The Modern Man – Dan Bacon – Text Attraction
  • The Modern Man – Dan Bacon – Text Attraction

The Modern Man – Dan Bacon – Text Attraction

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The Modern Man – Dan Bacon – Text Attraction

Text Attraction

The ultimate guide on how to attract women via text for dates, sex and relationships.

Here are just some of the amazing things you will learn:

  • 100s of attractive first texts to send if you got her number in person, matched with her on a dating app, or are reaching out to text a woman you know or like for the first time. You’ll never be stuck wondering what to text to make her feel attracted and reply. You will always have something attractive and interesting to text to get a woman’s attention and make her feel compelled to reply.
  • How to handle the challenging questions a woman asks you via text, in a way that causes her attraction and desire to meet up with you to skyrocket. That way, you don’t lose your opportunities with women who were interested, but then suddenly lost interest based on how you answered certain questions.
  • How to make women reply faster and show loads more interest in you via text, even when you’ve just begun texting.
  • How to prevent a text conversation from becoming boring, fizzling out and you then losing your opportunity with a woman.
  • How to handle it when women don’t make it easy to arrange dates with them via text (e.g. she stops replying when you suggest a meetup, says that she’ll let you know when she’s free, says no to a meetup request, cancels a date, or regularly can’t make it to dates). The texts provided in this section ensure that she remains attracted and either suggests another date right away, or says yes the next time you suggest one.
  • How to refuel a woman’s interest if she has gone cold, ghosted you, or lost interest in texting you or being with you.
  • How to avoid being put in the friend zone with women you really like.
  • How to reinitiate a conversation with a woman who hasn’t replied to your last text, without seeming needy for texting her again.
  • And so much more…..

Text Attraction includes everything you need to know to easily attract women via text to get dates, sex and relationships.

From this day onwards, you will always be able to get a woman to feel attracted to you via text, regardless of how much or little interest she has when you begin texting her.

She will then happily agree to meet up with you in person due to the attraction that she is feeling for you.

Attracting women via text to get dates, sex or a relationship is about to become one of the easiest and most fun things you ever do in life.


You Will Get:

  • Text Attraction (92 videos)
  • 1200 Text Examples (1 pdf)

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