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The LAB By Matt Diggity & Others


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The LAB By Matt Diggity & Others – Instant Download!

STOP – Your Search Ends Here. YOU + Matt Diggity, Mark Luckenbaugh, Brian Willie, Dino Gomez, Dave Schneider And Mark Samms Of Ninja Outreach And Brendan Tully =

“No Fancy Leased Cars. No Rented Mansions, No Faked Screenshots. Our Tests. Your Results.”

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to literally fire every client you have?

Kick ’em to the curb without looking back and be able to rank big money making affiliate sites on demand?

Take those same sites, and flip them for $300,000?

Rinse and repeat?

Affiliate site have this allure.

This sizzle that just draws SEO’s into its wings.

I mean it’s pretty darn appealing to think that you could rank a site, slap someone else’s offer on it and make money all day long-all without having to deal with clients…

But then reality settles in and you realize you forgot something.

You do what you think works just to find out it’s much harder than it seems.

What is it that makes these sites actually rank when there’s so much competition?

What steps do you need to take in what order to get them ranking fast?

Oh and when you get them ranking how do you get them to convert?

You might be saying “nope that’s not me.”



…maybe you’ve tried your hand at affiliate and didn’t have the success you had hoped for and always thought a client based agency model was more your speed.

Perhaps you’ve been told that these sites are easier to rank and like most people you like the idea of steady cash coming in each month from potentially high monthly client retainers?

Those retainers start to stack up and literally a handful of clients can open up an entire new world.

Day job. Gone. Check.

Money in the bank. Check.

That sounds pretty appealing too right?

But then reality sets in and you realize, “Damn-this is harder than I thought.

These sites take longer to rank.

“My client is pissed off and now I’m being price shopped by some other local SEO.”

Yep that can happen in local.

So off you go and decide that becoming a lead gen machine is the way to go.

Pumping out dozens of your own sites and Google Maps listings…

…oh and maybe supplementing those leads with Facebook ads-because now you can produce calls and leads for a client and deliver faster.

Great model by the way.

So here’s the deal.

Whether you are a newbie or a veteran-you are constantly faced with a barrage of choices of what path you should take.

You might literally have no idea which model is even right for you.

That happens to all of us.

Should you start off in affiliate where you have to have some serious chops and a little more cash to get started?

Plus a fair amount of patience to get those sites ranking?

Should you go straight into local?

Oh, what about Facebook marketing for local.

Or maybe even an Ecommerce store?

You and I know that you are hit with an endless array of choices.

It’s like walking down the Vegas Strip with every neon light beckoning-“Hey-look this way.”

Everyday and we get sucked into each one just a little bit.

We get it.

We’ve all been there.

It can be very confusing and overwhelming.

But here’s the deal…

You need to stop spinning your wheels and pick something that you at least think you will like doing…and here’s the big part….

Stick with it!

Well…at least for now.

You have to stop falling into the analysis paralysis trap and literally take massive, imperfect action.

That doesn’t mean you can’t change later.

Not at all.

You definitely can.

But here’s where good people like you start to fail quickly online:

They dabble.


Yep. Dabble.

In other words, if you are the type of person who buys this course…and maybe a week or two later you buy another course…and then a third course…

…only you NEVER crack them open at all.

If so-you are a dabbler.

OR worse, you go through part of one course and you get bored and you are on to the next thing.

You try your hand at local…for just awhile…but not long enough to see if it is right for you. Or-get any serious results to see if it will be a money maker.

And then shiny object syndrome kicks in and bam!

You are off to try setting up an Ecomm store, because it’s the latest thing being pitched all over Facebook.

Sound familiar?

That’s not to say that there aren’t real reasons to jump ship on a course.

Let’s face it.

A lot of them are crap. And that might be being kind 🙂

So many courses WAY over promise and you just get let down when you dive in.

That course you thought would be your last stop on the train to success? Your salvation?

It simply didn’t equip you with exactly what you needed to ACTUALLY succeed.

So buying a course and not getting what you were promised sucks.

Now being a dabbler is something you personally can control.

You just need really focus and decide what’s right for you and then learn how it’s really done.

And then stick with it. Again even if for only awhile…until you get good.

Every hugely successful online marketer I know dives in head first, figures out quickly where their wins are where their losses are…

But then cuts their losses and figures out how to improve on their wins.

But guess what?

They don’t dabble.

They focus.


Until they get it right.

Then and only then do they move on to try different approaches.


Because they have the cash from their wins to support their ability to go off in other directions.

But start trying multiple things at once early on and it’s a pure recipe for disaster.

So thanks for the speech right?

What’s this have to do with you?

Your ability to succeed boils down to two things.

