Jjwurldin – Bootcamp and eBook
  • Jjwurldin – Bootcamp and eBook

Jjwurldin – Bootcamp and eBook


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Jjwurldin – Bootcamp and Ebook

Jjwurldin – Bootcamp and eBook

Bootcamp Video Series

Explore The Price Algorithm

Gain insight into Price through a data-driven approach

Examine delivery from an Algorithmic perspective. Grasp

the rationale behind Price and leverage the Information Gap.

Over 5 Hours of Guided Content Cycles of Time, Price & Liquidity Model for My Personal Entry Breakdown of eBook Chapters:

  1. Algorithmic Theory Introduction
  2. Algorithm for Continuous Linked Settlement
  3. Weekly Cycle Exploration
  4. ASIA Session Range and Characteristics
  5. Frankfurt Range and Characteristics
  6. London Session and Characteristics
  7. NY Session and Characteristics + Daily Cycle
  8. ALGO Candle and Protected H/L’s
  9. ALGO Mitigation Qualities, Vector Candle, and Money Transfer
  10. Inducement Theory and Volume
  11. Imbalance / Re-balance
  12. Price Delivery Levels and Premium/Discount Pricing
  13. ALGO Structure
  14. Manipulation Traps
  15. News Model
  16. Top-down Analysis
  17. Case Studies