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Write of Passage By David Perell


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Write of Passage By David Perell – Instant Download!

Write Your Future
Write of Passage is an exhilarating, five-week, live online experience where you learn to unleash the full power of the Internet. We promise three outcomes:

  • Publish Quality Ideas
  • Find Your People
  • 2x Your Potential


  • I’m endlessly consuming and never creating anything of my own.
  • Everyone else is succeeding.
    I want in!
  • I’d do anything for a life filled with freedom, meaning, and influence.
  • The few times I’ve put myself out there, I hear crickets.
  • My friends bore me. I want people who challenge me.
  • I’m a decent writer, but it’s excruciating to actually write.
  • I want an audience.

You’re In the Right Place
If you’re tired of waiting for the perfect idea, enough time, motivation, or for your “big break,” you’re in the right place.

Writing online will change your life. Once you’re up and off the sidelines, writing consistently, and participating in the conversation, you find hidden doors and a sense of confidence you only hoped existed. There are ideas to share and friends to meet. More freedom, meaning, and influence are just outside your current view.

As long as you’re ready to level up, you’re welcome here regardless of skill level, interests, or experience.

Hi, I’m David Perell

Write of Passage By David Perell

Five years ago, I never thought, in my wildest dreams, I’d be leading an online writing school.

Believe it or not, traditional writing advice never clicked for me. I was a terrible student. I graduated high school with a 2.8 GPA and college with a 2.9, and my SAT scores weren’t any better. My first boss called me a bad writer and fired me. He wasn’t wrong. The traditional path wasn’t my path, and this was proof.

When I moved to New York City in 2017, I had no website, no newsletter, and was invisible on Twitter.

I saw what was happening to other people who started writing online, so despite not knowing how to be a “great writer,” I was determined to start a consistent writing practice, which changed everything for me.

My writing improved. My confidence improved. Suddenly the brightest minds were reading my words, and people and opportunities from around the world began reaching out to me. I was an opportunity magnet. Doors swung open!

Now, I have an audience of over 300,000 people. I have the opportunity to explore my ideas to my heart’s content. And it hasn’t just worked for me. I’ve successfully taught thousands of people how to change their trajectories by writing online—just like I did.

An Online Course
Where You Learn to…

Publish Quality Ideas
Your best ideas will reach people all over the world while you sleep. Thoughts like, “I’m not a writer…” will disappear when you have a proven system for collecting, writing, and publishing consistently—and every aspect of your life is better for it.

2x Your Potential
You’ll finally be off the sidelines and into action. You’ll be a creator, not just a consumer, and you’ll become a magnet for opportunity. You’ll be blown away by your potential and live on your terms. Life is very good.

Who Is Write of Passage For?
It’s for smart people tired of waiting for the traditional path to reward them. It’s for people who trust the better you write, the better you think. Whether you’re a photographer, investment banker, or stay-at-home parent, there’s no situation in which writing won’t make a difference in your life—not one.


  • You want more out of life and you are committed to getting it.
  • You want to build a brand around your personality, skills, experience, and strengths.
  • You seek freedom in time, money, and creative expression.
  • You’re tired of consuming other people’s content but not consistently creating your own.
  • You know that improving your writing improves your ideas, thinking, and how you communicate and, therefore, your life.


  • You’re looking for precise pre-written essay formulas and one-size-fits-all tips & tricks. Write of Passage takes a holistic approach and teaches you how to think for yourself.
  • You’re hoping for shortcuts, growth hacks, and cheap tricks.
  • You prefer to learn in isolation over group connection. Write of Passage is a social experience.
  • You’re a traditional academic or old-school thinker who measures success in degrees, certifications, and corporate titles. Write of Passage drives unconventional success.
  • You’re internet averse—someone who doesn’t believe you can truly learn and connect virtually. The course is entirely online.

THE Curriculum
Learn a Proven System for Writing Online
Write of Passage teaches you a curriculum specifically designed for writing online. This isn’t memoir writing or an Oxford education—it’s everything those programs are not.

You’ll learn to write from abundance, from conversation, and in public, using digital tools like—Evernote, Google Docs, and Otter—to convey your best thinking and attract great people.

Join thousands of writers worldwide who are turning their writing into opportunities.

COURSE pillars
Write of Passage Teaches You

Learn to build a bank of inspiration while you’re away from the computer and before you sit down to write. Writing from Abundance is the art of collecting ideas in your daily life, so you never stare at a blank page again.

Learn to use conversation to identify great ideas, tweak their delivery, and confess our true thinking on a subject. Writing from Conversation is the art of using dialogue to identify good ideas and double down on the best ones.

