The Full Building Blocks Class By Jason Wong
  • The Full Building Blocks Class By Jason Wong

The Full Building Blocks Class By Jason Wong


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The Full Building Blocks Class By Jason Wong – Instant Download!

Turn Your Napkin Idea Into Reality
Launch & Grow Your First Profitable eCom Brand
In 8 Weeks Or less

Implement the repeatable framework that has been used to build 5x multi-million dollar eCommerce brands even with small resources.
By Jason Wong and guest lectures Nick Shackelford, Chase Dimond.

The Full Building Blocks Class By Jason Wong

Hear from the
Most Successful Ecommerce Operators…

“This is the most thought out eCommerce course out there…”

Kunle Campbells
2xs ecommerce podcast founder

“Totally get into the class learn from Jason, you will not be disappointed…”

Adii Pienaar
Cogsy & Woocommerce founder

“Everything this guy shares is absolute gold, and he gives away all the secrets…”

Ben Jabbawy
Privy CEO & founder

Why you
should start today?

The global e-commerce market size was valued at USD 9.09 trillion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 14.7% from 2020 to 2027.‍

Besides being on the path that has created the most millionaires in the past few years, building an eCommerce business allows you to create a lifestyle that empowers your creativity and gives you a growing asset for years to come.

It has never been a better time to turn your dreams into a product and brand that you can call yours. It starts here with Building Blocks.

The Full Building Blocks Class By Jason Wong

  • Email marketing strategies that have driven over $50M in revenue.
  • All the learnings from turning a $500 investment into a $15M brand in 1 year.
  • Proven Facebook ad strategies behind $85M in ad spend
  • 21 Easy to Follow Modules
  • Worksheets And Calculators To Operate Your Brand
  • 30+ Founders Sharing Revenue-growing Insights
  • Direct support from Jason whenever you need it

Who this masterclass is for…
First timer
No prior experience, but want to go from beginner to become the eCom master.

DTC Founders
Learn the whole process behind $50M in revenue and take your brand to the next level.

Turn your store into an established brand that has a greater value and better exit potential.

The Process Behind
Over $50 Million In Revenue
For the very first time, you’ll get access to Jason Wong’s brand building blueprint that has been used to build his portfolio of multi-million dollar businesses. This framework was designed to be easy to follow for anyone at any budget. To prove this, he built his brand Doe Lashes using the same process on a $500 budget that has now became a $15 million dollar brand 2 years later.

This is a step-by-step process that came from over 7 years of operating dozens of brands that has stood the test of time. Unlike programs that teach Facebook ads or dropshipping, the principles behind building a brand is timeless and applicable to any brand at any time. Having spent millions of dollars operating and building brands, he condensed all his learning into Building Blocks so you can avoid the same costly mistakes of starting from scratch.

This isn’t another class that promises you a path to get rich quick. In fact, building a brand takes time, resilience, and patience, but when done correctly, it provides the highest return on your investment because the value of the brand compounds over time.

Just think about the countless brands that have been acquired for hundreds of millions and even billions of dollars in recent times. Every big brand started as an idea from someone standing in your current position, except they didn’t have the head start that you’d have through this program.

Meet Your Instructor

The Full Building Blocks Class By Jason Wong
The Building Blocks Masterclass is taught by serial brand founder Jason Wong with guest lecturers Nick Shackelford and Chase Dimond.
Jason Wong is a 5x brand founder behind multi-million dollar brands such as Doe Lashes, Holy Meme Bible. His background in developing high growth consumer brands led him to consult companies like Universal Music Group (merchandise for KISS, Katy Perry and others) as well as Memebox, the $100M beauty conglomerate behind Kaja Beauty and I Dew Care.

Discovering eCommerce at a young age and working jobs like waiting tables and even becoming a sushi chef to fund his businesses, Jason eventually developed his “Building Blocks Brand Building Blueprint” to turn his process into a repeatable framework, the same framework that grew his companies from $500 to $15 million dollars.

His principle to ‘do more with very little’ is exemplified by his $500 case study, where he shows how you can build the brand of your dreams even with small resources.

Program Overview
Learn and implement the repeatable framework that has been used to build 5x multi-million dollar brands.

Block 1
The Builder’s Philosophy
In this block, I introduce myself and give you the background to begin developing your ideas. From “Finding Your Why” to your “Survival Guide”, Block 1 covers the basic prerequisites to beginning your brand, where I share my personal experiences and how I chose to maintain my mindset to this day. My goal is to teach you how to become a leader and guide your brand to success.

