Secrets of a Six Figure Lead Gen Consultant By Deepak Shukla
  • Secrets of a Six Figure Lead Gen Consultant By Deepak Shukla

Secrets of a Six Figure Lead Gen Consultant By Deepak Shukla

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Secrets of a Six Figure Lead Gen Consultant By Deepak Shukla – Instant Download!

Secrets Of A Six Figure Lead Gen Consultant
Build A 6-Figure Agency With Cold Outreach

Learn How To Build A 6-Figure Marketing Agency Based Around Cold Email Outreach and more.

Your Instructor

Secrets of a Six Figure Lead Gen Consultant By Deepak Shukla
Deepak Shukla

Deepak Shukla is a 24x Marathon runner, 4x Ultramarathon Runner, 2x Ironman, 2x Half Ironman, 1 Fight TKO Muay Thai, a Trained British Soldier and has 40% body coverage in tattoos.

If you want a man who likes to get things done then he is your guy. Founder of Pearl Lemon, a range of digital marketing courses and more.

You can see what he’s up to on Instagram, or catch him on YouTube.

Course Curriculum

Section 1: Getting The Show Started

  • Welcome To The Course
  • What You Will End Up With
  • What To Expect From Me
  • How I Got Into Cold Email
  • Why Cold Email Is Not Dead
  • Why Does Cold Email Fail?
  • The Course Sequence
  • Can You Access The Course Sooner?
  • A Quick Note About The Q&As
  • Introductory Quiz

Section 2: The Strategic Goldmine

  • The Strategic Goldmine
  • Understanding Where The Money Is
  • The Best Business For The Best Leads
  • Where To Generate Evergreen Leads
  • Navigating Tricky Industries When You Get Requests
  • My Failures And What You Can Learn From Them
  • The Opportunities Cold Email Can Give You
  • My Best Recommendations
  • Could You Help Me With Something Pretty Please?

Section 2 Q&A (Optional)

  • Q&A How To Quickly Determine Market Size & Viability
  • Q&A Exploring Segments Such As HR, Financial Services, Consulting Etc
  • Q&A Thoughts On Business Comms Market
  • Q&A Thoughts On The Waste Management Industry
  • Q&A Lead Gen For Financial Advisors?
  • Q&A Cold Email For The Gaming Industry?
  • Q&A: Thoughts On Targeting Clients In Other Countries?
  • Q&A Is There A Way To Target B2C Markets Such As Investment Stocks & Shares
  • Q&A What positions are the best to target?
  • Q&A B2B Services Vs B2B Products
  • Q&A Should I Run Tests For Web+Apps+SEO Or Just One Of Them?
  • How To Build A 6-7 Figure Business From Agency Spotter
  • Q&A My Prospect Doesn’t Know Who Their Idea Client Is – Can I Research?
  • Who Should I Deliver Leads For?
  • Q&A Can I Cold Email Leads I’ve Scraped From Facebook?
  • Q&A: Targeting Niche Industries

Section 3: Technical tools to 10x your results

  • The Tools We’ll Run Through
  • Find That Lead And Mailshake (Quick Note)
  • The Last Cold Email Software Tool You’ll Need (Mailshake)
  • Gsuite – The Hub
  • Scripts- Custom Mail Merge Fields
  • Introducing Zapier
  • Several Ways To Send Your Clients Leads
  • Buying Domain Names – Namecheap
  • Fiverr – A Hidden Goldmine
  • The 11 Step Process In Hiring The Best Data Miner
  • Hiring From Upwork – A Massive Talent Pool
  • Bulk Email Verification Considerations
  • How To Detect Spam, Blacklisting And More
  • Further Technical Considerations (DNS-DKIM-SPF)
  • Alternative Tools (Hunter, Skrapp Etc)
  • Bringing Together The 11 Step Process To Sucess
  • Section Round Up
  • I want to quit

Cold Email In Action: Mailshake + Find That Lead Working Together

  • Introducing The Brief Bonus Section
  • How To Use Mailshake In 13 Minutes
  • How To Use Find That Lead To Collect Emails

Section 3 Q&A (Optional)

  • Q&A Can I Cold Email From My Domain Mailshake For Clients Or For Me To Get Clients
  • Q&A Does Your Freelancer Need Your Credit Card Details
  • Q&A Should I Buy A Domain When Testing Campaigns For Myself
  • Q&A Do you login to Mailshake using your primary domain
  • Q&A Who Am I Setting Up Email Accounts For My Clients Or MySelf
  • Q&A How Do We Actually Collect Info From LinkedIn To Give To Data Miners
  • Q&A Googe Inbox Vs Google Hosting Domains
  • Q&A Can I Use Cold Email For Finding Clients For My Own Business Or For My Clients Business?
  • Q&A Using Zapier With Mailshake
  • Q&A How Do You Run A Split Test?
  • Q&A Thoughts on CASL and GDPR (i.e not being ‘allowed’ to cold email)
  • Q&A Are My Emails Going To Spam?
  • Q&A Initial Campaign Testing Phase

