  • Rules and Guidelines: Clear guidelines on what tactics are allowed and what are not, particularly focusing on Facebook’s policies to avoid penalties.
  • No Monthly Fee: The course does not appear to have a monthly subscription model; instead, it seems to be a one-time purchase.

Who is Harlan Kilstein?

Dr. Harlan Kilstein, a highly accomplished individual holding a Doctorate in Education and having pursued further studies at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, is recognized as an expert coach and motivator. Committed to aiding individuals in reaching their goals, Dr. Kilstein is renowned for his dedication.

With a vast social media following exceeding one million on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, and more, he offers valuable advice and support to those seeking solutions to their challenges and concerns. Dr. Kilstein’s passion for assisting others inspired him to create The Speed Keto Program, which presents a quicker and more straightforward route to achieving positive body transformations.


  • High Traffic Potential: The program presents techniques for driving substantial traffic to websites or pages through Facebook, which can enhance visibility and revenue possibilities.
  • Diverse Monetization Options: It encompasses various monetization approaches such as affiliate marketing, AdSense earnings, and building email lists, offering multiple avenues for revenue generation.
  • Exclusive Access: Enrollment in a restricted, exclusive community (Secret Society) could yield additional assistance, insights, and networking prospects.
  • Clear Guidelines: The course furnishes explicit instructions on permissible strategies and those to avoid, aiding participants in sidestepping penalties or account limitations on Facebook.


  • No Identified Drawbacks: At present, there are no discernible disadvantages associated with the course.

Who Should Use Blackhat Facebook Traffic?

The Blackhat Facebook Traffic course may be beneficial for individuals interested in utilizing Facebook as their primary source of traffic and open to exploring unconventional or “black hat” strategies. This course could cater to:

  • Affiliate Marketers: Individuals seeking to promote affiliate products or services and interested in unconventional methods beyond traditional SEO or paid advertising.
  • Website Owners: People who own websites or online platforms and are looking for ways to boost visibility, traffic, and revenue streams.
  • Content Creators: Writers, bloggers, or content creators aiming to expand the reach and impact of their content through Facebook marketing techniques.
  • Entrepreneurs: Business owners or entrepreneurs wanting to increase traffic to their online stores, platforms, or lead generation pages.
  • Digital Marketers: Marketing professionals keen on broadening their expertise and exploring innovative approaches to social media marketing and audience engagement.

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