  • Lesson 1.1: Meet Your Instructor
  • Lesson 1.2: Finding Your Why
  • Lesson 1.3: Survival Guide
  • Lesson 1.4: First Principles Thinking
  • Lesson 1.5: Entrepreneurship & Mental Health

Block 2
The Idea
Block 2 goes straight into coming up with your idea. I go over the various strategies and techniques that my competitors and I have used to fully develop ideas through market research and consumer surveys. The idea is the starting block to creating your product and I teach you how to not only come up with a successful idea, but also how to validate your ideas.

  • Lesson 2.1: Coming Up With an Idea (UVP)
  • Lesson 2.2: Market Research
  • Lesson 2.3: Product Market Fit
  • Lesson 2.4: Crafting Buyer Persona
  • Lesson 2.5: Validate Your Idea
  • Lesson 1.1: Meet Your Instructor

Block 3
These videos go over the importance of branding and how to set up a successful brand. It’s not always easy to choose a name or to create a set of core values. Block 3 will guide you through step by step on how to find your brand and how you will be able to begin building your brand’s image for the future.

  • Lesson 3.1: What Makes a Brand?
  • Lesson 3.2: Choosing a Name
  • Lesson 3.3: Brand Aesthetic
  • Lesson 3.4: Core Values
  • Lesson 3.5: Tone of Voice

Block 4
In Block 4, I highlight the importance of creativity within your brand. Not only do you have to use your imagination, but your potential customers can be an influence to the image that you are trying to create as well. In these videos, I teach you how to maximize your conversion rates through creativity and well thought out content.

  • Lesson 4.1: Finding Creative Inspiration
  • Lesson 4.2: How to Build a Winning Creative with Viscap Media
  • Lesson 4.3: Fireside Chat with CEO of VisCap Media
  • Lesson 4.4: Product Photography
  • Lesson 4.5: User-Generated Content
  • Lesson 4.6: 4 Content Creation & Editing Apps
  • Lesson 4.7: Copywriting for Conversion

Block 5
Product Development
Developing a prototype is exciting yet challenging. These videos will teach you how to design and begin planning to test your products through prototypes and MVPs. I will also cover how packaging design can be the key to success for your products and how to create the best packaging based on your brand persona.

  • Lesson 5.1: Designing Your Prototype
  • Lesson 5.2: What is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
  • Lesson 5.3: Packaging Design
  • Lesson 5.4: Product Regulatory Compliance

Block 6
After you have completed testing your prototypes and MVPs, it is important for you to begin finding a supplier. From getting your samples, to placing your first order, Block 6 will teach you how to manufacture and ship your first products. This is an exciting time, but it is also important to make sure you understand all the logistics of it before diving in.

  • Lesson 6.1: Navigating Alibaba
  • Lesson 6.2: Alibaba Supplier Audit
  • Lesson 6.3: Domestic Manufacturing
  • Lesson 6.4: Import Record Research
  • Lesson 6.5: Working with a Sourcing Firm
  • Lesson 6.6: Supplier Communication & Negotiation
  • Lesson 6.7: Getting Your Samples
  • Lesson 6.8: Placing Your 1st Order
  • Lesson 6.9: Product Inspection

Block 7
Block 7 goes over the different types of shipping methods that will best fit your brand. In these videos, I will cover the logistics behind each type of shipping method and explain to you the shipping processes. When the time comes for you to choose a shipper, you will be able to understand which shipping method is best for your products.

  • Lesson 7.1: Shipping Methods (Freight, Air, Etc)
  • Lesson 7.2: How Ocean Freight Logistics Work
  • Lesson 1.5: Entrepreneurship & Mental Health

Block 8
Organic Digital Media
In these videos, I discuss the advantages to building your social media profiles and how you can utilize them to expand your brand. Different types of content will bring in customers from all types of niches, so it is important for you to understand how you can gear your content towards your specific brand persona.

  • Lesson 8.1: Shipping Methods (Freight, Air, Etc)
  • Lesson 8.2: 10 Types of Content for Social Media
  • Lesson 8.3: 5 Winning TikTok Content Strategies
  • Lesson 8.4: Co-Branded Giveaways
  • Lesson 8.5: Advertising Compliance
  • Lesson 8.6: Beginner’s Guide to SEO with Gr0
  • Lesson 8.7: SEO with an agency with Gr0
  • Lesson 8.8: Fireside Chat with CEO of Gr0

Block 9
Paid Digital Media
Creating ads and figuring out which platforms are best for your money is not an easy decision to make. Block 9 goes over the process behind paid digital media and how good digital media can be very effective towards your brand. I share my personal experiences and introduce you to the unlimited potential of digital media.