Q&A: Data Mining Questions (Optional)

  • Q&A Where Can I Build Lists Outside Of LinkedIn Should I Target Cafe’s How Can I
  • Q&A Find That Lead (Software) Vs Data Miner (Human)
  • Q&A What To Do When You Feel You Are Running Out Of Leads
  • Q&A Data Mining WITHOUT LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • Finding Directories Online
  • Q&A How Do You Prevent Duplicate Leads

Section 4: The Anatomy Of Cold Email Campaigns that Get Mass Responses

  • The Anatomy of Cold Emails Intro
  • Crafting Your Offer
  • Building Case Studies
  • How To Use Humour And Self Deprecation
  • Links Or No Links
  • How To Stop Spam From Crushing Your Cold Email
  • Subject Lines To Avoid
  • Building A Killer Cold Email Sequence
  • How To Google One Liners For Cold Email
  • Images In Cold Email
  • How To Run A B2C Cold Email Campaign (If You Really Must)
  • Quick Review
  • One Liners That’ll Help You Generate 5 Figures Per Month

Section 4: Q&A (Optional)

  • Q&A: Example Cold Email Template Teardown
  • Q&A: Email Script Feedback V2
  • Q&A In the Ideal World How Many Leads Can I Offer Client?
  • How fast can I warm up the email account What do I tell the client How do I bill people?
  • Q&A Cold Email Script Feedback V3

Section 5: Side Hustles With Cold Email

  • Side Businesses With Cold Email – Blogger Outreach
  • Side Businesses With Cold Email – Podcast Outreach
  • Podcasts And Zapier Automation
  • Influencer PR And Side Business Outreach With Cold Email

Section 6: Clients Sales FAQs and Upping Your Lead>Conversion Rate (Before You Sell)

  • Client Sales FAQs Re Cold Email
  • The Format Of Your FAQs?
  • What Tools Do You Use?
  • What Counts As A Lead?
  • The Leads Are Crap!
  • Client Sales FAQs All The Other Questions

Section 6 Sales Q&A (Optional)

  • Q&A: Avoiding Common Pitfalls When Cold Emailing
  • Q&A I Want To Help My Mate Out…What Do You Think
  • Q&A: Is it possible to land clients just via email (no phone call)?
  • Q&A How Do I Sell Clients On The Phone
  • Q&A Advice On Running Cold Email To Get Cold Email Clients
  • Q&A: Should I Build Some Case Studies With Freelancers & Friends?
  • Q&A How Can I Get Clients Without Case Studies
  • Q&A What if I have success in other spaces – how can I use it?
  • Q&A Pitching Someone Who Pitches You
  • Q&A Making Sure You Generate £1k+ Per Month
  • Q&A English Isn’t My Native Language – What Do I Do
  • Q&A How Much Do You Charge Per Lead Deepak?
  • How Would I Know If My Email Account Goes To Shit And Keeps Hitting Spam
  • Should I Email As If I’m My Client Or “Comms Manager” etc?
  • Q&A Working On Your Free Trial Pitch
  • Q&A How To Charge £500 Per Month To A Test Client
  • What do we tell clients if they ask about potential GDPR or spam issues
  • Q&A: A Word About Scaling & Outsourcing
  • I’ve Sent 100’s of emails and not a single lead!
  • Why Emails Are Going Into Spam – What Do I Do?
  • Q&A: What Should Client Reports Look Like?
  • Q&A How Can I Prevent Cold Email Outreach To The Same Clients In A Specific Niche?

Section 7: Building A Massively High Converting LinkedIn Profile

  • Building A Killer LinkedIn Profile
  • Unleashing LinkedIn Lead Generation
  • Rich Media, URLs, Profile Photos And Cover Images
  • Recommendations, Endorsements, CTAs And More

Section 7 Q&A (Optional)

  • Example LinkedIn Profile Tear Down
  • Q&A How To Position My LinkedIn Experience When I’ve Never Done Marketing
  • Q&A Reviewing A Profile That’s 50-75% Done
  • Q&A LinkedIn Profile Summary, Work Experience and Sales Nav
  • LinkedIn Teardown (Mobile View)
  • Q&A What Would The Timeline/Sequence Look Like With Cold Email And LinkedIn Combined?