The first is CHOICE-you making a choice of which path to take and sticking with it long enough to know if it’s right for you.

Long enough to know if it’s going to make you money.


More on diversification later.

Before We Talk About Why Diversification Is So Important, First I Want You To Imagine A World Without Lambos. What?

You know and I do that there are endless ways to “potentially” make big money online.

We just talked about a bunch of them and you making a choice.

But I say “potentially” make a lot of money because that’s what you’ve been promised.

But who’s making you these promises?

You go off in search of the best approach, the best choice to make, the best training and what do you see?

Ya-pictures of leased Lambos.

Rented mansions.

Faked screen shots of earnings reports.

Fake girls in bikinis.

Ok the girls are probably real but you get the point.

And they seem pretty darn appealing.

Maybe even drew you in a little am I right?

You might even be thinking subconsciously-“Hey I could be just like them.”

But not so fast.

Why do all of these online courses constantly throw sports cars that cost more than most people’s mortgages in your face?

To project an image that they are successful.

That my friend however is just pure hype.

But here’s the reality.

The most super successful people I know-are the often the most humble.

And I’ve hung out with my share of REALLY successful marketers.

The difference?

They don’t flaunt it.

They simply don’t need to show off.

They are super content in knowing their bank statements prove it all.

Now don’t get me wrong that stuff is fun.

But don’t let it be the reason you buy a course or program.

It’s like building your excitement and beliefs on a house of cards.

Now all of the people you will meet in a minute are big earners.

They travel the world whenever they want.

They don’t think twice about what things cost.

But they’ve all worked for that by figuring out exactly what makes REAL online businesses tick.

They’ve made a choice and stuck with it and then more importantly-they do what we’ll talk about soon-diversify.

They just don’t flaunt it and use it as some ploy for you to buy something.

I Promise-Diversification Is Coming, But First -The Big, Fat SEO Lie.

So we’ve established that there are a ton of paths you could take-affiliate, local, Facebook marketing, eComm and on and on.

But here’s something else that you need to understand.

Whether you are brand spanking new to SEO or a complete industry veteran, there’s a big debate that’s raged for years.

That debate?

What gets sites to rank better:

Squeaky white hat techniques like outreach links and guest posts which legit seem super hard to get right?

Or………..more of shall we say a “grey” hat approach using things like your own private blog networks to build your own links on demand…which also…you guessed it…

…seems hard and is hard.

If we set aside which one is easier for a minute and look at which one is more effective-the answer might surprise you.

It’s a resounding BOTH.

How do we know?


We’ll come back to that.

We know with certainty that links from your own PBN or even high quality link rental sources give you that control you need to start ranking sites….

…but we also know that adding in a mix of really high authority, high quality white hat links can put you over the edge….way over the edge to #1 rankings.


Most SEO’s choose a side and then have no idea how to use both approaches the right way.

I mean who has time to go find countless white hat link sources when your nearest competitor has a site that’s been around 10 years and has hundreds or thousands of ultra clean links from well…white hat outreach links?

Seems daunting right?

So maybe you try to dig in with just PBNs thinking you’ll win the war.

And on some sites you do really well.

Blow it out of the water.

But on others-you barely make a dent in even getting near this mega authority site.

Again let me ask you a question.

Why choose when you can have both?

Why choose when either choice is easily available to you?

What if I told you that there is an exact system in place and available to you today to start nabbing those coveted white hat links? And that system isn’t hard at all.

The same links that rank mega authority corporate sites all day long?

That 10 year old authority site you are trying to take down? Right within your reach.


What if you only want to work with big businesses and you KNOW that every single link you get has to be perfect…

…Every piece of content that gets put out…perfect.

And- PBN sources are just not going to cut it?

There are a lot SEOs out there who work with multi 6 figure per year clients.

No I don’t mean if we added up the value of all of their clients.

I literally mean each of their clients is worth multiple six figures per year.

Do you think those clients are going to tolerate poor content or links on sites that you and I know will rank them, but create an image problem? A branding issue?

Answer: Absolutely not.

How do I know?

Quick story-I had a client who paid me $7,500 a month who I ultimately had to let go.


The links that I could provide simply didn’t meet their standards.

I was getting them ranked all day long-but I cringed getting on phone calls with them knowing they would dig in to every new link I set up.

Their marketing people simply wouldn’t tolerate it.

And so I walked off, hat in hand and lost a huge amount of revenue each month because I knew if I didn’t-they would fire me any way.

And ya that’s pretty painful.

Had I known how to approach them with only super high quality white hat link sources, they would still be a client today.

Instead, I was out $90K a year. From a single client. Ouch.

