Selling Through Stories By Carla Biesinger
  • Selling Through Stories By Carla Biesinger

Selling Through Stories By Carla Biesinger

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Selling Through Stories By Carla Biesinger – Instant Download!

Selling Through Stories
Turn your followers into paying clients through Instagram Stories.

If you’re not making any money through Instagram, something is wrong!

And it’s not the fact that you don’t have enough followers.

The biggest aha-moment I had in 2019 was when a friend and fellow business coach told me that she was making multiple 6-figures through Instagram with an audience of “only” 4.000 followers.

I couldn’t quite believe what she was saying. I had spent all this time growing my audience to 30k – and yet, I wasn’t earning anything close to her.

So I began to dig…

…what was she focusing on that I wasn’t?

What had I been missing?

And as I went down the Insta rabbit whole, I realized: the way people are making money on Instagram has changed.

It’s no longer about promotional posts or sending people to the link in your bio…

It’s all about Selling Through Stories!

And if you think about it, it makes so much sense.

The people who are watching your Instagram Stories are your biggest fans.

They’re the ones that drop everything when that colorful ring around your profile pic appears.

They’re the ones who know, love and trust you the most.

And therefore, they’re the ones who are most likely going to say YES to an offer. Ready to turn your

Instagram Stories into a lead generation machine?

Here’s what you’ll learn:

✓ Exactly what to share on IG Stories every single day of the week. Use the plug-and-play template and never worry about what to say in your Stories!

✓ The perfect balance between selling and serving, so your audience won’t get annoyed with you.

✓ The biggest mistakes to avoid (this is why people stop watching and why you’re not converting!).

✓ The two simple tools to use in every Story that will help you identify your hottest leads and create a never ending stream of leads.

✓ How to make the perfect Call to Action to get your viewers saying YES to your offers – without you ever having to chase them down.

 The simple 3-step sales script to follow in your DMs to turn your prospects into paying customers.

✓ And finally, how to batch your Story content creation (and hand your content over to your VA so you won’t even have to upload your Stories if you don’t want to!).

Your Instructor

Selling Through Stories By Carla Biesinger

Carla Biesinger

Hi, I’m Carla!

I grew my own Instagram account from 0 to over 20.000 highly engaged followers in less than 2 years. All organically.

As a busy entrepreneur myself, I know how difficult it can be to focus on your social media. Yet, we often don’t have the funds to hire someone to take care of this department, or let alone work with an agency who, let’s face it, often overcharge and under-deliver.

Over the past few years I have worked with many start ups in the food industry and have developed effective strategies and time-saving systems to help them successfully grow their businesses through online marketing.

That’s exactly why I want to help people just like YOU apply the exact strategies I’ve developed and perfected over the past few years, so that you, too, can grow your online following and turn your passion into a profitable business.

Get started now!