The Business Model Analyst – All Products Bundle
  • The Business Model Analyst – All Products Bundle

The Business Model Analyst – All Products Bundle

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The Business Model Analyst – All Products Bundle – Instant Download!

The Business Model Analyst - All Products Bundle

The Business Model Analyst - All Products Bundle

All Products Bundle


How do you build a company that changes the world?

Start with the right business model.

Ideal for executives, digital entrepreneurs, and business administration students, the All Products Bundle has everything you need to design, test, and run a successful business model.

This bundle of guides and presentations teaches the strategies the world’s largest companies use to stay profitable year after year – and how to make them work for your business.

Perfect for organizations of any size.

Whether you’re optimizing an online business or working as a consultant with larger entities, the contents included will help you make smarter, more profitable decisions.

Avoid common business modeling pitfalls, strengthen your knowledge of business concepts, and present your work with confidence using the All Products Bundle.

What’s Included:
Super Guides Bundle

One of our most popular items, the Super Guides Bundle covers everything you need to know about modern business model design. Contains 30 guides (regular $27 each):

  1. Business Model Assessment
  2. Business Model Testing
  3. Revenue Models
  4. Business Models in the 20th vs 21st Centuries
  5. Scalable Business Models
  6. Consulting Business Models
  7. SaaS Business Models
  8. Insurtech Business Models
  9. Fintech Business Models
  10. Blue Ocean Strategy
  11. Business Model Evolution
  12. Network Effects
  13. Business Model Sides
  14. Transitional Business Models
  15. Business Model Evolution
  16. Scalable Business Models
  17. Edtech Business Model
  18. Healthtech Business Models
  19. Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  20. Lean Startup
  21. Open-Source Business Models
  22. Pricing Strategies & Tactics
  23. As-a-Service Business Models
  24. Long Tail Business Model
  25. Freemium Business Models
  26. Empathy Map
  27. Business Model Metrics and KPIs
  28. Web 3.0 Business Models
  29. Agritech Business Models
  30. Product-Market Fit
  31. Bundling and Unbundling Business Models
  32. Cost Models
  33. Decentralized Business Models
  34. Lean Canvas
  35. Wealthtech Business Model
  36. Outsourcing Strategies
  37. Real Estate Business Models

Presentation Bundle

Whether you’re presenting to clients or working through the models yourself, you’ll appreciate the look and feel of our customizable Powerpoint Presentation Templates.

Features 5 color schemes, dark and light versions, Wide (16:9) and Standard (4:3) formats:

  1. Business Model Canvas Presentation Template
  2. Value Proposition Canvas Presentation Template
  3. Lean Canvas Presentation Template
  4. Blue Ocean Strategy Presentation Template
  5. Empathy Map Presentation Template

SWOT Analysis Assessment Excel Spreadsheet

Essential for any business model, our SWOT analysis template offers predefined questions to help assess your business. Excel spreadsheet:

  1. Track the score of each block and note room for improvements
  2. Visualize your score using our Score x Block view
  3. Canvas include for reference and editing during SWOT analysis

Achieve a shared understanding of your models’ strengths and weaknesses by using this SWOT template with your team.

Are you ready to innovate?

Take your business model to the next level using the tools and knowledge only professional analysis can offer.

With the All Products Bundle, you’ll be one step closer to setting up a profitable, innovative business model.

The Business Model Analyst – All Products Bundle, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • Presentation Bundle
  • Super Guides Bundle
  • SWOT Analysis Assessment Excel Spreadsheet
  • 0. Proof.pdf