Tiffany Haynes – The Ultimate Goal Planning Masterclass!
  • Tiffany Haynes – The Ultimate Goal Planning Masterclass!

Tiffany Haynes – The Ultimate Goal Planning Masterclass!


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Tiffany Haynes - The Ultimate Goal Planning Masterclass! 1Tiffany Haynes – The Ultimate Goal Planning Masterclass!

Dream | Plan | Execute


If you missed the live goal planning class at SMU College you are in luck! We have the entire goal planning class available to you online with lifetime access, enhanced tutorials and your complete and downloadable workbook! This class is COMPLETELY INTERACTIVE, when the course is over you will leave with your goals in hand and your plan of action to protect and grow your business for years to come!

Course Overview


  • 7 Levels Deep
  • Mantra
  • Dream Life


  • Financial Calculator
  • Real Estate Calculator
  • 1, 5, 10 Long Term Goals
  • Quarter Goals
  • Profit Calculator
  • Growth Preparation
  • Personal Goals


  • Key Principles
  • Compound Effect
  • Know Your Worth
  • Education


  • Printable Interactive Course Guide
  • Step by Step Ideal Client Workbook
  • Invitation to our Facebook Group to assist in keeping you on track all year long!

– At the end of this course your dreams will be detailed and quantified.

– Your business will be braced for growth and scalability.

– Your days will be productive and time wasting activities will be eradicated!

You have been cordially invited to embark on the best goal planning course you will encounter in one lifetime. This is a complete mastery guide to goal planning! We will ensure your vision is value aligned and inhabits the things that mean the most. We will prepare you for success to execute your goals and quadruple your productivity. This process will eradicate burnout, ignite your passion, and make you wildly efficient!

Your Instructor

Tiffany Haynes

Tiffany Haynes, Co-Founder of Beyond Routine and Owner of VBS Real Estate has been teaching in person courses and classes to Real Estate Agents and Entrepreneurs in Dallas, TX for 4 years. Hired to do business planning for small business owners and real estate brokerages she has mastered the art of idea to implementation. A self proclaimed business book junkie, Tiffany is constantly inspired by new ideas and innovative thinkers to bring leaders and creative minds the focus and structure they need to channel dreams into something tangible they can implement and leave a legacy.

Course Curriculum

Introduction Video Slot
  • Course Introduction (5:53)
  • Download Your Workbook
  • Bonus Workbook- Ideal Client
  • Introduction (7:14)
  • 7 Levels Deep Handout
  • 7 Level Conclusion (0:38)
  • Mantra Introduction – Gratitude (3:33)
  • Mantra Challenges (0:50)
  • Mantra Why (3:11)
  • Mantra Final Proclamation (0:46)
  • Mantra Conclusion (3:48)
  • Dream Life (1:45)
  • Dream Life Conclusion (0:14)
  • Plan Introduction- Financial Review (1:53)
  • Finances- Dream Life (1:44)
  • Finances- 1, 5, 10 Long Term Goals (1:32)
  • Finances- Quarter Goals (1:13)
  • Business- Profit Calculator (1:52)
  • Business- Growth Preperation (4:01)
  • Business- Department Goals (2:28)
  • Family Goals (3:36)
  • Personal Goals (3:06)
  • Means & Goals (2:01)
  • Introduction (1:44)
  • 3 Principles (0:16)
  • Compound Effect Technique (7:30)
  • Compound Effect Handout
  • Know Your Worth (5:47)
  • Education (4:13)