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  • Marketing Accelerator Academy By Roota Mittal

Marketing Accelerator Academy By Roota Mittal


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Marketing Accelerator Academy By Roota Mittal – Instant Download!

Master The Skills to Attract More Profits, Dream Clients, and Freedom in the next 49 Days
Learn In-demand Marketing Skills + Attract High-Paying Clients Who Love Working With You & Pay Your Premium Prices, No Questions Asked!


Marketing Accelerator Academy By Roota Mittal


You want a life where YOU have the POWER over when you work, what income you make, and where in the world you work from…

But you don’t know where to begin, you are overwhelmed by the vast expanse of limitless information available online and have doubts about getting your freelance business launched from the ground up…

You think you can only get clients with an expensive, fancy website, assuming you’ll have to offer FREE stuff for months or charge $5/hr

Bullsh*t! Honestly, anyone can learn in-demand marketing or freelancing skills…One doesn’t have to be an expert, they just have to be 5 steps ahead of their clients.

Plus all you need to begin with is a badass portfolio that can be created from scratch at 0 costs and… A proven framework or SOP to land high-end clients!


But before you step into this Marketing Cosmos…
Let’s first resolve ALL your remaining ifs and buts and throw them out of the window forever…Just so you begin with a happy head and a satisfied heart!
Tell me this…

Do you want to launch your own business or work as a freelancer, but are unsure how to go about it?
Are you overwhelmed by opportunities available online and want a battle-tested strategy that actually works? Stuck with “Damn, how in the world do other entrepreneurs make it? What do they know that I don’t? Did they just get lucky?

Is there some secret formula to their success?

Still in the dark about how to get smashing results for your Business or Clients And make them want your products or services again and again?

Maybe you’ve already gotten clients but haven’t cracked the code to get consistent results…Do you find clients coming in, but leaving sooner than expected? Yeah, that’s because they’re unsatisfied with the results. (Which leads to the ‘infamous and terrifying’ income roller-coasters.)

Or are you struggling to find clients, and not getting the results you want?

You probably want to start freelancing or maybe you’ve already started, but are tired of getting rejected or not getting any replies at all.

Spending all your time creating detailed proposals only to be ignored…Feels horrible! Doesn’t it?

What if I tell you…5 years ago, I was exactly where you currently are, but today, I am…

Marketing Accelerator Academy By Roota Mittal

A million-dollar business founder with a team of 6 full-time members!

A FORBES feature and a 2 Comma Club award winner (an award that one gets when their sales funnel goes viral and does over $1,000,000 in revenue)!

A Mentor to a clientele of 2100+ students who brought in $1 million in revenue for themselves and over $10 million in revenue for their clients!!

This is NOT TO BRAG at all…

This is just to show what’s possible IF you take action on your dreams!

This is just to show that if a lost kid who was trying to figure out a side hustle alongside her corporate job could build the global business of her dreams, you can too!

Wondering how did I do it? How did I transform my life? And what must’ve happened in those 5 years?

Hop onto my time machine and I’ll tell you how I went from making $0 to $100,000 in just the first two years of my Freelancing Business!

Here’s How I kept my eyes on the Stars and feet on the Ground…

First, I quit my corporate job, that life didn’t align with my dreams and goals. Then, after a lot of hard work and building a kickass mindset, I kickstarted my journey as a lone freelancer and turned into a 6 figure entrepreneur in just two years of starting out!

But just like you, I wanted more in life. So with relentless grit and powerful determination, I stepped up my game…

Today, I’m a 7 figure CEO running my own business, a Marketer, a Writer, a Podcaster, and a Bonafide Overachiever. You can call me a tech-obsessed Marketing Ninja that never backs down on a problem.

But above all, I’m a Passionate Educator who is on a mission to empower 1M+ people in the next five years to become the highest version of themselves!

