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Audiobooks Made Easy By Derek Doepker


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Audiobooks Made Easy By Derek Doepker – Instant Download!

Why Am I SO Freakin Excited About Audiobooks?

3 and a half hours.

That’s how long it took me to produce my first audiobook from my living room.

I put it up for sale on Amazon and Audible not knowing what to expect.

Then I logged into my account 3 weeks later and saw…

85 Audiobook Sales Came In Out Of “Nowhere” In Just 3 Weeks… Without ANY Extra Promotion!

Audiobooks Made Easy By Derek Doepker

Now 85 sales won’t change your life.

But I didn’t even know the audiobook was available for sale yet.

You see, it takes a few weeks before your book goes live on the retailers.

I didn’t send a single person to the audiobook sales page.

These sales just sort of “showed up” out of seemingly nowhere.

That’s when I knew I was onto something with audiobooks.

Fast forward to 2020.

I’ve now turned all my biggest books into audiobooks…

Using a quick and easy audiobook creation strategy I do from the comfort of my home.

Here’s what’s happened…

15,312 Audiobook Sales As Of November 2020

Audiobooks Made Easy By Derek Doepker

I share these results to inspire YOU to turn your book into audio.

My name’s Derek Doepker.

And after I went from being a broke valet parker to #1 bestselling author…

I started working with authors to reveal how to generate more sales and make a bigger impact with your writing.

Now, while getting thousands of audiobook sales is cool…

Some people sell a LOT more audiobooks than me.

I’m kinda lazy when it comes to audiobook promotion.

So these are sales that come in without doing much more than what I normally do to promote my books.

These results are to prove this point…

The audiobook market is BIG.

There’s a ton of demand.

Demand for both fiction and non-fiction audiobooks.

Which means…

If You Don’t Have Your Book In Audio…
You’re Missing Out (Big Time)

As more and more people prefer audio…

Authors without audiobooks are losing out.

So every month you don’t have an audiobook available for sale…

It’s costing you readers and revenue.

Because some people will only consume your book if it’s in audio.

In my case, I was losing thousands of dollars in extra income each year before I had audiobooks.

It was like I was throwing away a vacation or even a nice car just from not taking a few hours to turn my books into audio.

And there are even more great reasons to turn your book into an audiobook.

7 Reasons To Create An Audiobook Right Now

  • You’ve already done the hardest work of writing, editing, designing… Might as well take just a few more hours to add an entirely new revenue stream with the audiobook.
  • You’ll get into a booming market that doesn’t have nearly as much competition. Seems like just about everyone has a kindle book these days. With your audiobook, you’ll instantly stand out from the crowd.
  • You can offer your audiobook as a bonus. Use your audiobook to entice people to opt-in to your email list. Especially useful if you do podcast interviews. Or incentivize people to purchase your other products with an audiobook bonus.
  • You can use audiobooks as “bump” or upsell offer in a funnel. Sometimes this is all it takes to turn a losing funnel into a winner.
  • You’ll be perceived as a more legitimate and professional author just by having an audiobook available.
  • You may receive messages like “Thank you so much for making your book into an audiobook!” The visually impaired and audiobook-only listeners of the world will finally get to enjoy your work.
  • You can create audiobooks easily and affordably yourself. Get your audiobook done as soon as next week… when you have the system I’m about to share with you.

While Audiobooks Totally Rock… There Are Some Hurdles To Create Them

Maybe you already knew audiobooks were awesome.

Perhaps the issue is you faced one of these challenges…

Hiring a narrator can cost $700 – $2500+ for a medium to full-length book.

I hired one narrator for one book (before I learned to do it myself) and it cost me $1,350 for a 4.7 hour long book.

This adds up if you have multiple books.

It would have been over $5,000 if I hired a narrator to do all my books.

Or you can take the do it yourself approach.

Doing it yourself requires special knowledge and equipment.

If you don’t have a good recording environment, it could be almost impossible.

Plus the editing process can be time consuming following conventional
recommendations (unless you knew a few insider tricks like the “Snapback Editing” method).

If you get it wrong, you could waste weeks of time and possibly have to re-record your entire audiobook.
That’s why many people consider audiobooks out of reach.

Including me back in 2015.

I wanted to create my own audiobooks, but I had no idea where to even begin.

However, I knew if I could figure it out…

It would help me and all the authors I coach.

Plus, I got a degree in music from Belmont University in Nashville.

And I did audio editing as a ‘side hustle’ while building my author business.

So I thought…

“There’s Gotta Be A Way To Create Audiobooks From Home… And I’m Gonna Figure It Out.”

I spent months testing different setups.

Trying out different microphones.

Using those box things to stick your mic in and sound shields.

These did NOT work for me since I was in a big open loft.

And the first go-around?

I had to re-record my entire book all over again because of a silly mistake I made while recording.

Fortunately, my obsession eventually paid off.

After tons of trial and error…

I found out I could crank out professional-quality audiobooks even in my absolutely “horrible for recording” open loft apartment full of echo and reverb.

Once I came up with a few ingenious tricks to make this process ridiculously easy…

I had a revelation…

Virtually ANY Author Can Produce Their Own Audiobook…
Even If You’re A Total Technophobe

Plus there are some MAJOR perks to recording your own audiobook.