So you have to know both if you want to succeed.

Whether you do affiliate or client-a mix of PBN links and white hat links are absolutely critical.

If you work with or want to work with large corporate clients and skip the small monthly retainers-t’s 100% a must.

So About This Diversification Thing, What’s This Have To Do With You?

I promised I was going to talk about why step #2 to your success is diversification.

You may be asking yourself by now-what in the world do all of these types of monetization models-local, affiliate, Facebook, eComm and on and on have in common?

Dude-what’s up with that white hat vs. PBN speech?

Great questions.

Here’s the way to look at it and here’s what I tell every one of my clients.

Literally to the point where they get sick to death of hearing it.

…that is until they need it!

Just like the stock market-you have to diversify to win.

If you put all of your eggs in one basket and and that particular stock crashes and burns-what are you left with. Nothing.

So what Google gives us in terms of organic rankings-I don’t care if it’s organic local, Maps, affiliate or anything in between is guess what?

A gift!


You may be thinking what? A gift?

I work my butt off to get rankings, that’s no gift.

But at the end of the day-Google can literally decide tomorrow that the entire first page of results will be all paid ads.


Wiped out overnight.

And if you bet everything on one form of traffic or one type of monetization method-you are backed into a corner like a scared wild animal with no way out.

Not a good position to be in.

But if you look at everything we do online just like the stock market and let’s say Google decides tomorrow to penalize every affiliate site…

…but you know you have also have a handful of local clients paying you handsomely for your skills…you win.

Or you’ve also built up your Facebook chops and know how to produce calls and leads on demand for local businesses or even for affiliate CPA programs….you win again.

Or local organic results take a dive but Maps is good and you are an expert at ranking Google maps…again you come out the winner.

Or you just get sick of local clients and decide that it would be great to take those skills and rank massive affiliate sites where no one bugs you and the cash stacks up..YOU WIN.

What if an entire PBN network got taken out or Google’s algorithm catches up with all of them and that’s no longer an option….but you have this corporate client paying you $10K a month because you provide pristine content and snow white links?

You guessed it. You win.

You get the point.

By the way, this diversification speech get’s our clients to pay us more.

A LOT more-because if they are in it to play the long game-they get that.

They don’t want to have their business wiped out from counting on any one source of traffic.

So diversification is not just theory. It also translates.

In this case Into much larger monthly fees!

Make sense?

So even though making a choice and sticking with it is extremely important…

…just as important is diversification.

You may be saying if I’m sticking with one thing-how am I diversifying?

Yet another great question.

Here’s exactly how:

You start off by getting really good at one thing by sticking with it.




All the skills you are learning to say-rank your affiliate site—translate easily into your ability to rank local.

So if that affiliate site that was making you $7k a month takes a hit, you already know how to do local.

So you can pivot quickly into local. Why? Translation. Agility.

Local SEO takes a hit-no problem. Keep all of your clients by getting them leads by pivoting to Facebook. And use that proof to go get more clients.

Or even better-take on a mix of projects at the same time-all of which compliment each other nicely because of your ability to translate anything that you’ve learned-to any other type of monetization model.

So it becomes absolutely critical as you get better and better to branch out and and have a nice mix of how you monetize your skills.

A nice mix of the types of links you use.

That’s how you win and win big online.

The Theory And Speculation Ends Here. Ends Now. Today.

So I mentioned earlier that most online marketers get sucked in by expensive leased cars and mansions. Don’t get me started on the fake screenshots and earnings reports. Good god.

And it turns out a lot of those so called gurus are just rehashing the same old information, over and over.

Repackaging what they learned, put a slight twist on it and handing it off to you.

The one big problem with this? Well there are several but the biggest?

It’s all based on theory. On speculation.

In other words, maybe what they teach kind of works.

For awhile.

It maybe works for one of your sites, but not another. Why?

Why are you able to use what they taught you to get one site skyrocketing up the SERPs and a virtually identical site just sits there on page 8?

Theory. Speculation.

So we noticed this pattern occurring over and over in our industry for years.

And so Matt Diggity, myself, and Mark Luckenbaugh met in secret in Vegas, crammed into this tiny little booth in the back of a jam packed restaurant…and as we chatted we realized something….

We realized that no one in the industry was basing their wins…you know–what they teach their students to go off and do-on actual results based on actual, repeatable tests.

As we chatted further, we all had a common approach.

The way that we had all become so successful was by deciding early on that theory and speculation just ain’t gonna cut it.

Not in this world where competition becomes more fierce everyday.

We also realized that we knew a very small handful of big earners online who held the same values that we did. People who don’t just teach. They do. They produce.

So on that day, in that tiny little backroom booth-The Lab was born.