  • Lesson 9.1: Marketing Planning – the SAVE Framework
  • Lesson 9.2: Effective Copywriting For Ads
  • Lesson 9.3: Conversion Funnel Explained
  • Lesson 9.4: Fireside Chat with Partner of Structured Social (Nick Shackelford)
  • Lesson 9.5: Setting Up
  • Lesson 9.6: Success Metrics
  • Lesson 9.7: 2 Growth Model Types of Business
  • Lesson 9.8: Growth Structure Frameworks
  • Lesson 9.9: DCT Testing
  • Lesson 9.10: Persona Angle Test
  • Lesson 9.11: Audience Testing
  • Lesson 9.12: Best Performing Audiences with Best Performing
  • Lesson 9.13: Prospecting Decision Tree
  • Lesson 9.14: Decision Tree and Re-Engagement
  • Lesson 9.15: DPA Remarketing
  • Lesson 9.16: Fireside Chat with Partner of Structured Social

Block 10
Influencer Marketing
Block 10 helps you decide which type of influencer will best fit the future of your brand. From Micro vs. Macro Influencers to choosing an influencer and even reaching out to them, I will go over all of these exciting topics in these videos. The increasing popularity of using influencers is the key to taking your brand to the next level.

Lesson 10.1: Influencer Marketing 101

Lesson 10.2: How to Find Influencers

Lesson 10.3: Conversion Funnel Explained

Lesson 10.4: Launching a successful Influencer Content Campaign with #Paid

Bonus: Guest Speaker: Bryan Gold, Co-Founder, #paid

Block 11
Retention & Loyalty
Now that you’ve built up a customer base, you have to be able to keep them around for the long run. Customer engagement is one of the essential building blocks to your brand. Block 11 discusses the impact of email and SMS marketing and how you can make a lasting impact with your customers.

  • Lesson 11.1: List Building Essentials with Privy
  • Lesson 11.2: Shoppable Quizzes with Octane AI
  • Lesson 11.3: Messenger Marketing with Octane AI
  • Lesson 11.4: Fireside Chat with CEO of Octane AI
  • Lesson 11.5: SMS Marketing 101 with Postscript
  • Lesson 11.6: Creating a Loyalty Program with Smile
  • Lesson 11.7: Fireside Chat with President of Postscript
  • Lesson 11.8: Fireside Chat with Sr. Manager of Marketing and Community at
  • Lesson 11.9: Fireside Chat with CEO of Privy
  • Lesson 11.10: Email Marketing 101 with Klaviyo
  • Bonus: Email Marketing 101 with Klaviyo
  • Lesson 11.11: Welcome Series for Non Buyers – Overview + Email 1
  • Lesson 11.12: Auto Resend Welcome Email 1 to Non-Openers
  • Lesson 11.13: Welcome Series Emails 2 – 4
  • Lesson 11.14: Overview of The 4 Abandoned Flows
  • Lesson 11.15: How to Setup the Active on Site + Viewed Product metrics
  • Lesson 11.16: How to Setup the Added to Cart Metric
  • Lesson 11.17: Site Abandonment
  • Lesson 11.18: Browse Abandonment
  • Lesson 11.19: Abandoned Cart Flow
  • Lesson 11.20: Abandoned Checkout 1
  • Lesson 11.21: Abandoned Checkout 2
  • Lesson 11.22: Back in Stock
  • Lesson 11.23: Standard Customer Thank You New vs. Returning Customer
  • Lesson 11.24: Unique – Customer Thank You + Customer Review Request
  • Lesson 11.25: Cross-sell Upsell (as a campaign)
  • Lesson 11.26: Cross-sell Upsell (as a flow)
  • Lesson 11.27: Replenishment Reminder
  • Lesson 11.28: Customer Winback
  • Lesson 11.29: Sunset Unengaged (aka break up series)

Block 12
After you’ve received your orders, you have to start shipping out your orders. With these videos, I go over which shipping options are going to best suit your products. It isn’t as easy as just sending a couple packages out, especially once you’ve become an established brand. Block 12 goes in depth about which shipping methods are the most successful and cost efficient.

