Justin Sardi & Zane Miller – Video Traffic Geyser
  • Justin Sardi & Zane Miller – Video Traffic Geyser

Justin Sardi & Zane Miller – Video Traffic Geyser

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Justin Sardi & Zane Miller – Video Traffic Geyser

What Will I learn Inside?

Session #1: The Big Picture

Key Components of the System
What makes a good offer?
Becoming an authority
Laying the foundation for success
Optimizing your properties for long term ranking
What Else is Possible?
Your own product
Physical products
Landing clients
High ticket consulting
Traffic Sources
Getting the most out of your traffic
Preparing for remarketing
The user experience

Session #2: Crafting Your Gameplan

Why do I need a funnel?
How these types of funnels work
Building buzz/interest
Collecting leads
Target audience
Your product/service
Prepping for the video ad campaign
Finding infuencers
Research Hacks and Tools
Tools of the trade
Quick research hacks

Session #3: Putting the Plan into Motion

Content Generation Strategies
Building content around the sale
Structuring your content
Crafting your sales video
Collecting leads
On page optimization
You want me to put those keywords where?
Visual optimization
Directing traffic
Why Haven’t I Heard of This Before?!?
Creative Commons with Editor
Intro Branding
Interactive Videos
In-Video Programming

Session #4: Video Ads Catalyst

Adwords for Video Basics
Platform overview
Advanced campaign setup for beginners
Targeting options
Conversion tracking
Monitoring and tweaking
When to Use Each Ad
All ads are not created equal
Setting up ads for conversions
Aligning your ad with targeting type
Overall Strategy
Scripting your video ads
Annotations vs Call to Action
Keeping the Big G happy
Deciphering analytic

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