Born out of absolute necessity to help you take our wins, plug them into your systems and way of doing things and get real results based on actual, reputable tests.

We were simply sick to death of seeing hard working people like you get rehashed info that stalls businesses faster than old car stuck in the snow on a winter’s day in Chicago.

Introducing: The Lab

The LAB By Matt Diggity & Others

SO what is The Lab?

The Lab is access.

You’ll get an entire blueprint on how to excel in local, maps, affiliate, ecommerce, white hat, black hat, Facebook… the list goes on. Everything we share with you comes from test results and real-world case studies.

But it’s so much more than that.

The Lab is about learning the best, directly from the best.

Meet Your Coaches: Everything You Need To Know About Ranking Any Type Of Site, Getting Leads, Phone Calls And Sales-It’s All Inside The Lab.

The LAB By Matt Diggity & Others

Matt Diggity
7 Figure Affiliate Master; Owner Of Diggity Marketing, Diggity Links, Leadspring, The Search Initiative, And The Chiang Mai SEO Conference Among Other Brands.

The LAB By Matt Diggity & Others

Mark Luckenbaugh
Co-Founder, Local Client Takeover. 7 Figure Agency Owner. Start Up And Equity King. Owner Of Large SEO Brands Like Web 20 Ranker, Niche It Down and Digital Swarm. Co-Founder Of The LCT Live Conference.

The LAB By Matt Diggity & Others

Brian Willie
Co-Founder, Local Client Takeover. Helps Scale Law Firms To Multiple 7 Figures; Worldwide Agency Consultant For Maps, Owner, Maps Liftoff. Co-Founder Of The LCT Live Conference.

The LAB By Matt Diggity & Others

Dino Gomez
Owner, Dynamik 365; Local Lead Gen And Facebook Master For Fast Growth And Providing Instant Results For Clients, 6 Figure SEO Podcast.

The LAB By Matt Diggity & Others

Brendan Tully
Ecommerce King; Owner of eComm Stores, Founder Of The Search Engine Shop, Lead Talking Head At The Business Marketing Show Podcast. Former SEO advisor for the Australian Government.

The LAB By Matt Diggity & Others

Dave Schneider
White Hat/Outreach Expert, Co-Owner Of Ninja Outreach. Harvard Graduate.

The LAB By Matt Diggity & Others

Mark Samms
White Hat/Outreach Expert, Co-Owner Of Ninja Outreach.

The Lab Core Content: Here’s Exactly What You’ll Get As An Exclusive Member Of The Lab


A complete blueprint on how Matt Diggity ranks affiliate websites, starting all the way at niche selection and ending up at conversion rate optimization.

You’ll see the exact standard operating procedure that he uses to compete in super high competition affiliate niches.

Most importantly, Matt gives you his “kitchen sink” – a playbook of tactics used to get any site unstuck.

There literally has never been another training out there that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to learn about becoming a highly paid affiliate. Some have tried. None have come close. Matt makes serious money as an affiliate and he reveals it ALL here.


Mark will show you how to perform comprehensive audits and create action plans based on data to outrank your competitors in the local SERPs, using what could almost be considered a scientific process.

He’ll also show you exactly how to create effective and scalable SEO campaigns so you can deliver repeatable results whether it’s for 1 or 1000 clients.

You’ll learn to power through the search engine faster than the speed of Google’s alogrithmic changes.

Of course, this includes live training, webbys, and no holds barred case studies showing real rankings and dissecting how we made that happen.


Brian walks you through his comprehensive process of exactly how to rank even the toughest Google Maps listings.

You’ll learn his entire process from A-Z and come out a complete Maps ranking expert. Why is The Maps Lab separate from The Local Lab?

They process to rank Maps is very different, very involved. You’ll walk away with a complete understanding of exactly what makes Maps tick.

You’ll learn how to Brian and his consulting clients are sometimes able to get a Maps listing ranking and producing phone calls in as little as 30 days, even if a site is stuck organically for another 6 months.


Learn Dino’s exact process to generate sales, leads, and phone calls instantly while your SEO campaign builds. Facebook ads done right-are a perfect entry product to client SEO and keeps your clients super happy while SEO takes time to kick in.

Dino covers how to generate clicks for pennies, how to easily setup Facebook ad campaigns, & how to convert those clicks into paying customers who are excited to work with you and only you.

See real life examples of campaigns, learn secret targeting hacks, copy techniques, landing page design, retargeting ads, and several ways to acquire new Facebook ad clients.


Ecommerce and online retail is a completely different game than affiliate, local and small business SEO.

There are so many more keywords to manage and rank for, significantly more moving parts that contribute to success and rankings are worthless unless they convert to sales.

