The Prepper’s Roadmap By Kris City Prepping
  • The Prepper’s Roadmap By Kris City Prepping

The Prepper’s Roadmap By Kris City Prepping


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The Prepper’s Roadmap By Kris City Prepping – Instant Download!

The Prepper’s Roadmap By Kris City Prepping

Inflation. Government overreach. Societal decay.

Hatred on both sides continues to grow, while trust in the government is at all-time lows.

(And don’t get me started on Russia and China!)

With so many pressing issues colliding together at once, it’s easy to feel anxious and overwhelmed.

But as hard as the last few years have been…


The fact is, the America of our childhood is gone for good, and when the next disaster strikes:

No one is coming to save you!

There is no safety net. The systems in place to protect the population are deteriorating.

Whether it’s something as simple as losing your job, to an extinction-level event like a comet strike.

In between you have threats like floods, earthquakes, wildfires, crime, EMPs, civil unrest, a divided nation, cyber and terror attacks…

There are more threats today than ever in our lifetime, and the need to be self sufficient has never been greater!

Which begs the question…

“If the grid went down for a long enough time…

Within a year, 90 percent of the U.S. population would die from starvation, lack of water, and social disruption. We are talking about total devastation.”


If there’s anything I’ve learned over 20+ years involved in emergency preparedness, plus the feedback I’ve gotten on nearly 81 Million views on my YouTube channel…

It’s that we all go through the same struggles when it comes to preparing for an uncertain future.

I see it all the time in the comments section, folks say things like:

I don’t have the means to bug out to some mythical promised land…

And there’s not a lot of information for those who need to survive at home.

The more videos I watch, the more overwhelmed I get! Bug out bag, get home bag, whatever the heck bag!

And it all feels like I need to do everything immediately or the world is going to end!

With so many SHTF scenarios…

I wish I had a step by step gameplan to get the right food, water, and tools in a more focused and efficient way.

If any of these sound familiar,
Trust me, you’re not alone!
Here’s the problem…

The Prepper Community Is Filled
With Misinformation (And Bad Actors)

It sickens me how often I see “experts” in our community, scaring the heck out of people just to get more clicks to their content…

Leading to a lot of folks feeling paralyzed by fear and thinking “Why get started if the world is going to end tomorrow?!”

On top of that, each of us lives in a different situation, with unique disaster scenarios, and I see far too many people wasting their hard-earned money and free time…

Making the same prepping mistakes again and again because there’s so much conflicting information.

For example…


Let’s break down some of the most common mistakes people make in our prepping community:

1. They never get started because prepping is “too expensive.”
Trust me, I get it! When you’re just starting out, prepping can feel overwhelming and like this huge financial drain.

And sadly, too many people never get started because they think they need all these expensive gadgets to survive!

But what you need to realize is, the most essential prepping items are actually the cheapest!

A few days of food, some basic cooking and camping supplies, and processing water are much more important than expensive Kevlar body armor or solar panels!

Now don’t get me wrong, having a backup generator or high efficiency solar panels is great if the power grid goes down…

But don’t let these sexy, big ticket items hold you back from getting the essentials!

2. They think they need a “bugout” location in the woods.
Ah yes! The mythical cabin in the woods that you can run to when “Sh*t Hits The Fan.”

But what if I told you jetting off to the woods is NOT the best place to be when disaster strikes?!

Bugging out without a specific place to go makes you nothing more than a refugee.

Plus, you’re exposed to the elements of a potentially hostile area or someone already occupying your bug out location.

Which is why it’s actually best for most people to “bug in” at home.

And in the next section I’ll show you what you need to survive, no matter where you live:

Whether it’s a high rise apartment complex, a house in the suburbs, or a more remote location.

And the final mistakes I see most people make is…

3. They don’t have a step-by-step roadmap for their specific situation.
Now I’ve recorded over 400 videos on YouTube helping people prepare for an uncertain future, plus there are thousands of forum threads and blog posts online…

But as great as a lot of that content is, it’s mostly superficial data dumps about food, water, and supplies – And it’s all presented in a disorganized fashion!

Here’s the truth: If you want to truly be prepared for an uncertain future…

You need a custom-tailored ROADMAP that walks you step by step through the entire prepping process.

The good news is…


After seeing the same questions pop up again and again, as well as getting countless comments on YouTube asking for help…

I’ve decided to create a comprehensive online course distilling down everything I’ve learned over the last several years teaching people in the prepping community.

With a clear, easy to follow roadmap walking you step by step through days, then weeks, then months for what you need to be prepared.

Giving you everything you need to have:

Knowing you’ve done everything you can to prepare – Stacking the cards of survival in your favor
Knowing the people you care about most are protected – They’ll never be left in a position of need if disaster strikes
And you’ll actually be prepared! You’ve got your food, you’ve got your water, and you’ve got the tools you need to weather the storm

It’s at this level of preparation where you truly feel safe, where you know with
certainty that you’ve done everything you can to stack the odds of survival in your favor.

It’s a milestone well worth achieving…

I’ve been involved with emergency preparedness for several decades, including humanitarian work in impoverished areas of Mexico and Afghanistan.

