The Aware Show – Rainbow Daily Meditation Pack
  • The Aware Show – Rainbow Daily Meditation Pack

The Aware Show – Rainbow Daily Meditation Pack


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The Aware Show – Rainbow Daily Meditation Pack | Instant Download !


The Aware Show – Rainbow Daily Meditation Pack

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A meditation practice has been shown to have lasting effects through all aspects of your daily life. However, some days, you might not even meditate at all. That’s why I like to switch between my favorite guided meditations and visualizations depending on my current energy.”

Research has shown that if you stay with your favorite meditation for more than a few weeks, it can deepen your practice. But neuroscience has also recently discovered that using a select variety can also lead you into meditative bliss!

That’s why I’ve created this Rainbow Daily Meditation Pack for you.

These are visualizations and meditations that I find are best suited for daily use.

Meditation on Oneness

One 10 minute MP3

In this guided meditation, my good friend Marci Shimoff clears and expands the 7 energy centers in your chakra system. This short, easy meditation is one of my favorites when I’m on the go, because I can arrive just a few minutes early to an appointment and listen to this 10 minute meditation for a quick and refreshing energy cleanse.

Dr Baskaran Pillai

Morning Affirmation Meditation

One 23 Minute MP3

This is the kind of meditation you want to roll out of bed for!

Using ancient Sanskrit chants and empowering affirmations, Dr Pillai’s Morning Affirmation meditation is a wonderful way to start your day.

Dr Dain Heer

Talking to Bodies, Asking them to Heal

Two MP3s totaling 61 minutes

There are two separate audio recordings in this item. The first is a recording of a 50 minute lecture that Dr Heer gave on the philosophy and technique of asking your body to heal itself. The second, shorter recording is a loop of the processes (using Dain’s wonderful Access Consciousness method) that can be used daily, once you have learned how to have this healing dialogue with your body.

Lisa Garr

Guided Meditations from Becoming Aware

4 MP3s totaling 50 minutes

These guided meditations are from my Becoming Aware Guide. Each of these can be done independently, or all in a row for maximum effect.The titles of these recordings are:

  • Deep Relaxation
  • Everything Changes
  • Expanded Consiousness
Dr Joe Dispenza

Changing Beliefs and Perceptions

4 MP3s totaling 63 minutes

These creative visualizations are some of Dr Joe’s finest work. Each of these guided visualizations are used to engage with your own core beliefs about yourself, and they help to find ways to discard the beliefs that you don’t even know you are holding.The titles of these tracks are:

  1. Introduction 7:25
  2. Breath – 12:01
  3. Creating Coherence – 23:28
  4. Changing Beliefs & Perceptions – 20:03
Jim Oliver


One 22 Minute MP3

This recording was created especially for The Aware Show, and it has remained one of the most uplifting pieces of my audio library. One of the greatest keys to healing, as many masters will tell you, is feeling the emotion of joy – and this recording was specifically formulated by acclaimed instrumentalist and composer Jim Oliver as a way to infuse your soul with greater joy and light.

Donna Eden

Daily Energy Routine

4 Page PDF and 24 Minute MP3

Donna’s Daily Energy Routine is one of the best ways I know to live an energized and motivated life. If you have never experienced this short, dynamic, 10 minute invigoration, you are in for a real treat!

The audio recording provides a step-by-step guidance through each of the exercises, while the accompanying 4-page PDF demonstrates each of the simple exercises, so you know exactly how to do the movements.

Free Bonus! 6 Hours of Aware Show Interviews

Normally only members of The Aware Community are able to review the episodes from the Aware Show Archive. After purchasing this package, you will receive permanent access to one of my video interviews with each of the enlightened masters in this collection.