The POFU LIVE 2022 – 5Th edition By Semantic Mastery
  • The POFU LIVE 2022 – 5Th edition By Semantic Mastery

The POFU LIVE 2022 – 5Th edition By Semantic Mastery


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The POFU LIVE 2022 – 5Th edition By Semantic Mastery – Instant Download!

Find Your Position Of F&*! You,

Find Ideal Clients, Get Results Faster,

And Scale!

The 2022 POFU Live Virtual Event Will Be:

  • Full of actionable content that you can put to work for yourself AND your clients when as soon as you leave
  • About making connections that lead to opportunities in an easy and fun environment (no place for big egos)

And we’ll definitely be having some FUN!

Get The Inside Scoop From The Semantic Mastery Team AND

Make the connections and learn from others to build your network and connections!

Also, have you been wondering what the heck “POFU” means?

We’re glad that you want to find out!

Check out the video so you can understand not only what the reference is, but why it’s important.

It’s all about being in the best position possible so you can make the calls you need to correctly.

Day 1 – VIP Meetup

Sept 23

  • Free Beer: What?!? That’s right, VIP attendees will get beer and snacks shipped to their door (US only -sorry!)
  • Network: Join us on a virtual “beer tour” with our own PhD guided beer tasting & graduate of Cornell’s Beer Essentials course.
  • Relax: Pull up your favorite easy chair and hop online for your VIP guided beer tasting.
  • ​Learn: After the tour, stay on the call to find out what everyone is doing, what they’re looking to learn the next day, and who you should be taking notes from!

Day 2 – Main Event

Sept 24

  • Kick Off: Get started with a introduction and overview from Bradley Benner.
  • Clients: Find out how you will start getting the clients you want that will let you grow your business and work only with the people you want.
  • Results: If you’ve got clients…now you need results. Find out how to get the results you need time after time.
  • Round Tables: Get direct answers from speakers.
  • Meetup: After hours meetup with attendees & speakers

POFU Live 2022 Schedule

Sept. 23rd

3:00 PM Guided Beer Tasting (online) – delivered to your

4:00 PM VIP Hangout with Semantic Mastery & Speakers

6:00 PM Event wrap-up

Sept. 24th

9:00 AM Welcome to POFU! with Bradley and the Semantic doorstep (US Only) Mastery Team

9:30 AM Event Overview

10:00 AM Organic Lead Generation with Bradley Benner

12:00 AM Lunch Break

12:30 PM How to Use Cloud Stacks Masspages In Local SEO & Local Ranking Results with Jesper Nissen

1:30 PM Reputation Management with Chris Pillwein

2:30 PM How To Get Backlinks In The Most Unlikely Of Places with Brian Kato

3:30 PM Jeremy Noetzelman

4:30 PM GMB/GBP Verifications, Suspensions, and Long-Term Viability with David Hood

5:30 PM The Underground “Brand” Secrets That Slingshot Google Rankings In 2022 with Mike Merlino

6:30 PM Q&A Session – All speakers and SM team Get The Answers You NEED…

The POFU LIVE 2022 – 5Th edition By Semantic Mastery, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!):

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