Real Estate Starter Program By Manny Khoshbin
  • Real Estate Starter Program By Manny Khoshbin

Real Estate Starter Program By Manny Khoshbin


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Real Estate Starter Program By Manny Khoshbin – Instant Download!

Discover How I Used Real Estate As The Fastest Path To Wealth Creation, Giving Me More Time And Money To Do What I Really Care About.

…I’m Manny Khoshbin and I went from a broke and homeless immigrant to America…to scaling from a $1M to $100M portfolio in only 6 years. Now I’m sharing my exact formula with you.

Some people think I got lucky…
Some people think I was born into wealth…

Here’s Where I Set The Record Straight.

Real Estate Starter Program By Manny Khoshbin

I’ve Been An Entrepreneur Since I Was 14 Years Old.

That is… If you count digging through trash cans and dumpsters for anything I could flip and sell, just to make some extra money to support my family.

Now that’s the Manny Khoshbin you probably don’t know about — but “I started at the bottom.” as the song goes.

Like most immigrants who come to America… My parents were hard workers, and gave me the same work ethic.

I grew up in Iran…

Which incase you don’t know…

Is the exact opposite of the beautiful land of the Free (we now get to call our home) here in the United States.

Now you may not be able to tell…

Real Estate Starter Program By Manny Khoshbin

…just by looking at that “throwback” photo of me above…

But my upbringing has a lot to do with my success.

It’s taught me that successful people have 2 things in common. It doesn’t matter where you come from…

I believe these 2 ingredients are critical to your success:

  • Hunger: you always need to grow and improve.
  • Persistence: you get back up after you fail.

Like Rocky Balboa (a huge influence of mine) says…

“Life’s not about how hard of a hit you can give… it’s about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward.”

Long before I discovered the wealth generating powers of real estate…

I had dozens of jobs in my lifetime. From working at K-mart stocking the shelves, to being a janitor, mopping the floors…

I’ve also started many businesses… that failed miserably!

Like my first company, selling peanuts door to door…

Then I went on to eventually own a gas-station, stereotype

…Then I owned a discount-market, selling cheap goods.

Finally I got into the mortgage business. Which was my first “taste” of real estate and making money in the industry.

And looking back on it all… I wouldn’t change a thing!

My journey of adversity and failure, has led me to finding the love of my life, having 2 beautiful children, being able to contribute to good causes, and earning a nice living for myself and my family in the process. Giving my children the life I never had.

I believe that…

Everything happens for us… not to us.

And your journey led you to being on this page (reading this)…

Right here, right now. Which is fantastic for you, because…

You’re going to discover the single greatest tool for building wealth in the world. The same thing that’s made me $200M.

And allowed me to buy my $33M dream home (you see below).

Real Estate Starter Program By Manny Khoshbin

Now, to provide clarity… There are really only…
3 Ways People Build Wealth.

  • ONE: You start your own business.
  • TWO: You work your way up one company for a very long time, hopefully getting good stock options and can retire in your mid to late 60’s if you’re lucky and be comfortable.
  • THREE: You learn about real estate, figure out the game, and generate true wealth and passive income.

And I guess there’s a 4th one, winning the lottery, but the odds are 1 in 14 million is what Google says.

Let’s Break Each One Down…

#1 is a good path, but usually takes a long time to build a successful business.

Plus 90% of businesses fail in 5 years, and you need a team of employees to hire, train and manage…

In addition, running a company can be stressful and expensive (I’ve had my fair share of companies that failed).

#2 is having a J.O.B. which is the path most people take…

Unfortunately they never end up with true wealth (or any at all) because usually you DON’T have control over your destiny…

Instead, your company and your boss usually controls your pay.

That leaves us with #3 – the winner – REAL ESTATE.

Now before we go any further…

Look At This Shocking Statistic!

Real Estate Starter Program By Manny Khoshbin

“Real estate investing has played a role in helping to create 90% of the world’s millionaires.”

You Can Clearly See That Real Estate Is The Path…

…To your financial freedom, wealth, and living life on your terms.

Which is why in 1992 I got into the real estate world.

Now unlike the way most people usually look at real estate and talk about real estate…

My approaches, methods and strategies have made me wealthier in down economies… when most people are usually losing money.

This is why I’m a “Contrarian.” I do things differently than most.

Real Estate Starter Program By Manny Khoshbin

Just As I Discuss In My Book


The reason I’ve been successful has a lot to do with the fact that I don’t follow what everyone else is teaching…

My formula works. Because let’s be honest, most people have not turned $0 into $900M.

I Analyze The Global Markets
in ways that make it almost impossible to fail.

