The LionHeart Corrections Course By Brent Charleton & Ian Stanley
  • The LionHeart Corrections Course By Brent Charleton & Ian Stanley

The LionHeart Corrections Course By Brent Charleton & Ian Stanley

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The LionHeart Corrections Course By Brent Charleton & Ian Stanley – Instant Download!

Inside the Corrections Course you’ll get access to:

1. The Second Self Meditation Visualization – This is the exact meditation I (Ian) use everyday before I write copy.
Here’s a cool little graphic from a guy who used the Second Self in his copy. Here’s what happened: He made double to triple the revenue from his emails on the day he used the Second Self before he wrote. (Crazy, I know.)
2. The Core Issues Matrix – You’ll get the full breakdown of Brent’s Core Issues Matrix. This alone will reshape the way you see yourself and the world around you.
You’ll also learn how to plot yourself on the Matrix to see where you’re in a “”child state”” or “”teen state”” and how to move into the Functional Adult.

3. The Core Emotions Training – This is ridiculously powerful for understanding yourself, why you are the way you are, and how to feel better on a daily basis. (Without a bunch of “”positive thinking”” BS.)
You’ll also get to do the “”Emotions Map”” exercise. This is potentially one of the most powerful tools I’ve ever used for deep personal growth. You’ll understand why when you do it for yourself.

4. Boundaries – Having good boundaries can change your life more than you can imagine. If you’ve ever had trouble saying “”no”” to people then you’re gonna love this. And if you feel like you’re closed off, this will help you open up.
Getting successful is about saying “”yes”” to things. Staying successful (without going crazy) is about saying “”no”” to things. Boundaries will give you the power to say yes to what matters and no to what doesn’t.
Bonus: You’ll get the boundaries visualization exercise so you can create your own “”Internal”” and “”External”” boundary. (Btw, this was Ryan Daniel Moran’s favorite part of the workshop.)

Get immediately download Brent Charleton & Ian Stanley – The LionHeart Corrections Course

5. How to do a Correction – This is the part that TRULY separates Brent’s work from all the other “”self-development”” stuff out there.
LionHeart’s tagline is: Awareness Application Elevation.
The problem with most self-development is it just creates awareness. Or it creates awareness and then they just try to shame you into “”TAKING MASSIVE ACTION.”” (Hint: It doesn’t work. If it did, people wouldn’t need any of this work.)
Corrections are Brent’s proprietary method for removing blocks and emotional triggers from your life. This is how you take yourself from Child or Teen to a functional adult in any category you want to improve.

Having the same issue or argument over and over again with your significant other? Identify the thought and do a Correction.

Having trouble with Impostor Syndrome or Procrastination? Identify the thought and do a Correction.

Have a block around making more money? Do a Correction.

You get the point.

But I really want to hit home with this…especially if you’re an entrepreneur, business owner, or copywriter…

This is one of the most important things you can understand:

“”Most business problems, once you get to a certain level of skill, aren’t business problems. They’re emotional, personal, or mindset problems.””

Corrections are the path to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY.

The only person that can ever truly stop you from getting what you want is YOU.

Specifically, it’s your child or teen that’s running the show. That means you could essentially have a 5 year old or 13 year old running your business. Or managing your relationship.

I think we can both agree that it’s better to have a functional adult take over for you. That’s what Corrections allow you to do. Get the child or teen out of the way so YOU can show up as the best version of yourself.

I know it may sound like a big claim that you can use corrections to remove these blocks permanently. But everyone who’s been through LionHeart and applied Corrections to their life can attest to their power.

I’m confident you’ll experience something similar for yourself.

Now for the third and final option…

The LionHeart Corrections Course By Brent Charleton & Ian Stanley, what is it included (Content proof: Watch here!)

0 – Introduction

What is LionHeart

1 – The Matrix and Second Self

  • !Info – 1 – The Matrix and Second Self
  • 01 – The Core Issues Matrix
  • 02 – Second-Self Meditation
  • Homework – Plotting Your Baseline
  • Worksheet – Core Issues Matrix
  • Worksheet – Ego States Explained

2 – Boundaries

  • !Info – 2 – Boundaries
  • 01 – Boundaries
  • 02 – Visualize Your Outer (Listening) Boundary
  • 03 – Visualize Your Internal (Talking) Boundary
  • Homework – Boundary Checklist
  • Worksheet – Boundaries Diagram
  • Worksheet – Boundaries Lecturette

3 – Feelings

  • !Info – 3 – Feelings
  • 01 – Feelings, Part 1
  • 02 – Feelings, Part 2
  • 03 – Illustrate Your Feelings, Homework Part 1
  • 04 – Illustrate Your Feelings, Explanation
  • Worksheet – Coping & Defenses
  • Worksheet – Feelings
  • Worksheet – Illustrate Your Feelings

4 – Corrections

  • !Info – 4 – Corrections
  • 01 – Correction Explanation – with Real Time Example
  • 02 – How a Correction Affects Your Brain
  • Homework – Child Correction Example
  • Homework – Teen Correction Example
  • Worksheet – How to Write a Correction