I believe EVERYONE HAS THE POWER to craft the life they dream of, but get stuck easily because of fear, anxiety, and doubt. So if you are looking for permission to start your new life; I believe I’m here to give you that.

Have similar Aspirations to Shoot for the Stars?
Let’s take a little trip to your possible future…

What does it look like?

Is it you making yourself pancakes and waffles for breakfast on a Monday morning without having to worry about meetings with your boss?

Or is it you lazing around with your family and spending quality time with them in the house that you just bought for yourself?

Is it you gifting your dad a car that he has always wanted?

Is it you packing for a trip to Europe?

Boom! Come out of it now and progress towards turning those desires into reality! Take the first step today…


“But what if I fail? What if my Business has a rough landing and crashes down into gazillions of pieces?”
To be honest, that can happen to you, if you…

1. Let Fear Take Over You!
If you keep imagining scenarios where you fail or let your doubtful thoughts overtake your head, you’re definitely setting yourself up for failure!
2. Lose Focus
Do you get distracted easily? Do you get bored of things too fast? Do you forget about the unticked boxes on your checklists? If you said yes, you know what that means, right?
3. Are Not Consistent
If you enjoy being lazy and resent taking up tasks every day, or if you just can’t stay consistent in your efforts, you probably will not make it as an entrepreneur.
4. Try to Master Too Many Niches
If you’re that kinda person who tries to be all over the place all the time or tries to be the jack of all trades, you might be a risk to your future business.
5. Don’t Charge Your Worth And Settle For Less
If you fall for low-paying gigs or agree to give huge discounts to your clients/customers, thinking “something is better than nothing”, sorry but this is not gonna work for you then.

If you are thinking “Shoot… I Don’t Wanna Make these Mistakes…What Do I Do?!”
Steer Your Own Spaceship in the Right Direction… And Propel your Business to New Heights
To be able to do that you must have these two thrusters without any brakes:

(That you keep mastering and upgrading with time)

We have hand-picked and tested the most lucrative skills that high-ticket business owners need to run their businesses. These are skills that are highly paid so you can easily transition and make a full-time income out of them. Some of these skills are Facebook Advertising, Instagram Growth, Sales Funnels, Copywriting, Email Marketing, Client Attraction Methods and Techniques.

(Who value your expertise and love working with you)

Not just any clients, but premium high-quality clients who value your work and don’t mind paying your worth. These clients know that great work isn’t cheap and believe in investing in their business growth by hiring expert freelancers from all over the world.

We’ll teach you everything you need to know from lucrative marketing skills and how to find premium clients to amplifying your business to a whole new level and reaching your monthly income goal faster…

Even If You Don’t Have Any Prior Tech or Marketing Experience...Yes, All of this with the freedom to work from anywhere in the world!


Marketing Accelerator Academy

Marketing Accelerator Academy is the Secret Acceleration that’s missing in your Business Spaceship Right Now.

It will flare up your business and teach you everything from foundational digital marketing skills to high-ticket client acquisition strategies.

In fact, it has the exact scripts and proposals that helped me bag premium quality clients. So go right on, take inspiration, and use my strategies to upgrade a comma to your income consistently.
I’ve designed this entire Academy based on the learnings that made me go from $0 to $100,000+ in just the first two years of my freelancing business.


So far So good? Alright then, let’s get to the details now!

This Academy is a 7-Module Program created to help you achieve your goals and live the life of your dreams!

Module 1: Building The Right Growth Mindset
The academy will prepare you with the right mindset needed to ace your or your client’s business and empower you to ignite your entrepreneurial journey. It will teach you how to optimize your personal life and set goals that you can actually achieve. Lend an ear to the audio lectures which will help you get through rough days & remind you to not give up on this path that you’ve set for yourself. Get ready to envision what your life would look like once you’re successful.

