Jared Levy Vertical Advantage by SMB
  • Jared Levy Vertical Advantage by SMB

Jared Levy Vertical Advantage by SMB


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Jared Levy Vertical Advantage by SMB

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Beyond “Limited Risk” and “Leverage” – How a Top Pro Initiates Trades with Favorable Risk/Reward Ratios


About Jared Levy

He is an Emmy award winning broadcaster and contributor to CNBC “Fast Money,” Fox Business, and Bloomberg TV.


Jared has published two highly acclaimed books on options trading, he’s a veteran market maker, and he is currently a Senior Equities Strategist for Zacks Investment Research. Jared is regularly quoted by Reuters, The Wall Street Journal, and Yahoo Finance, among others.

The Vertical

Spread Advantage

Achieve Above Average Returns.Higher Win Rates with Minimal Cash.


Most traders have the ability to determine if a stock is going higher or lower. The common problem is getting stopped out of good trades only to see them move exactly as you planned-in which case volatility is hurting you.


The strategy Jared will be teaching takes advantage of both your current skills to read a chart as well as using volatility to your advantage. You get the best of both worlds.


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