Real Estate Starter Program By Manny Khoshbin

And as a result of my “track-record” and formula for success…

I Am Constantly Asked…
“Will you share your tips to becoming a Millionaire?”

  • Your Mindset: Have the confidence to take calculated risk.
  • Your Habits: Do the ‘right work’ daily and never stop.
  • Your Resourcefulness: The biggest secret to success.

I’ve Been Invited on Steve Harvey’s Show…
To share some of my advice and mentorship on becoming a millionaire and talk about my books on Real Estate.

Real Estate Starter Program By Manny Khoshbin

I Love Teaching & Mentorship…
Which is exactly why…

After years of people asking…

And thousands of messages online…
I’m Going To Give You Access To…

“See The Real Estate Market Through My Eyes”

If this sounds like something you want…
I’m excited to share this with you.


Real Estate Starter Program By Manny Khoshbin

My proven step-by-step blueprint for building massive wealth through real estate, even if you’re starting with no experience, connections or capital.

Every step of my program is laid out in an easy-to-follow training system that eliminates any confusion, guesswork or overwhelm as you effortlessly start to build your real estate portfolio and succeed like a pro.

Who Is This For?
If you’re like the thousands of people I talk to out there and…

  • ​You’re trying to find a way to build financial wealth.
  • You want to create multiple financial safety nets during these uncertain times.
  • ​You’re done trying things that don’t work.
  • You’re tired of not having a clear path to success.
  • You’re looking for the best ways to invest your money.
  • You don’t want to make any costly mistakes in real estate.
  • ​You’re looking for clarity on how to get started no matter your age, education, or upbringing

Then joining Manny Khoshbin’s Real Estate Starter Program could quite literally be the SHIFT in your life that will propel your success to the level you’ve been striving to achieve.

Just one golden nugget insight you learn…

or one new strategy you implement…

Could totally transform your financial success and set you up for massive impact and growth.

Why You Want To Join

Joining and investing right now is a reflection of your commitment to:

  • Your family (you’re the financial rock that supports them)
  • ​Your personal growth (you know you can always be better)
  • Your financial destiny (your future changes when you have more money)
  • ​Your legacy (you can leave a legacy in your industry and for your family)
  • Your peace of mind (finally know you have the right plan, and road map)
  • ​Your network (one person, one connection can change your life forever)

Real Estate Starter Program By Manny Khoshbin

Pre-Pillar: Millionaire Mindset Training
This is where we cover the secret to setting goals the “Manny Khoshbin Way.”
The habits of Millionaires that will help you stay on track and have massive confidence and focus. How to deal with stress and the ‘never give up’ mentality that’s needed to build massive wealth.

Pillar 1: Real Estate Terminology
A breakdown of all the important real estate terminology you need to be familiar with when getting started in real estate and the crucial strategies and terms you need to focus on for massive success.

Pillar 2: Real Estate Preparation
Learn about the basics of real estate and different ways to make money in real estate. Create a solid and clear game plan to take out the guesswork and have a roadmap moving forward. Learn the different terminology (LOI, BRRR, etc.) Different types of bank loans, and how to gain massive leverage which has been one of the biggest keys to Manny’s success.

Pillar 3: Getting Started
Detailed breakdown on the game plan steps when getting started, the different loan types available, how to use leverage which has been one of the biggest keys to my success, when is the best time to buy/sell, how to identify the best places/timing, and much more…

Pillar 4: First Property Essentials
Detailed breakdown on the types of properties to buy, how to acquire them, all my criteria for identifying great deals and avoiding bad deals, due diligence process to drive down the asking price, how to add value at low to no cost, the best places to find great deals, and an over-the-shoulder walkthrough of what I look for when analyzing deals.

BONUS: Deep Dive Trainings
I’ve also included bonus trainings and materials such as crucial contracts for real estate such as lease abstracts, letter of intent, and deep dives on different topics such as an over-the-shoulder walkthrough of me finding properties, an in-depth training on property due diligence, diversifying your portfolio, and more!

What’s All Included?
recap of everything you’re getting instant access to…

I’ll see you on the inside!

Your friend,

Manny Khoshbin
AKA I’m the guy who really cares about your success.

Real Estate Starter Program By Manny Khoshbin, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • BONUS Trainings
  • Pillar 1 Getting Started With Real Estate
  • Pillar 2 Real Estate Tactics
  • Pillar 3 Timing The Market
  • Pillar 4 Avoiding Taxes
  • Pillar 5 Finding Properties
  • Resources Contracts FAQ
  • Start Your Real Estate Journey!
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