Modules 2 & 3: Facebook Advertising & Copywriting
From fundamentals to advanced techniques, learn how you can run high-quality Facebook ads. I’ll help you understand customer psychology, how to improvise and model what your competitors are doing and bring in profitable results for yourself or your clients’ ads! I will give you my best copywriting hacks and teach you how to design creative graphics that can be used. Learn how to launch your own Facebook Ad Campaign and send valuable reports to your clients!

Module 4: Instagram Advertising & Brand Building
If you’re looking to grow a business on Instagram, I’ve got you covered! I teach organic and paid strategies to attract genuine followers that actually convert into customers. This exact hack helped me gain 160K+ followers on my profile! I’ll teach you how to create engaging content and build an impactful brand. I also give away an incredible cheat sheet that covers growth strategies for any and every niche!

Module 5: Creating Sales Funnels & Email Marketing
Next, I teach you all about Sales Funnels; how to set them up, how to design them, how to keep them updated at all times and how to track metrics. So whether it’s creating a webinar or writing a copy for your Sales Page, know that I got your back. In fact, I also cover Email Marketing concepts to help you better connect and convert your list of leads.

Module 6: Getting Your First (or next) High-Ticket Client
Get ready to ignite and explode your business in its truest sense by implementing my proven client acquisition techniques. I will teach you the art and science of attracting high-ticket clients, how to build a kickass portfolio even if you’re a newbie, and give you ready-to-replicate scripts for your client discovery calls! I also show you how to price your products and services the right way and charge your worth!

Module 7: Building An A-Team & Scaling Your Business
We then take it a step higher and equip you with tried and tested strategies that will turn you into a client magnet, so much so that you might need to expand into a team. And how would you do that? I cover that too! From onboarding clients to creating a waitlist of clients to avoid income roller coasters, I teach you all that and more!

PLUS you get this special bonus!

I’ll tell you about the platforms you should focus on along with sharing my launch data and numbers. I’ll also show you how you can track your data end to end.
Well, here’s a gist of what I covered in the masterclass:
The tried and tested innovations and experiments that your business needs to thrive.

(Many $1000 courses will also shy away from giving out these strategies from the fear of spilling their secrets or because they haven’t cracked it yet!)

So this is your chance to grab the early bird advantage!
​Ways to track your business data and get astonishing results despite the tricky IOS 14 policy update and Facebook (Meta) Changes.

(The cookie might be over, but the cake still remains- you’ll know when you watch it)
​The places, platforms, techniques, and even bots you should be focussing on to create your content and sell online without being dull, boring, or repetitive!

(Let others scramble for more reach and vanity metrics, I’ll show you how to convert and sell more)
​The raw numbers and figures that we got in our most recent and profitable launch. What we did differently from our last launch and how you can make this profitable launch strategy your own!

(I don’t even blur any data!!)
​Why cash reserve is queen, and what should you choose between profit and revenue while goal setting!
(And a few more powerful mindset lessons that I learned in 2021 that I am going to stick to for the rest of my life.)

Marketing Accelerator Academy By Roota Mittal

“Sounds Great! But What’s Unique About Marketing Accelerator?”

Let me share the Marketing Accelerator Advantage…

  • It is the ultimate $100k Plan of Action

Marketing Accelerator Academy will set you on a mission to land premium quality clients from all over the globe! It is the exact system that I used to make $100,000+ in just the first two years of my business!

2100+ people are currently implementing this framework, fueling up their desires and reaching their dream destinations. This clearly means that this is not for nothing and that it definitely works!

  • Scientific Content Proven 2100x

The program will equip you with the right set of digital marketing skills to amplify your business to a whole new level and teach you to attract and work with premium quality clients... Even if you don’t have any prior tech or marketing experience… All of this with the freedom to work from anywhere in the world!

Marketing Accelerator is designed to speed up your entrepreneurial journey and get you closer to your dreams… Without slogging for 70+ hours a week and wasting time on failed experiments that have already been tested before!

  • Revolutionary High-Ticket Skills

Marketing Accelerator is your way out of the Black Hole of low-paying clients and gigs. It will enable you with the high-quality skills needed to completely transform any business and achieve higher profits!