Over the last several years I’ve been blessed to have over 700,000 subscribers follow me on my YouTube channel…

Which has given me a unique view into how challenging it can be to prepare during these uncertain times.

And what I’ve learned after helping so many people, is that the only way to truly be prepared (without wasting lots of time and money)…

Is by following a well-crafted, graduated roadmap that walks you step by step through the most important stages of preparation.

Which is why, after many months of work, I’m incredibly excited to introduce you to…

The Most Comprehensive Preparedness Training Online Specifically
Designed To Help You Create Your Very Own 3 Month SHTF Gameplan
With 18+ hours of video trainings housed inside a private members area, teaching you step by step how to prepare for ANY disaster.

Holding your hand every step of the way, as we move from creating your 3 day “bugout bag”, to storing 3 weeks of supplies – Enough to survive 95% of potential disasters…

To bringing it all together into a 3 month SHTF survival plan that builds your prepping foundation and helps you become self-sufficient for longer and longer time horizons.

And what sets this course apart from every other course out there, is it isn’t just some data dump about how much water, food, and supplies you need…

Instead, it’s customized to your specific situation, with checklists, exercises, and guides for you to follow along with me as we help you reach 3 months of preparation.

If you’re brand new to prepping, this course will give you the essential information to prioritize what’s most important for the survival of yourself and your family
If you’ve been in the prepping community for a while, this course will help you connect the dots between all the conflicting information out there and put it into a framework that’s easy to follow and achieve your prepping goals
And even if you’ve been prepping for years, this course will fill in the gaps and give you a scalable framework to becoming fully self-sufficient for months, if not YEARS!

Introduction: Setting Yourself Up For Success
First we’ll go through a quick overview of the course, and then jump right in to “The Roadmap”.

Where I’ll show you how easy it is to “Baby Step” your way through small bite-sized action items – Building momentum as we prepare for longer and longer time horizons.

We’ll also go through my “Act Now!” checklist, to get you IMMEDIATELY prepared in case something happens in the next 24 hours.

You never know when something bad might happen, so before we dive deeper into the material, I want to make sure you have enough water, food, and fuel to survive.

Step 1: Risk Assessment
Then it’s time to get started!

If there’s anything I’ve learned from being in this community for nearly two decades, it’s that there’s no one size fits all approach to prepping.

So we’ll start by going through the most common threats you might face, and what you’ll need based on your specific location, budget, age, and time horizon.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

• Risk List: Just because something bad CAN happen, doesn’t mean it WILL – Which leads to a lot of folks feeling overwhelmed, trying to prep for every scenario! I’ll share the most urgent threats based on your location
• Bug In vs. Bug Out: You might have the dream of someday owning your own bugout van or homestead, but don’t let that hold you back from getting started! I’ll show you what you need NOW to survive whether you’re bugging IN or OUT
 Proper Prioritization: Do I prep for the collapse of society or wildfires because I live in fire country? I’ll help you prioritize based on your living environment, financial situation, physical fitness, and how long you’ll need to survive
• Define Your Goals: If you aim at nothing, you’ll hit it every time! Which is why, once you know your risks, we’ll create clear definable goals for your survival, with a timeline for how long it’ll take to get there based on your budget
 Expert Application: To give you even more clarity around what you’ll need, I’ll show you examples of how I’m preparing for the survival of my family – Walking you through each stage I went through as I prepared for longer time horizons

We’ll finish “Step 1” with an exercise to create your own
risk assessment and define your prepping goals for the course.

So that you’re ready to start…

Step 2: Your 3 Day Survival Kit
After most natural disasters, it takes 3 days for help to arrive.

Which is why “Step 2” will show you how to build a 72 hour Survival Bag, giving you the peace of mind and confidence to know you can handle nearly any disaster scenario.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:
• The Beginner Buyer’s Guide: Buying expensive gear when you’re starting out can actually do more harm than good because it’s taking money from what you REALLY need! – I’ll show what’s most important based on your budget and goals
• Mobility Matters: It doesn’t matter how stocked up your house is if you’re forced to leave in an emergency! I’ll show you my simple, inexpensive bugout bag that you can put in any car or closet in case you’re out of the house or need to leave
• Simplified Storage: From organizing supplies, to rotating perishables, to documents and even clothing – I’ll give you multiple checklists for each scenario with my favorite “frugal” items to get the most bang for your buck
• What About Water: Your water requirements change if you’re sheltering in place vs. on the road – I’ll show you the best way to store water in your house plus easy filtration methods for when you’re away from home
 Efficient Foods: After a disaster, having quick and easy food to get the necessary calories is crucial! I’ll share some long lasting, portable foods that don’t require cooking or clean up
• Turn-Key Tech: Solar panels, hand crank radios, lights, batteries – I’ll show you what basic tech devices you’ll need to survive without breaking the bank
• Sanitation Survival: Did you know that most deaths don’t come in the initial disaster, but in the aftermath when disease spreads? I’ll show you the proper hygiene and sanitation supplies you need to survive

We’ll end Step 2 with specific “Break Out Application” videos, which will show you what you need if you live in an urban, suburban or rural location…

As well as separate videos based on specific threats including: Earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, power outages, EMPs, etc.

