Laurie-Anne King – Claim Your Queendom


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Laurie-Anne King – Claim Your Queendom

Laurie-Anne King – Claim Your Queendom

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Become the Queen of your Life & Relationship

Laurie-Anne King is a coach and energy healer specializing in principles of abundance and the law of attraction. She is trained in multiple healing modalities including Reiki, Vortex Healing™, and Biofield Healing Immersion™. Over one thousand students have participated in Laurie-Anne’s training programs and healing sessions.

Class Curriculum

Welcome & Getting Started

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Teachable Platform (3:43)

Claim Your Queendom

Module 1: Design Your Dream Relationship

Module 2: Quit Overthinking Now

Module 3 – Foundations of Attraction

Module 4 – Master Male / Female Communication

Module 5 – Know, Ask, Receive

Module 6 – Radical Self Love

Bonus #1: Energetic Healings

Bonus Healing #1

Bonus Healing #2

Bonus #2: Feminine Meditations

Womb Space Meditation

Pleasure Meditation

Loving Kindness Meditation

Customer Satisfaction/Testimonials

Customer Satisfaction/Testimonials