Simpler Trading – Tr3ndy Script Bundle 2023
  • Simpler Trading – Tr3ndy Script Bundle 2023

Simpler Trading – Tr3ndy Script Bundle 2023

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Simpler Trading – Tr3ndy Script Bundle 2023

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Tr3ndy Script Bundle

Witness the full power of all the Trendy indicators working in perfect harmony. Trade PMZ/LIS combo setups, use the Edges for automatic entry and target areas, and stay in every trade for the right amount of time using the Bands. With all of the indicators in one place, the entire Tr3ndy Methodology lights up your charts. With this bundle, you’ll get The Tr3ndy Edges, The Tr3ndy Bands, The Tr3ndy PMZ, The Tr3ndy LIS, The Tr3ndy Edge Watchlist Scanner, The PMZ Watchlist Scanner, and the ACDC Scanner.

How Do We Use It?

The Tr3ndy Edges

They’re perfect for intraday or swing entry setups. The Trendy Edges script indicates supply and demand areas on multiple time frames by seeking out specific candle formations. Now you can automatically plot the weekly (WE), monthly (ME), and yearly (YE) edges on your ToS charts so you can quickly identify key zones to trade off of.

The Tr3ndy Bands

The Trendy Bands script helps plot and track where momentum is shifting, as well as if the symbol you’re trading is stuck in a chop zone or trending nicely. Using a custom set of EMA bands, indicator arrows, and momentum candle-coloring, the Trendy Bands keep you in good trades longer and get you out of reversing trades faster.

The Tr3ndy PMZ

They’re perfect for intraday and set-it-and-forget-it plays. The Trendy PMZ script (which includes the lower radar, watchlist, and PMZ risk indicators), plots a specific trend-based “pre-market zone” each morning about 10 minutes before the opening bell on any symbol. Use this zone to quickly find trigger prices and define your risk on intraday and scalp entries.

The Tr3ndy LIS

The Line In the Sand or “LIS”, is a price level that will determine if we are bearish (under the LIS) or bullish (over the LIS) during intraday action.

The Tr3ndy Edge Watchlist Scanner

Trendy Edge Scanner allows the trader to pinpoint in milliseconds whether their favorite ticker is at a supply or demand level on multiple timeframes.

PMZ Watchlist Scanner

The Trendy PMZ Scanner – This #1 setup is visually identified easily in your favorite watchlist.

ACDC Scanner

The ACDC Scanner allows you to identify Jon’s favorite setup, AC + DC = Monthly Edge. It will return a list of symbols that are identified as having the ACDC Setup.

That’s everything in Tr3ndy’s toolbox in one awesome bundle.