7 Figure Sales Video Secrets By Joe Muscatello
  • 7 Figure Sales Video Secrets By Joe Muscatello

7 Figure Sales Video Secrets By Joe Muscatello


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7 Figure Sales Video Secrets By Joe Muscatello – Instant Download!

The 7-Figure Sales Video Secrets

7-Figure Sales Video Secrets gives you an in-depth system for producing your own high-value, inspiring sales videos that’ll get you more views, more clients, and make you more money.

7 Video Trainings
You’ll enjoy 7 video trainings with Joe inside your members area.

7 Video Trainings
You’ll enjoy 7 video trainings with Joe inside your members area.

Downloads & Exercises
Each lesson has valuable downloads and exercises.

Bonus Content
Eliminate distractions and get laser focused.

The Main Course
Everything you need to know to create beautiful and effective videos from start to finish.

Lesson 1
Your Customer Avatar
You’ll create or review your customer avatar, and really get clear about who your audience is, what solution you’re offering to them, and what kind of videos you’re going to be making.

Lesson 2
Writing a Killer Video Script
You’ll learn all about video outlines and scripts, what goes into different kinds of scripts and how to make them fast.

Lesson 3
Production Value & Studio Set Up
You’ll learn how to build your studio, what kind of equipment is needed, and the basics of how to get everything working for you. You’ll learn how to flatten the learning curve on the tech.

Lesson 4
Confidence On Camera & Your “On Screen Avatar”
You’ll create what I call your “On Screen Avatar”, your pre-shoot warm up routine, and you’ll practice reading naturally from a script.

Lesson 5
Filming & Editing
You’ll learn the best pro tips and techniques for filming and editing your videos, how to correctly compose and frame a shot, creating ambiance, set up your background, secrets to the editing process, and more.

Lesson 6
Branding & Design
You’ll learn all about creating branding & designs for your videos, graphics, and more. Plus, easy to use design templates.

Lesson 7
That’s a Wrap: Your Production Playbook
Finally, you’ll bring it all together and walk away with your Video Production Playbook.

What Others Have To Say…

Eben Pagan
World Class Marketer | Creator of The Virtual Coach

“Joe is a real genius when it comes to creating videos that look super polished and professional but also connect with your audience and generate sales. It’s why whenever I need to create videos for my businesses and brands, I use him exclusively. So I can attest to the fact that what he does really works. He has shot almost all of my sales videos!”

“Joe has helped me make basically every launch video series and launch process I’ve done for the past 10 years. Most of them have done well over a million dollars in sales. He’s helped me create many other successful sales and marketing videos – some of which we’ve used multiple times over the years. So he can really help create something that doesn’t just look good now, but that looks good and will keep looking good over time. He’s great at writing copy, coming up with hooks, shooting and editing videos, and basically just making everything work great
and look great in the end.”

“Joe can do all the pieces in his head – he can write the copy, he can come up with the strategy, he can shoot the video, he can figure out how it’s all going to go together, so he’s very fast. He’s quick, he’s professional, he’s talented, and he’s just awesome to work with. If you want a great launch, or a great video, then get him to help you make it, Joe’s the best.”

20+ Million In Sales

7 Figure Sales Video Secrets By Joe Muscatello

Rick Touchton
Video Marketing Expert

“Over the past 20 years, my team and I have produced sales videos for some of the biggest entrepreneur trainers in the world. And for more than a decade, our secret weapon has been working with Joe Muscatello.”

“The videos that we made with Joe have been our best-performing sales assets. Joe’s videos helped us generate more than 20 million dollars in sales and millions of video views.”

“By working with Joe, we were able to take several brands from zero dollars in sales to over 1 million dollars in less than six months.”

“Joe has also saved us a lot of money over the years because we’ve been able to run several of his videos for many years without needing to change them.”

“Anybody can make a video, but very few people know how to make sales videos that actually work. Joe is one of the rare people who can show you how to make videos good enough to crack 7 figures.”

“If you want the very best sales videos for your business, I highly recommend Joe’s program.”

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Valuable Bonus Content

Bonus 1
Eliminate Business Overwhelm
Guidebook & Planner, with simple strategies and tactics you can use to help you take back control of the time you spend in your business.

Bonus 2
Power Up Your Productivity
Productivity techniques, productivity tools, and more to help you stay organized and focused.

Bonus 3
Laser Focus
You’ll explore what distractions are contributing to the ‘noise’ that kills your ability to focus.Plus, tricks you can use for improving focus and concentration, ‘focus tips’ and more in this Guidebook & Planner.

Here’s Everything You Get
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– 7 Video Trainings
– Downloadable Exercises & Summaries
– Productivity Bonus Content
– The 7-Figure Sales Video Playbook

“Joe’s the “secret weapon” behind some of the biggest online launch sales videos that have helped generate millions of dollars in sales… It’s why whenever I need to create videos for my businesses and brands, I use him exclusively.”
– Eben Pagan

Now It’s Time to Join Me!

I believe 7-Figure Sales Video Secrets is the most comprehensive and unique video training you can take right now.

I’ve combined my 12+ years of marketing knowledge and my 12+ years of video production & design experience into a complete method for creating great looking and effective videos from start to finish.

I want to invite you to make the decision to commit to yourself, and commit to streamlining your video production once and for all.