  • Lesson 12.1: Shipping Basics
  • Lesson 12.2: Shipping Pricing Strategy
  • Lesson 12.3: Calculating Free Shipping Threshold
  • Lesson 12.4: Order Fulfillment with Shippo
  • Lesson 12.5: 3PL Fulfillment with Shipbob
  • Lesson 12.6: Fireside Chat with CMO of Shipbob

Block 13
Project Management is essential to keeping you and your team on the same page. Your inventory, barcodes, customer support, and other operations are all a part of keeping your business up and running. In Block 13, I teach you the best methods to ensuring that you are always on top of the operations that occur within your brand.

  • Lesson 13.1: Project Management for Ecommerce
  • Lesson 13.2: Automate Your Operations with Alloy
  • Lesson 13.3: Customer Support with Gorgias
  • Lesson 13.4: Managing Customer Expectations with Wonderment
  • Lesson 13.5: Return Management
  • Lesson 13.6: Replenishing Inventory
  • Lesson 13.7: Demand Forecasting
  • Lesson 13.8: SKUs & Barcodes
  • Lesson 13.9: Black Friday Preparation
  • Lesson 13.10: Social Proof with Junip
  • Lesson 13.11: Fireside Chat with CEO of Alloy

Block 14
Simplified Finance
Simplified Finance discusses eCommerce Finance and how you can optimize your expenses to make sure that you are making the most ROI on your products. I teach you how to price your products correctly and how to set up your brand to build profit. The action items included are also tools to keep you on track and effectively organize the financial aspects of building a brand.

  • Lesson 14.1: Understanding eCommerce Finance
  • Lesson 14.2: Optimizing your Expenses
  • Lesson 14.3: Building for Profit
  • Lesson 14.4: Cashflow Management with Settle
  • Lesson 14.5: What’s a Cash Conversion Cycle
  • Lesson 14.6: Fireside Chat with CEO of Settle
  • Lesson 14.7: Product Pricing Strategy
  • Lesson 14.8: Collecting and Paying Sales Tax

Block 15
Business Essentials
Registering your company is actually not as hard as you think. Block 15 goes over trademarking and copyright your company so that you can officially brand your products. I also cover how you can find a partner and manage equity effectively through specific credit cards & banks that will be able to help boost your company.

  • Lesson 15.1: Registering your Company
  • Lesson 15.2: Trademarks and Copyright
  • Lesson 15.3: Finding a Partner & Splitting Equity
  • Lesson 15.4: Compliance & Payroll with Deel
  • Lesson 15.5: Credit Cards & Banks

Block 16
Store Launch
Launching your story is an exciting time. However, you must make sure that your store is setup for the smoothest customer experience. In these videos, I teach you how to launch your Shopify store and create crucial pages to gain exposure for your store. I also show you how to utilize offers and coupon codes to entice your customers and help you gain as many sales as possible.

  • Lesson 16.1: Creating a Shopify Store
  • Lesson 16.2: Generating Buzz & Waitlist
  • Lesson 16.3: Perfect Product Page
  • Lesson 16.4: Offers & Coupon Codes
  • Lesson 16.5: Mobile App Storefront with Tapcart
  • Lesson 16.6: Fireside Chat with CEO of Tapcart

Block 17
Post-Launch Optimization
After launching your store, you want to make sure that you optimize conversion rate. In Block 17 I teach you how to maintain your store and create the best experience for you and your customers. It is important for you to create a store that is simple, yet intuitive, in order for you to maximize conversion rates.

  • Lesson 17.1: 8 Ways to Increase your AOV
  • Lesson 17.2: Supercharge AOV with Rebuy
  • Lesson 17.3: Fireside Chat with Co-Founder of Rebuy
  • Lesson 17.4: Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Lesson 17.5: Page Speed Optimization Tools
  • Lesson 17.6: Building a Landing Page
  • Lesson 17.7: Cross-Promotion Partnerships with Co-op
  • Lesson 17.8: Post-Purchase AOV Boost with Carthook
  • Lesson 17.9: Fireside Chat with CEO of Co-op

Block 18
Your next hire, or product, could be a difficult step for your company. Block 18 goes over the different ways to scale your company and leverage growth. I teach you the best way to create a board of advisors so that you can effectively create a team around you company. This will establish the future of your company and increase growth.