Brendan teaches you exactly how to focus on both traffic and conversion. Fact: There are thousands of store owners with significant budget just waiting for someone like you to come along and help them tap into their true revenue potential.

Learn to how to gain traction quickly, show meaningful results to store owners, and help them grow to 5, 6 or even 7 figure powerhouses.

Get the step-by-step eCommerce marketing and optimization blueprint to learn exactly what it takes to grow stores quickly.


Dave & Mark have drawn upon a combined 20+ years of marketing experience to craft a one of a kind SEO training covering all things white hate and outreach related.

They dive in to topics such as how to structure and manage your outreach campaigns, how to prospect for new targets, and which tools will provide you the best bang for your buck in accomplishing both.

Learn how to easily launch campaigns to land coveted guest posts, product reviews, ultra high authority, squeaky clean links and more-all at scale!

This is literally the blueprint for how to compete with the mega authority sites in any niche and be able to lock down super high paying corporate clients.

The Lab Exclusive Bonuses: You’ll Also Get The Following Exclusive Bonuses When You Join The Lab Today.

  • Keyword Grabbing. Make sure your site is ranking for everything it should rank for.
  • The Kitchen Sink. 6 tested tactics that get your sites unstuck fast!
  • Tactical Outreach and PBN Combos. Learn how to combine PBNs with white hat SEO for insane results.
  • SEO Client Acquisition Funnel. The secret to scaling & generating leads in mass on autopilot. Just plug in your content & niche & fire away.
  • Local Business Retargeting Discount Funnel. The 5 step retargeting funnel that your competitors aren’t using that uses Dino’s secret 2 offer approach. Works in any niche!
  • 10+ FB AD Cheat Guides. 10 Step by step guides to easily implement the video training without rewatching the videos. Perfect for VA’s & team members to scale Facebook advertising.
  • Bot Messenger Case Study. How I used Facebook Ads with bot messenger to generate leads the same day
  • Instagram Ad Secrets Revealed. The 3 secrets of Instagram ads that will get you sales and leads for dirt cheap.
  • The Beginner’s Lab. Just starting out? Brand new to SEO? This is for you! Allen Levings walks you through exactly what you need to know if you are just getting your feet wet.
  • Local Profit Breakthrough. This is Mark and Brian’s flagship product from Local Client Takeover. It has an absolute ton of client acquisition, marketing and sales tactics and exactly how to scale an agency to 7 figures. It sells everyday at $497 and is included here as our bonus to you when you join The Lab.
  • More Bonuses

Let me be frank for a minute.

The Lab is not for everyone.


The LAB By Matt Diggity & Others

The LAB By Matt Diggity & Others

The LAB By Matt Diggity & Others

The LAB By Matt Diggity & Others

WARNING: No False Scarcity Ahead: Here’s Why We Don’t Play That Game.

Because The Lab is not some course that we enroll you in and leave you to figure all of this out on your own…

…Because The Lab has a HUGE element of a true high level mastermind and coaching experience with the devoted attention of your coaches to guide you through it all…

…We simply cannot, will not oversell this.

At the time I write this, there were over 2,000 people on the early bird notification list who have already received this letter.

We have another 60k + people on our email lists. We run the largest SEO groups on Facebook-with a combined audience of 30k people.

So we literally may shut this down entirely with little to no notice.

If you are ready to change the game and finally get real test-based-results, then it’s decision time.

It’s time to decide if you want to risk getting locked out of this one of a kind experience that can help you skyrocket your business-fast.

To your massive success!
Brian Willie, The Lab

The LAB By Matt Diggity & Others, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!):

  • 01.Welcome To The Lab
  • 02.How To Get Added To The Private Facebook Group
  • 03.The Affiliate Lab
  • 04.The Local Lab
  • 05.The Ecommerce Lab
  • 06.The White Hat-Outreach Lab
  • 07.The Facebook Lab
  • 08.The Maps Lab – Coming Soon!
  • 09.The Beginners Lab
  • 10.Bonus Local Profit Breakthrough
  • 11.Final Frontier-Bonus
  • 12.Weekly Calls
  • Matt Diggity & others – The LAB UP 10
  • Matt Diggity & others – The LAB UP1
  • Matt Diggity & others – The LAB UP2
  • Matt Diggity & others – The LAB UP3
  • Matt Diggity & others – The LAB UP4
  • Matt Diggity & others – The LAB UP5
  • Matt Diggity & others – The LAB UP6
  • Matt Diggity & others – The LAB UP7
  • Matt Diggity & others – The LAB UP8
  • Matt Diggity & others – The LAB UP9