XTFMAX – Hardcore


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Stephanie Oram – XTFMAX -Total Body Blite

XTFMAX – Hardcore



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Stephanie leads this 43 min abs, glutes, thighs & back workout with 3 backgrounders, all showing various modifications. You will need dumbbells or exercise tubing for this workout. The advanced modifier also uses an exercise ball.

This is an athletic pilates workout in my opinion. After a warm up, exercises include lying frog legs, pretzel, side plank hip drops, side leg lifts, inner thigh raises, V twists, oblique crunches, lying low back work, plank series, reverse frog leg series, leg circles, bird dog, elevator plank and a cool down.

I rate this a high intermediate to low advanced routine, depending on who you follow. Each exercise is performed interval style – for a minute or so. Stephanie starts with level one & progresses to level 4 for each exercise. She is a very down to earth instructor & provides plenty of form reminders & cuing. I received this DVD to review.