Section 8: The 5-Day Rocket Start

  • How to craft high converting lead gen campaigns for clients using LinkedIn and cold email
  • Little-known goldmines for finding clients — even if you have zero connections, even if you hate networking
  • Laser Targeting To Connect With ANYONE On LinkedIn And Pitch Them
  • LinkedIn Advice You MUST Know Before You Go Out And Kick Ass
  • How To Scale LinkedIn Reachout And Generate Daily Leads
  • The Money Is In The Follow Up From 0-15k Per Month
  • Wrapping Up The 5 Day Rocket Start And New Potential Growth

Section 8: Q&A (Optional)

  • Q&A I can’t use my LinkedIn account to run campaigns – how can I still use LinkedIn then
  • I Didn’t Go To Uni, I Don’t Know Anyone, How Can I Search On Sales Nav
  • Selling LinkedIn As A Service Considerations

Section 9: Upwork Domination: Finding Pre Qualified Buyers And Closing Like A Mofo

  • Underused Gold Mines You Can Use To Dominate
  • Upwork Profile Domination How To Be Better Than The Other Guys
  • The Finishing Touches To Your Profile To Land $1k Per Month Jobs Day 1
  • A Minute Spent On Agency Profile Building
  • Pricing Strategy And Premium Profiles On Upwork
  • Job Searches To Find Jobs You Can ACTUALLY Win
  • Advanced Job Selection Search Criteria That Most Fail To Do
  • The Copy Paste Proposal That Has Me Me $20k+ on Upwork
  • Beginners Style Script For Complete Newbies
  • Upwork (And Other Platform) Video Pitching To Perfection
  • Nailing A Video Pitch With A Different Set Of Info
  • A Killer Video Pitch Even When You Have Zero Experience And Zero Info
  • Can You Help Me Please Folks?

Section 9: Q&A (Optional)

  • Dealing With Upwork Rejection Or Making Sure You Get Accepted
  • Q&A Upwork Video Proposal Teardown
  • My Video Proposals Aren’t Getting Noticed – What Do I Do
  • Where Do I Find Businesses Looking For A Cold Email Agency?
  • What Are Your Thoughts On ‘Revenue Share’ Client Offers – No Payment Upfront

Section 10: Classified Ad Site Domination: Generating £500-£2k Per Month From Sites Like Gumtree & Craigslist

  • How I Generate £800-£1.5k Per Month From Gumtree
  • 90+ Freelancers Post Their Digital Services on Gumtree Data Mining Gumtree For Qualified Jobs
  • Turning £250 Into £10k Per Year (Minimum) On Gumtree via ‘Posting SEO & Posting Mastery’
  • The Dozen Other Job Boards and ALL The Money People Leave On The Table

Section 10: Q&A (Optional)

  • What Were Your Lead To Conversion Rate & Deal Sizes & Services On Gumtree
  • Q&A Pricing On Gumtree Changing How To Discover The Top Searches On Gumtree

Section 11: Introducing Angel.Co And Generating 6-Figures From Here Alone

  • Unleashing The Power Of Angel – Where The World Meets Startups
  • 90K Jobs On Angel With Startups Crazy Good Job Search Options
  • Profile Positioning As A Freelancer & How Angel is V.Different From Upwork
  • Building A Killer Angel Profile To Generate Inbound Leads
  • The Hidden Trick To Generating Regular Conversions On Angel (And Other Platforms)
  • Video Review Request

Section 11 Q&A (Optional)

  • Q&A How Should I Position Myself If I Can Do Several Things?

Section 12: The Curtain Calls

  • Platform Overview And Reviewing The Powers You Now Have
  • Rapid Fire Sales 101
  • 1st Client? How To Structure A Proposal And Get It Signed Off
  • Started From The Bottom Now We Here

Section 12 Q&A

  • Q&A 1st client? How to Structure a Proposal and Get It Signed Off?

Bonus Section: Things My Students Have Taught Me (Optional)

  • Make $250-1k Per Month From Fiverr Arbitrage
  • Getting Lead Lists From Public Library Databases
  • Better Than Linked Helper?

Templates: Cold Email, LinkedIn, Upwork, Gumtree And Angel Word-for-Word Templates (Made me $250k)

  • Copy, Scripts And Templates
  • Course Notes From Thiago
  • Onboarding Forms I Use
  • Some Written Answers

Random Q&A (Optional)

  • How You Can Be More Productive
  • Q&A How Quick Can I Get To 10k Per Month?
  • Q&A Limited Company Vs Freelancer In Cold Email Lead Gen
  • Company setup & structure in your first 3-months

Secrets of a Six Figure Lead Gen Consultant By Deepak Shukla, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 01-Section 1 – Getting The Show Started
  • 02-Section 2 – The Strategic Goldmine
  • 03-Section 2 Q&A
  • 04-Section 3 – 10x Your Results
  • 05-Cold Email In Action
  • 06-Section 3 Q&A
  • 07-Q&A – Data Mining Questions
  • 08-Section 4 – Mass Response Cold Emails
  • 09-Section 4 Q&A
  • 10-Section 5 – Cold Email Side Hustles
  • 11-Section 6 – Clients Sales FAQs
  • 12-Section 6 Q&A
  • 13-Section 7 – Massively High Converting LinkedIn
  • 14-Section 7 Q&A
  • 15-Section 8 – The 5-Day Rocket Start
  • And more…