Remote Rental Riches By Sharon Tseung & Sean Pan
  • Remote Rental Riches By Sharon Tseung & Sean Pan

Remote Rental Riches By Sharon Tseung & Sean Pan


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Remote Rental Riches By Sharon Tseung & Sean Pan – Instant Download!

Remote Rental Riches
A Step-By-Step Course for Acquiring Your First Out-of-State,
Cash-Flowing Rental Property

Learn how to make passive income through buying out-of-state cash flowing rental properties

Are you interested in owning rental properties but feel LOST and OVERWHELMED with the buying process?

Do you wish to own a cash flowing rental with RECURRING PASSIVE INCOME, without the need to actively manage the property?

Would you like to buy properties that you can ACTUALLY AFFORD?

We want to let you know that you’re not alone
and that you’ve come to the right place!

Our Story

If you’re like most, the idea of being stuck in a 9-5 without options sounds scary. You’ve probably heard that creating multiple passive income streams is the way out of the rat race and into financial freedom. If so, you might have heard that real estate investing is one option to do this, but the process always seemed costly, complicated, and daunting.

Like you, we were scared of working endlessly until our late 60’s, which drove us to look into rental properties. We would spend each day checking local listings on Redfin and Zillow just to find that everything was too expensive to purchase.

Then, we would look into more affordable cities out-of-state, but even when we saw enticing deals we wouldn’t do anything about it because we were scared of investing in unfamiliar territories. And with our busy day jobs, we couldn’t see ourselves investing and handling potential property issues remotely.

Out-of-state investing seemed like a great idea, but we just didn’t know what to do next.

We didn’t let our fears stop us.

Despite these challenges, we knew that investing in real estate would help us become financially free and create generational wealth. Because of this, we spent 6-8 years studying multiple resources and networking. And while we continued learning, we worked hard on increasing our income and saving to fund our investments.

By studying and taking action we ended up purchasing 32 units combined!

Here are a few of our properties:

Remote Rental Riches By Sharon Tseung & Sean Pan

Our current gross rental income is $28,818/month –

and we’re constantly growing it!

Our cash flow from our properties allows us to:

– Choose the jobs we want to take (or not take)
– Pursue our dreams and passions without worrying about money
– Spend time with our loved ones
– Relax and take time off when we want to
– And ultimately, design our best lives, so we can live purposefully with intention.

Remote Rental Riches By Sharon Tseung & Sean Pan

The Struggle and Why YOU Should Take This Course

Although we’ve seen success investing remotely, we’ve made costly mistakes that could have been prevented if we had guidance and a strong system to properly invest in out-of-state rentals.

One incorrect real estate investment decision could cost you thousands of dollars (or more).

Through experience, we’ve developed a blueprint to efficiently purchase cash-flowing rentals, and we want to give you that step-by-step guidance to do the same.

Introducing Remote Rental Riches

This is a step-by-step course to get your first out-of-state cash-flowing rental property.

This course includes:

– 60+ video modules

– Exclusive case study footage of us doing the process with you! 
– Watch us call and vet our dream teams, conduct property walkthroughs, and more.
– Our case studies reveal 2 of our target markets!

You’ll learn key fundamentals on how the entire process works, including how to:
– Research and choose your target market
– Find and analyze rental property deals
– Build a boots on the ground team including your agent and property manager
– Finance your properties

And you’ll understand:
– The entire escrow and loan process
– Common key terms in the real estate industry
– Big-ticket repair items to look out for
– Future exit strategies
– As well as how to continuously repeat the process to achieve financial freedom!

You Receive these Bonuses 

Remote Rental Riches By Sharon Tseung & Sean Pan

How Are Students Enjoying the Course?

Remote Rental Riches By Sharon Tseung & Sean Pan

Remote Rental Riches By Sharon Tseung & Sean Pan

Remote Rental Riches By Sharon Tseung & Sean Pan

Your Instructors

Remote Rental Riches By Sharon Tseung & Sean Pan
Sean Pan is a real estate investor, agent, and hard money lender based in the San Francisco Bay Area. He invests in single family renovations and out-of-state investments. Sean is a podcast host, meetup group leader, and YouTuber who produces real estate videos to help others achieve financial freedom. He holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from UCLA and previously worked at Boeing and Northrop Grumman.

Sharon Tseung is a content creator and real estate investor who teaches people how to make passive income towards financial freedom through her blog, YouTube channel, TikTok, and Instagram. She has been featured on Business Insider, BBC, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, Bustle, Fast Company, and other notable websites. In the past, she graduated from UC Berkeley and worked in Marketing for 10 years at Google and other startups. Sharon quit her job and traveled the world as a digital nomad for 2 years, all while growing over multiple passive income streams.

