Magic Source Codes By Cat Howell
  • Magic Source Codes By Cat Howell

Magic Source Codes By Cat Howell

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Magic Source Codes By Cat Howell – Instant Download!

Magic Source Codes By Cat Howell
“I create as I speak”

Through our hands we mold intentions…

Through our thoughts we invoke resources…

Through our bodies we transform energy…

Through our words we enchant chaos and cosmos…

We are always performing magic.

Whether we know it or not.

A foundational guide to crafting the reality you desire using innate tools within. Discover naturally occurring states of gnosis, how to get your imagination working for you, mirroring emotions and age-old techniques to unlock creative and financial freedom.


Magic Source Codes By Cat Howell

Cat is the host of The Flow Protocols podcast and a multiple eight-figure mentor to visionaries and entrepreneurs. At the height of financial success but deeply depressed, she walked away from it all in order to rebuild herself. Magic Source Codes is a body of work that reflects the culmination of how magic helped her to redefine the structures in her life and to create a life that is at once more cherished and cherishing.

Magic Source Codes By Cat Howell

You were always intended to craft reality from mind, to move physical from the non-physical. This is a guide on how to step back into your true creative core using the tools already within.


Magic Source Codes By Cat Howell

  • The Magician’s Color – recalibrate to the alchemist within…
  • How to craft matter from mind using the tools within…
  • Understanding the path of least resistance to minimise chaos…
  • Divination & intuition guidance, understanding when to go and when to stop…
  • Enchantments and how they work. When you should not attempt these…
  • Sex magic & sigils…
  • Guided pathworkings – over 7+ exclusive never before shared guided pathworkings recorded by Cat Howell
  • Ways to accelerate results and what you should know before attempting this…


“Magic presented in a way I have never encountered before!” – Emmanuelle D.

“My life changed within HOURS of implementing the techniques contained inside!” – Joshua Y.

“I had already dabbled in magic, however what I found inside [this course] I did not expect! I gained clarity around magic and how to tap in my own power” – Tyler O.

“I had dabbled with manifestation, vision boards, and affirmations but never saw great results, Cat provided me with a profound ah-ha moment that showed me where I was getting in my own way!”

Kyrsten Clark

Yogi Expansion Coach

“The 3 day workshop was such an eye opener! I’ve always loved the magic side of business but never really found the right guide. Cat has the ability to open you up, can’t wait to journey deeper with her”

Rose Brown

Magic Source Codes By Cat Howell, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • #3411 – ‘The Flow Protocols’ –
  • #3412 – ‘The Flow Protocols’ –
  • #3413 – ‘The Flow Protocols’ –
  • #3414 – ‘The Flow Protocols’ –
  • #3415 – ‘The Flow Protocols’ –
  • #3416 – ‘The Flow Protocols’ –
  • #3417 – ‘The Flow Protocols’ –
  • #3418 – ‘The Flow Protocols’ –
  • #3419 – ‘The Flow Protocols’ –
  • #3420 – ‘The Flow Protocols’ –
  • 2-Chaos & Cosmos.ts
  • 3- 3Intuition & Divinations.ts
  • 4-Money & Sigils.ts
  • Day – 3 – Divination (Day 2).mp4
  • Day 1 – Magic Source Codes.mp4
  • Day 2 – Magic Source Codes.mp4
  • Day 4 – Enchantment _ Money.mp4
  • Day 5 Magic Source Codes.mp4
  • Green Money Gratitude – THETA WAVES – 20 min.mp4
  • Illumination – Chaos – 20 min.mp4
  • Manifest Wealth – Master a Money Dragon – Guided Meditation – Rebuild Relationship with Money.mp4
  • Manifest Your Desires using Sex Magic – Guided Meditation.mp4
  • Octarine Illumination.mp4