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Teachable - Build Your Audience 1Teachable – Build Your Audience

Create a quick and easy mini course to attract your first subscribers the smart way

What’s the #1 pain point for new course creators?

You’ve done everything the right way. You’ve researched your niche, validated your course topic, and you KNOW you’re building a transformative, high-quality online course. There’s just one big problem…

…who’s going to buy your course?

The biggest blocker to your success as an online course creator isn’t the quality of your videos or the design of your website—it’s the people in your audience. Before you launch your online course, you need ONE thing: an engaged online audience.

Luckily, you can quickly attract that audience with an easy-to-create resource: a mini course.

Learn how a mini course can grow your audience from 0 to 500 (and beyond!)

In this course, you’ll learn how to use one small piece of your expertise to create a free (but valuable) mini course. You’ll use it as a powerful marketing tool to grow your audience, and leave with a list of real people enrolled in your mini course and excited about buying your standard course when you launch.

The best news? You only need 500–1,000 subscribers to have a profitable course launch.

This course is for you if….
  • You want to sell an online course
  • You need to start growing your audience
  • You’re worried about who will actually buy your online course
  • You have an email list, but your subscribers aren’t interested in your course topic
  • You’ve already validated your course topic and started outlining your course. (If you haven’t, no worries! Make sure you’ve chosen the right course idea in Choose Your Course Topic.)


Here’s what we’ll cover in this course…

  • 01Welcome to the course!
  • 02Create your mini course
  • 03Collect customer emails
  • 04Drive traffic
  • 05What’s next?


Welcome to the course!

Learn why mini courses are the best tool for building your audience and get helpful resources and the course workbook. (Editable and yours to download!)

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