Health and Fighting Qigong by the Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan 2023
  • Health and Fighting Qigong by the Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan 2023

Health and Fighting Qigong by the Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan 2023

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Health and Fighting Qigong by the Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan 2023

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health qigong and fighting qigong by grandmaster jiang yu shan

Online Course on Health Qigong and Warrior Monk Neigong.

About the Masters

This Health & Fighting Qigong course was made possible thanks to the partnership between the grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan and VAHVA Fitness. You can expect the highest quality not in just terms of teaching (Jiang Yu Shan) but also in terms of production (VAHVA Fitness).

Grandmaster Jiang Yu Shan

Awarded 9th Dan (Grandmaster) by the Chinese Kung Fu society due to his skill, contribution and excellent reputation, Jiang Yu Shan (江玉山, Hisham Al-Haroun) is a master with credentials and background very few if anyone can match. To learn more about him, please watch the video.

Teacher Eero Westerberg

Eero Westerberg is a world-renowned strength coach, human physique & movement specialist and a student of Jiang Yu Shan. Traveling the world for over 4 years seeking the best teachers in the world of training (while being a teacher himself) eventually led him to meet Jiang Yu Shan in a smaller city of Taiwan.

The Ancient Art of Qigong

Qigong is one of the oldest forms of health practices the history going back 5000 years.

Back then, thousands and even just hundreds of years ago people lived in a vastly different world than we live in today. The world was far more physical and dangerous than the world nowadays. Back then, illnesses and injuries often caused death or permanent damage.

There were no antibiotics. No surgeries. Nothing we take granted in the modern world. Mistakes caused arms, legs and even lives.

Instead of relying on external sources, the masters had to go deep into the body. They had to learn how to control the breath, the mind and the entire physiology not just for rehabilitation but also for health, longevity, strength and power.

Over the span of thousands of years, the ancient Qigong masters made amazing discoveries in the realm of human performance and the ability to heal the body naturally.

pure lineage qigong real qigong chikung course hisham al-haroun

Today, a lot of this art has been forgotten. People have become dependent on external sources and no longer know how to fix or take care of themselves. There is a “fix” for everything which almost always fixes the symptom but never the root cause.

It’s extremely difficult to find proper Qigong anymore because the real masters are far and few between. If you go to the typical Qigong class, it’s often very esoteric where everything is about “healing energy” or the class is only about superficial forms.

Real Qigong is 100% practical with techniques and exercises you can use immediately to improve your health, well-being and performance of the body. You feel the effects almost immediately or in a relatively short period of time.

Moreover, according to the ancient knowledge, Real Qigong can also get so fierce and intense that it causes severe hormonal imbalances for women due to the drastic boost on the body’s testosterone levels.

We are excited to bring you both Health Qigong and Fighting Neigong to help you rejuvenate and revitalize your body.

We believe this is one of the most important works of art on the field to date. Continue reading and you will understand why.

health qigong chikung course

Health Qigong

Health Qigong consists of breathing techniques, self-massage techniques, sleeping techniques, exercise forms, mantras and even advice on hydration, nutrition and sexual behaviour. This is excellent for rehabilitation, flexibility and full body mobility.

This part of the course is the foundation for everything else and perfect for both genders and people of all ages.

fighting qigong exercises

Warrior Monk Neigong

Fighting Neigong is a type of practice where you will learn how to stimulate your physiology for maximal performance and drastic physiological changes. You will use ancient exercise forms, physical pain, medicine and breathing to stimulate the body and boost your vitality.

Most of this is recommended for men only, but with some adjustments women can do pieces of it in moderation.

What We Will Cover

This is a comprehensive package to the world of Qigong which will give you amazing tools to take care of yourself. The depth and size of this course is unprecedented.

Health Qigong

General Health & Self-Treatment

In this part of the course, we will cover various relaxation techniques, self-massage techniques, calming stances and sleep techniques to help you take care of your health.

You will also learn Jiang Yu Shan’s incredibly detailed and comprehensive meditation routine. Not only that, we will also cover sexual transmutation, lifestyle advice and more.

Fundamental & Advanced Breathing

Your breath is the force where all life and power comes from, yet very few know how to breathe properly.

We cover 10 lessons on breathing ranging from the very fundamentals to some of the most advanced breathing techniques you have ever seen. You will learn the most potent Qigong breathing technique called The Breath of Mental Power (精神力量的呼吸).

12 Buddhist Qigong Exercises

You will learn a Buddhist Qigong form with 12 rejuvenating movements that are some of the best mobility work you can do for your whole body.

We will cover all movements in detail, the proper breathing and even an enlightenment mantra to elevate the mind. Anyone regardless of their level of fitness, age, gender or background will be able to get immense benefits with this form.

Warrior Monk Neigong

The Hidden History of Shaolin Temple

The history you learn in the West and the history you learn in the East are two different things.

Jiang Yu Shan will tell the real story of the Shaolin temple and ancient Kung Fu based on old Chinese books and the oral history he has learned from his masters. Jiang’s masters had direct contact with the monks and abbots of the old Shaolin temple before the destruction and commercialization of the temple.

The Golden Bell.

We will cover the small Golden Bell which is one of the most protected skills of the ancient Shaolin temple. The monks worked hard to preserve this skill through history.

The Golden Bell is the protection for both the body and mind the warrior monks used during combat and difficult times. Your body will become as hard as iron and your mind will also become impenetrable to any external forces.

18 Lohan Gong Form

When you combine the Lohan Gong exercises with the body hardening of The Golden Bell, the results are something special. This is the form the ancient Warrior Monks used to prepare themselves for real combat.

The form you will learn here is so fierce and masculine most of the feminized and developed world hasn’t experienced for centuries. Expect drastic changes in your body structure and hormonal levels after you have mastered the form.

General Health Qigong   —  11 Lessons

Breathing Qigong   —  10 Lessons

Buddhist Qigong Form   —  15 Lessons

The History of Shaolin   —  6 Lessons

Lohan Gong Form   —  12 Lessons

The Golden Bell   —  12 Lessons


Yoga vs. Qigong Video Call with the Master (1h 53 min)

Topics include:
– Jiang Yu Shan living in India for 6 months researching yoga, meditation and Hanuman
– The differences between Yoga and Qigong
– The types and advantages of soft Qigong
– 2 powers all serious yogis need to learn
– The problems with the Western yoga
– Where the real Qigong knowledge can be found
– Why Shaolin monks want to learn from Jiang Yu Shan
– Why the highest level of knowledge is no longer in the Shaolin temple

– Avoiding stagnation and progressing further even at an advanced level.