Skilledacademy – Trading Systems Supremacy
  • Skilledacademy – Trading Systems Supremacy

Skilledacademy – Trading Systems Supremacy

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Skilledacademy – Trading Systems Supremacy

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1. Introduction –
Webinar: DAX First Hour
2. The homework files on:
Module I
Module II.2
Module II.3
Module II.4
Bonus – In-Depth Market Analysis: CL
3. Module II.2 – Support for MT4 users
4. Extra Material – Historical Data
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Join the first online course by Four-Time Trading World Champion Andrea Unger and learn to develop effective trading strategies like a winner!

This is what you’ll learn:

Module 1: Fundamentals

This part is very important for newbies who will learn the basics and will start to lay a solid foundation for their trading knowledge. And also for more experienced traders who will benefit from the explanation of the concepts seen through the eye of a four-time trading world champion.
Here’s just a fraction of what’s inside:

  • Discover the most robust approach to trading
  • Understand the three parts of any trading strategy
  • Discover the different types of strategies
  • Discover the different types of markets
  • Discover the different types of orders
  • Understand the importance of settings

Module 2: Strategy Development

This is the central part of the course. Andrea will take you step by step thru his approach to creating strategies, with practical examples. Starting from a basic idea, he will explain and comment on every single step of the process that can be replicated when you create your own automated strategies. He will also reveal the critical tool he uses to optimize strategy profits.
Here’s just part of what you’ll discover:

  • Discover how to take advantage of current technology
  • Understand the crucial role of market patterns
  • Develop effective trading systems in a few days

Module 3: Examples, Tips & Tricks

Andrea will summarize the main concepts of the course, focusing on the parts that deserve further analysis:

  • See different examples to improve systems’ performance
  • See where to get insights to create a trading system
  • Model Andrea’s winning trading systems so you’ll save time by modeling what works!

And Don’t Forget These Amazing Bonuses!

Bonus#1: In-Depth Markets Analysis

Immediate understanding of the best strategy types to use in the most profitable markets. You will have the material that has already proven effective in the markets and you will significantly shorten your learning curve!

Bonus#2: Money Management System

You will learn how to calculate the correct amount of capital to be allocated to each strategy, absolutely essential concept for proper risk management.

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