Course Curriculum

Module 0: Introduction

  • Welcome and Thank You!
  • About Us
  • Managing Expectations
  • Resources & Recommendations

Module 1: Real Estate Investing 101

  • How Real Estate Investing Works
  • The Benefits of Real Estate Investing
  • Risks of Real Estate Investing
  • The Roadmap to Acquiring Your First Property
  • When Should You Start Investing?
  • Mindset of a Successful Investor

Module 2: Real Estate Terms & General Rules of Thumb

  • Module 2 Overview
  • Basic Terms and Concepts
  • General Costs You May Encounter
  • What Can You Afford?

Module 3: Finding The Best City To Invest In

  • Module 3 Overview
  • Market Research
  • Top 10 Lists
  • Location Specific Hazards To Watch Out For
  • Property Taxes
  • Landlord Friendly States
  • Researching Market Rents and Average Home Values
  • Other Recommendations
  • HW Assignment #1: Begin the Market Research
  • Awesome Work! Let’s Keep Going.

Module 4: Building Your Dream Team & Narrowing Down Your Neighborhood

  • Module 4 Overview
  • Study Your Neighborhood: First Glance
  • Finalize Your Team and Neighborhood
  • Scripts to Use
  • Case Study #1: Sean Calls a Property Management Company to Understand Neighborhood
  • Case Study #1: Sharon Visiting Possible Properties to Purchase
  • Case Study #1: Sharon Vets Property Managers to Work With
  • HW Assignment #2: Building Your Dream Team

Module 5: Buying Your First Property

  • Module 5 Overview
  • Lead Sources
  • What Asset Type Should You Buy?
  • Understanding Different Neighborhood Classes
  • Your Ideal Property Type
  • How To Analyze A Deal (Step-by-Step Case Study)
  • Common Things To Look Out For (Due Diligence)
  • Value-Add Potential?

Module 6: How the Offer Process Works

  • Module 6 Overview
  • How to Start Putting in Offers
  • Negotiation Tactics
  • Partnering Structures If You Have No Money
  • Nice Job! Now onto Loans & the Escrow Process

Module 7: How Loans & Escrow Works

  • Module 7 Overview
  • How To Get A Loan
  • How Mortgages Work
  • Different Types Of Loans
  • Pros and Cons Of Different Loans
  • Refinancing Your Loan in the Future
  • Buying Hazard / Homeowners Insurance
  • The Escrow Process
  • HW Assignment #4: Get Your Preapproval Letter
  • HW Assignment #5: Make Offers
  • HW Assignment #6: Escrow Checklist

Module 8: After Closing on Your First Property!

  • Module 8 Overview
  • Making Your Property Rent-Ready
  • Screening Tenants
  • Managing The Management
  • Big Ticket Repair Items
  • The BRRRR Strategy: Buy, Rehab, Rent, Refinance, Repeat
  • BONUS: Let’s Talk Exit Strategies
  • Let’s Talk Exit Strategies
  • Long Term Rental Loans

BONUS: Case Study Results

  • Sharon & Sean Talk Out-of-State Investing During a Pandemic
  • Case Study #1: How Much I Make On My 4-Plex
  • Case Study #1: Analyzing Sharon’s 4-Plex Deal
  • Case Study #2: How Much I Make on My Other Out of State Single Family Home
  • Case Study #2: Repair Items with My SFH Property

Final Notes

  • Congratulations!

Remote Rental Riches By Sharon Tseung & Sean Pan, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • Case Study Results
  • Let’s Talk Exit Strategies
  • Module 1
  • Module 2
  • Module 3
  • Module 4
  • Module 5
  • Module 6
  • Module 7
  • Module 8
  • #4292 – ‘DigitalNomadQuest’ –
  • #4293 – ‘The Benefits of Real Estate Investing I DigitalNomadQuest’ –
  • #4294 – ‘Market Research I DigitalNomadQuest’ –
  • #4295 – ‘Property Taxes I DigitalNomadQuest’ –
  • #4296 – ‘Landlord Friendly States I DigitalNomadQuest’ –
  • #4297 – ‘Researching Market Rents and Average Home Values I DigitalNomadQuest’ –
  • #4298 – ‘Other Recommendations I DigitalNomadQuest’ –
  • #4299 – ‘HW Assignment #1_ Begin the Market Research I DigitalNomadQuest’ –
  • #4300 – ‘HW Assignment #3_ Practice Analyzing Deals I DigitalNomadQuest’ –
  • And more…