Meditative Mellows Trainings By Forrest Knutson
  • Meditative Mellows Trainings By Forrest Knutson

Meditative Mellows Trainings By Forrest Knutson

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Meditative Mellows Trainings By Forrest Knutson – Instant Download!


Tranquil Breath Training:

I’ve spoken quite a bit about HRV Resonate Breathing on my channel. It’s time to expand on that ground work and give you the full training of breath. With this we may enter into the 4th Phase of Breath as Patanjali called it; the Tranquil Breath as

Lahiri Mahasaya referred to it. You’ll understand why it happens, what makes it happen, how it is possible in the body, and how to reproduce it. No one teaches this way, so I hope it blows your mind.

1 hour 27 minutes.

Big Bliss Training:

This second training is all about the deep and profound bliss of the left amygdala. This is the avalanche of bliss that is described by some yogis and saints in which they can barely handle the flow of ecstasy as it flows over their soul. I want to show how this is possible, how we can reach out to this bliss, and where it is first available to our perception and experience. In training this, we make sure we don’t skip and miss out on this divine internal experience.

2 hours 35 minutes.

Talking To The Higher Self Training:

This third training is a deep understanding of how it is possible in the brain to speak with the Higher Self. Using the Enlightenment Pathway through the brain, understanding brain waves, and receiving the teachings of the ancient Hawaiian Kahuna. We then use a deep progression, modeling the teachings of Anna Wise, in order to reproduce in ourselves the ability to receive guidance, direction, and communication with the Higher Self.

2 hours 9 minutes.


So special, so moving, so much wisdom and science to inspire me. I kept thinking how fortunate your students are to have you in their lives. I have not found anyone else who presents such deep concepts so well. The guided journey was also very powerful — what a way to visit your higher Self and find your gems of personal truth and healing and guidance. I could not wait to share this with my wife Cathy, who, btw, is soaring in response to your connection.

Your mastery of yogic content, meditation, and scientific support is so exceptional in our present time, and is matched by your natural presentation style, humility, simplicity, magnetism, and enthusiastic joy and example. As you would say, “Oh my goodness! This is huge.”

I’m a scientist working in the field of physics who started a regular meditation practice in the form of Samatha concentration exercises 1.5 years ago. During the first months achievements of long periods of stable attention were attained but I had a feeling of making little progress ever since.

Then I discovered Forrest’s Youtube channel and was immediately intrigued by his well-researched explanations about the brain-body-connections. I decided to give it a try and purchased “4 th phase tranquil breath” first. It took just one day to integrate his advices into my meditation routine and from there I could consistently access this very quiet meditation state. 3 days later I downloaded the second video about the “Big bliss training”. I have to admit that I was very skeptical in the middle of that lecture – especially while watching Forrest and his student Kevin demonstrating the chakra cleaning method. Ten years ago I would have immediately stopped that video but today although still influenced by the scientific methods I’m trying to keep a much more open mind. But as the old saying goes: Extraordinary claims require extra-ordinary evidence…

I took his advice of stacking it all together. The results left me a little bit speechless but now I have to admit that the following thing happened to me: OM Japa easily puts me in a trance-like state on top of that tranquil breath experience. After experiencing tingling sensations in the whole body my mind is getting very quit and the joy of this state has produced repeatedly AVALANCHES OF BLISS!

I’m happy to recommend the meditation mellows training videos to everybody who wants to dive deeper inside the body-brain-mind-system… Needless to say I’m eagerly awaiting the next step.

Meditative Mellows Trainings By Forrest Knutson, What is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)