But we won’t stop there! Next we’ll learn how to prepare for…

Step 3: Your 3 Week Survival Supply
Now that you’ve prepared for the first 72 hours, it’s time to move on to your 3 week survival supply.

It’s at this 3 week mark that you’re able to handle nearly 95% of the most realistic disaster scenarios, being self-sufficient for a full 21 days before needing help to arrive.

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:
• Optimal Organization: As we move onto longer time horizons you need to get more creative with how you organize supplies – I’ll show you some of my favorite tips to maximize space (Especially if you live in a small apartment!)
• Water Storage: Water is key to survival, but where do you store it? How much do you need? How long does it last? I’ll give you the A to Z breakdown and answer all these questions and more
• Caloric Considerations: Get my top 10 recipes for easy to cook meals that taste great and give you a surplus of calories so you can maintain your energy throughout the day (Plus my favorite efficient cooking tools with easy cleanup!)
• Power Sources: Having a back-up source of power is essential if the grid goes down – How big of a generator do you need? Gas or solar? Should you add solar panels? I’ll share what you need based on your budget and goals
• Home Security: Learn to control the access and entrance of your area to prevent home invasions and how to best prepare for roving violent gangs and civil unrest in your area
 Money Mistakes: What happens if your credit card stops working? Even worse, what happens if the US Dollar collapses?! I’ll show you how to bolster your finances for emergencies, plus some “bartering basics” if the grid goes down

We’ll finish out this section with an interview with Dr Bones and Nurse Nancy, who will show you what medical supplies and skills you need to be prepared.

By the end of Step 3, you’ll now have the ability to handle nearly ANY realistic disaster scenario that might come your way.

But we won’t stop there, now it’s time to reach true self sufficiency,
which is only possible when you reach…

Step 4: Your 3 Month Survival Guide
Now we’re really prepping!

The 3 month mark is really where you start moving beyond the basics of how much you can store, and start building out systems that can scale for years of surviva

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

• Storage Strategy: Ever buy something twice because you didn’t realize the same thing was stored away in another bin? I’ll show you my long term storage strategy that will help you prepare efficiently as you build your supplies
• Professional Preservation: One of the easiest ways to save money is preserving your own foods – I’ll show you how to freeze dry, dehydrate, and can foods, and which are best to skip preserving and buy from the store
 Scaling Water Reserves: Once you start pushing to longer time horizons, it becomes almost impossible to save enough water – I’ll show you the best long term techniques for continually adding to your water reserves
• Friend vs. Foe: No matter how self reliant you become, at some point you’ll need the support of your community – I’ll share my 10 point checklist for “befriending” neighbors so they’re on your side
• Clear Communication: Ham radios, satellite phones, 2 way radios, cell phones – We’ll cover it all and I’ll share what’s best when communication lines go down
 Safety Concerns: Firearm training, bulletproof vests, house alarms, and on and on! The longer the timeline, the more likely civil unrest builds – I’ll show you how to prepare and stay safe
• Plan B: If your stores run low, or your house is destroyed, it’s always good to have a backup plan! I’ll show you what you need to build a bug out vehicle, bug out location, and separate stores of supplies so you have multiple backup plans
• Survival Skills: Starting a fire from scratch, physical fitness, CPR and even gardening – The more skills you can develop, the more unique situations you’ll be able to handle! I’ll help you prioritize which ones matter most in times of need

I can’t tell you how much more peace of mind you’ll feel,
when you know you can survive for 90 days on your own.

You’ll have significantly stacked the odds of your survival and
be ready to bring it all together in the…


Creating Your Very Own SHTF Gameplan
Congratulations! You’ve done it!

No matter what your budget or living situation, you now have the essential components to survive nearly ANY disaster scenario that comes your way.

Of course, there is no guarantee of survival, but you can feel at ease and dare I say excited to weather the storm because you’re PREPARED!

The best part is, you now have a scalable prepping system you can follow to scale to weeks, months, or even YEARS!

In this final section, we’ll bring it all together and help you build your very own customized SHTF Gameplan!


I strongly believe The Prepper’s Roadmap is the most structured and comprehensive prepping course online.

And when you add the assessments, flow charts, Checklist Binder, and Long Term Storage Recipe and Cooking guides…

You literally have everything you need to become fully self-sufficient and stacking the odds of survival in your favor.

On top of that, I believe in this course so much, I’m also including a no questions asked…

After spending years volunteering in 3rd world nations, I’ve seen firsthand how bad things can get.

And sadly, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see our own nation headed in the same direction.

Which is why it’s so important to be prepared, and I can honestly say there’s no better feeling than knowing your family is safe.

Now it’s your turn! Instead of wasting years of your hard earned money and time, this is your shortcut to success.

After spending years volunteering in 3rd world nations, I’ve seen firsthand how bad things can get.

And sadly, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see our own nation headed in the same direction.

Which is why it’s so important to be prepared, and I can honestly say there’s no better feeling than knowing your family is safe.

Now it’s your turn! Instead of wasting years of your hard earned money and time, this is your shortcut to success.

It all starts by click the “Get Access Now” button below.