It will help you take charge of your life and propel you to attain all your financial and personal goals. Whether it’s travelling to a new country, spending more time with your family, or just chilling in your pyjamas on a Monday morning without worrying about your job!

Check out Video

Case Studies…

Mohit made $34,000 in revenue. He completed his MBA in 2019 but was not interested in taking up a traditional job as he could not envision himself sitting in a cubicle from 9-5 and wanted more from life.

Saijal, a college graduate is making close to $3000 per month as a marketing freelancer and has made $19,000 in revenue. Saijal is a recent Journalism graduate, who is currently making more than 1 lakh rupees a month as a solo freelancer, working from home and being her own boss.

Sakshi (Mom of 2) Quit her job at Google in order to embrace motherhood & after joining Marketing Accelerator, she made $18,000 in Revenue. She is a mom of 2 little kids who never wanted to let go of her financial independence in order to fulfil her role as an active mother.

Prachi makes over 1.15 Lakhs a month working from home and has made around $16,000 in revenue. Prachi, currently mom to a toddler, quit her corporate job way back in 2017 to start a family. After having a baby, she scouted for work opportunities but none fit her bill as those opportunities did not offer enough freedom of time to look after the baby along with earning from home.

Marketing Accelerator Academy is your way out of

  • A 9-5 rat race
  • ​An unhealthy work-life balance
  • ​A 2-vacations-a-year lifestyle
  • Financial dependency
  • ​Once-a-year appraisal system
  • ​Or having just a single source of income…

It is the perfect way to begin and grow an independent business.

Who should join the Academy?
If you’re thinking “umm, but is it worth it? Is this right for me? Will it actually help me grow?”

Legit questions…Let’s find out!

  • You should totally Join Marketing Accelerator if:
  • You’re an under-appreciated, overworked corporate employee who hates his/her job.
  • ​You’re a fresh graduate, a stay-at-home mom, or a college student who’s looking for a side-hustle to make additional income.
  • ​You want to live life on your own terms and work from anywhere on the planet.
  • ​You are looking for more time, money, and location-based freedom.
  • ​You’re a business owner or a coach who wants to upskill & learn how to bring in leads and sales on auto-pilot for your businesses.

This Academy is

  • You think you’ll get clients and make money as soon as you enroll into the Academy. So, if you’re looking for shortcuts to success, Marketing Accelerator is not the right place for you.
  • ​You’re scared of hard work. If you are not motivated to learn and implement the lessons taught in the Academy, please do not enroll. We do not take responsibility for the consequences.
  • ​You give up too soon or fear rejections and do not have the courage to get back up and begin afresh.
  • ​You expect my team and I to get clients for you. We don’t get clients for you, we teach you how to get clients.
  • ​You expect my team and I to create ad campaigns and funnels for you. We will not be creating campaigns and funnels for you or your clients.

Now, if you’re a right fit and belong to the first category, don’t hesitate. Don’t Second Guess. Take this leap and revolutionize your life!

Here’s a fraction of our “Student Wins” below. We have literally HUNDREDS more where these came from 😉

Marketing Accelerator Academy By Roota Mittal

Marketing Accelerator Academy By Roota Mittal

Marketing Accelerator Academy By Roota Mittal

Marketing Accelerator Academy By Roota Mittal, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • Bonus
  • Module 00 Welcome
  • Module 1 Mindset and Productivity Hacks
  • Module 2 Highly Converting Fb Ads Basics
  • Module 3 Implementing Successful Facebook Campaigns
  • Module 4 Instagram Domination
  • Module 5 Get Clients
  • Module 6 Client Onboarding And Management
  • Module 7 Sales Funnel Basics
  • Module 8 Sales Funnel Implementation
  • Module 9 Email Marketing
  • Module 10 (BONUS) Freelancer Business Planning
  • Module 11 Sales Page Boot camp