  • Lesson 18.1: Your First Hire
  • Lesson 18.2: Your Next Product
  • Lesson 18.3: Funding Your Business with Clearco
  • Lesson 18.4: Fireside Chat – Leverage Growth Capital with Clearco
  • Lesson 18.5: Building the Company Culture
  • Lesson 18.6: New Hire Interview Process

Block 19
Understanding Your Data
In order to improve your business, it is necessary for you to understand the data that goes behind it. In Block 19, I will cover the analytics behind your store’s performance and how you can utilize this information to improve the effectiveness of your store. Specifically, I will show you how to understand and use Shopify and Google Analytics.

  • Lesson 19.1: Performance Analytics with Tydo
  • Lesson 19.2: Fireside Chat with CEO of Tydo
  • Lesson 19.3: Google Analytics 101

Block 20
Ultimate Tool Kit
The Ultimate Toolkit includes action items for you to complete in order for you to maximize the potential of your brand. Be sure to complete each of these, as they are all necessary steps to growing your brand.

  • Lesson 20.1: Jason’s Recommendations

Block 21
Webinars, Podcasts, & Additional Value
After you’ve finished learning how to build a business from the ground up, it’s time for some additional content! Block 21 includes Webinars and Podcasts hosted by Jason Wong where he talks about his personal experiences in the E-Commerce industry. There are also more documents and action items for you to take advantage of and these will be constantly updated!

  • Guest Speaker: Adii Pienar, Founder, Cogsy
  • Guest Speaker: Ash Melwani, CMO, Obvi
  • Guest Speaker: Chris Meade, Co-Founder, Crossnet
  • Guest Speaker: Connor Macdonald, CMO, Ridge Wallet
  • Guest Speaker: Dwi Choong, BI Analyst, Goop
  • Guest Speaker: Eric Bandholz, Founder, Beardbrand
  • Guest Speaker: Greg Frontiero, Founder, NooWave
  • Guest Speaker: Jon Shanahan, Co-Founder, Stryx
  • Guest Speaker: Jonathan Marcus, Integrated Product Designer
  • Guest Speaker: Kevin Lee, Co-Founder, immi
  • Guest Speaker: Mehir Sethi, Founder, True + Luscious
  • Guest Speaker: Nick O’Brien, Co-Founder, Alloi
  • Guest Speaker: Nik Sharma, CEO, Sharma Brands
  • Guest Speaker: Olamide Olowe, Founder, Topicals
  • Guest Speaker: Robert Freundm, Founder, Robert Freund Law
  • Guest Speaker: Tarek Mustapha, Founder, OCULüRE
  • Guest Speaker: Tom Worcester, Founder, Lunchbox
  • Guest Speaker: Val Geisler, Customer Evangelist, Klaviyo
  • Guest Speaker: Lindsay McCormick, Founder, Bite
  • Guest Speaker: John MacDonald, Founder, The Good

Here’s Why
Owning Your Own Brand
Can Make You Millions

One thing most successful people have in common is that they own an asset that grew in value. For some, that can be art, watches, stocks, or homes. None of them have the same growth potential as owning your own business, and it’s the only one where you have the most power to dictate its value. Think about the likes of Glossier, Warby Parker, Allbirds, and Away — these DTC brands were started by people with an idea and eventually grew that idea into billion-dollar companies.

With a starting cost that is a fraction of what you would spend on all the things listed earlier, your brand has the growth potential to be valued and sold for tens of millions of dollars.

But, Why Do So Many Fail?
Bad Information
With eCommerce exploding in popularity in recent years, there has also been a rise in misinformation that confuses people on what they really need to do to build a successful brand. The last thing you should do is play information roulette and waste your time on advice that doesn’t work from people that has never built something real. Without the right framework, brand owners are running blind, wasting their hard-earned money and precious time on things that others have already tried and gotten answers for.

Saturated Market
Everyone talks about the market being too saturated and think their idea won’t work before they even start. The opposite actually holds true in a ‘saturated’ market. A competitive market validates the needs of the people you’re going after, and highlights the shortcomings from all the brands that you’re competing with, giving you more reasons to make something unique.

Running Out of Money
Like most businesses, eCommerce brands have a grocery list of bills to pay to keep the lights on, but what if I tell you that there are a ton of things that you shouldn’t pay for and can do yourself? Irresponsible spending is the cause for brands running out of money, and this class tells you exactly how you can stretch every dollar as far as you can so you can grow without worrying about not having enough funds.

The Full Building Blocks Class By Jason Wong, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • Block 1
  • Block 2
  • Block 3
  • Block 4
  • Block 5
  • Block 6
  • Block 7
  • Block 8
  • Block 9
  • Block 10
  • And more…