Learn to overcome the feeling of invisibility and finally hit publish. Writing in Public is the art of broadcasting your ideas to the Internet so you become a beacon for people, opportunities, and serendipity.

COURSE Philosophy
Writing Education Like You’ve Never Experienced

Write of Passage is NOT school. It’s a high-energy, global community where your enjoyment is valued and your growth is prioritized.

We encourage you to be you. To draw from the artists and thinkers across history who inspire you. To bring forward your obsessions. Share what moves you and your audience.

This is unlike any education you’ve known.


Write of Passage By David Perell
Writing is social. The course’s group learning structure will unleash your inspiration like a firehose. Write of Passage is not pre-recorded learning in isolation. If you’ve been trying to write alone and it’s not working, Write of Passage is the cure!

After Five Weeks
At the end of five weeks, you’ll have a collection of essays written by you, and published on your personal website. Your website will serve as your own spot on the Internet, drawing serendipity to you while you sleep.

Writing is Social
Gone are the days of sitting alone in a cabin, struggling to pen your finest body of work—no offense, Hemingway.
Writing in the Internet Age is collaborative. Through Write of Passage, you’ll make life-long friends, reach the experts, and build an audience.
If you’ve tried writing alone and it’s not working, this is the cure—a community of writers at your back, by your side, propping you up.
Belonging to Write of Passage changes everything about how you see yourself. No longer in isolation, you’re now intellectually stimulated in ways you never dreamed were possible.

The Benefits of Writing Online

Overcome Obstacles To Publishing
You might be asking, “Who am I to put my thoughts into the world?” We want to know, “Who aren’t you?!” Even the smartest, most successful, and hardest working people often succumb to the challenges of writing online. We help students break through the barriers and start publishing compelling and consistent pieces—in a supportive community.

Perform At Your Prime
Watching others get closer to theirs can hold you back when you’re not moving toward your dreams. We give you an energetic jumpstart towards your goals so you can move off the sidelines and prove to yourself that with intentional effort—it’s not too late to make life-changing moves.

Bust Creative Blocks
There’s something inside you pleading for expression. You have an impulse to create, but what? And how? A flow state sounds incredible, yet impossible. If you’ve been trying to create in isolation and it’s not working, we have the cure!

Build Your Intellectual Legacy
No matter your job, hobbies, or passions, you’ll own intellectual property you can take wherever you go. Your very own body of work that reaches people worldwide while you sleep.

Communicate Clearly and Confidently
Good writers are better off. Period. This makes writing one of the most valuable skills in the world. The more clear and confident you are in your writing, the more so you are in life—the two are inextricably linked. Master language, master your mind.

Overcome Imposter Syndrome
Imposter syndrome (or its evil twin perfectionism) will stop you before you start. You can’t bear to put your ideas into the world for fear you’re unqualified. Or worse, fear that the perfect idea will come to you if you wait long enough. We show you exactly what you need to truly write with clarity and confidence.

Go From Consumer To Creator
You won’t find freedom in building someone else’s dream. We help you move through imposter syndrome, and get off the sidelines so that you can find, curate, and publish compelling ideas consistently.

Re-Connect With Your Dreams
You’re living with unmet desires. What are they? What happens when you let them surface and go towards them, not away from them? Writing helps unearth hidden dreams and break through limiting beliefs so you can finally acknowledge you crave freedom, meaning, and influence.

Earn Recognition For Your Ideas
Imposter syndrome (or its evil twin perfectionism) will stop you before you start. You can’t bear to put your ideas into the world for fear you’re unqualified. Or worse, fear that the perfect idea will come to you if you wait long enough. We show you exactly what you need to truly write with clarity and confidence.

Write of Passage By David Perell, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • 01- Welcome
  • 02-Assignments
  • 03-Digital Postcard Setup Guide
  • 04-Getting Started
  • 05-Initiation Workshop
  • 06-Guest Workshops
  • 07-Alumni Mentor Writing Groups
  • 08-Week 1 Video Modules
  • 09-Week 2 Video Modules
  • 10-Week 3 Video Modules
  • 11-Week 4 Video Modules
  • 12-Live Session 1
  • 13-Live Session 2
  • 14-Live Session 3
  • 14-Live Session 14
  • 15-Live Session 4
  • 16-Live Session 5
  • 17-Live Session 6
  • 18-Live Session 7
  • 19-Live Session 8
  • 20-Live Session 9
  • 21-Live Session 10
  • 22-Live Session 11
  • …And more