  • You’ll save hundreds to thousands of dollars. It can cost less than only $150 just once to set up everything you need for life.
  • You’ll keep all the rights to your audio. No having to split any money with a narrator such as with a royalty-split deal.
  • You can have your audiobook ready in days, or even HOURS, rather than weeks!
  • My #1 reason… you can create a deeper connection with your audience. Especially since YOU know exactly how your book is meant to be expressed.
  • And this may be a shocker… it’s EASY (and for many, a lotta fun). Not just easy for a guy like me who’s into audio. I’ve taught over 1,000 authors, including total “technophobes” how to create their own audiobooks. They’ve confirmed this is doable for anyone
  • who can follow a few simple steps. You can also outsource the editing as well and still save compared to hiring a narrator.

Can you see why I’m ALL about recording my own audiobooks?

I’m also passionate about every author having their books in audio.

So I decided to share my strategies so you can affordably and easily produce your own professional audiobooks in the comfort of your own home.

It’s all contained within…

Steve Scott (SJ Scott) –
“Audiobooks have become a major part of my business–generating $3K to $5K each month in passive income.

What I like about Audiobooks Made Easy is it provides a no-fluff, easy to follow process for creating high quality audiobooks that listeners will love.”

You’ll Watch Over My Shoulder To See Exactly How To Create Audiobooks Yourself

  • The “Snapback Editing” shortcut to quickly cut any mistakes from your audiobook without spending hours searching for your mistakes. (Quicker and easier than ‘punch and roll’ or any other recording technique I’ve seen)
  • The specific gear and brand names to create your own ‘home studio’ for less than <$150. You don’t need a special room or bulky noise reduction gear either.
  • What you need to do when you have pictures, links, and other pieces of your book that aren’t easy to narrate.
  • The exact specifications that will work for men and women narrators to get a pristine sound in minutes.
  • Got a terrible recording environment? Just use a patio umbrella with a blanket thrown on top to create your own on-demand studio. More tips and tricks like this inside to create a pro sound on almost any budget.
  • How to make the process 2-3x faster so you can crank these out in hours rather than many days. Even experienced narrators may save 10-20+ hours on their next audiobook project using these secrets.
  • Exactly how to format the book to get accepted by ACX and other retailers so your audiobook will be on Amazon, Audible, iTunes, and beyond.
  • A step-by-step checklist to make the entire process easy to follow.

Vivian Jokotade –
“I was worried this training will be overwhelming with technical language and tasks that I won’t be able to do on my own.

Derek kept this training very simple, clear and straight to the point. As I worked through the course, it felt like Derek was sitting right next to me guiding me each step of the way. If you want a simple, step-by-step guide to creating your own audiobooks, this is the only training you need.”

You Don’t Have To Go At It Alone…This ‘Done-With-You’ Process Provides Personal Access To Me To GUARANTEE Your Audiobook Meets All Professional Quality Standards. Audiobook retailers have strict standards for your audiobook production.

While you’ll learn exactly how to meet those standards inside Audiobooks Made Easy…

It can be intimidating when you start.

You may wonder, “Am I doing this right? Will this pass their standards?”

Because if your audiobook doesn’t meet their standards…

You could have to re-record EVERYTHING all over again (I went through this and it’s a nightmare).

Or they send you a complicated list of what needs to be fixed with the audiobook… and you’re left with no way to decode what they’re saying.

Even books that pass “ACX check plugins” may not pass ACX standards (or listener standards) if there are issues only a human ear would pick up.

This takes more than just using a few plugins to adjust the sound or check it.

Fortunately, as an Audiobooks Made Easy student…

You can send me an audio sample before you begin recording your whole book.

Then I can confirm you’re on the right track…

Or walk you through any little adjustments you need to make.

This way you have 100% certainty you WILL have an audiobook that gets to Amazon, Audible, iTunes and beyond…

And that your listeners will love how great it sounds.

Kevin Kruse – NYT Bestselling Author –

I almost cried when I finished the Audiobooks Made Easy course…

Because it made me realize how much time I had wasted while narrating my last book.

Next time I’ll probably save 20+ hours and end up with higher quality too.

Love The Idea Of Saving Boatloads Of Cash By Creating Audiobooks Yourself… But Hate Techie Stuff?

I walk you through everything where you watch over my shoulder exactly how I go through the process.

If you can click the same buttons I tell you to click, you can produce your own audiobooks.

Or if you prefer…

You can easily outsource the editing.

Even an assistant or family member with NO prior audiobook editing experience can watch the videos…

And do all the editing for you.

If you can hit a button and start talking… then you can make your own audiobooks at a fraction of the price of hiring a narrator.

Pretty cool huh?

If you want to hear more about how non-techy authors can do this, you can listen to the two interviews below.

Special Bonus: Advanced Audiobook Marketing Strategies

As I mentioned earlier, I don’t do a ton of extra work to promote my audiobooks.

They just sell when people see the audiobook edition is an option.

That said, some authors make 6+ figures a year JUST on audiobook sales.

And they’re using more advanced strategies.

So I interviewed a book marketing master, who works with USA Today and New York Times bestselling authors…

And had him spill his best secrets on little-known audiobook marketing strategies used by top authors.

I’ve been in the book marketing industry for over 7 years…

And I was shocked by how many of these tactics were BRAND NEW to me.

You’ll get access to this training, with a free opt-in, to take advantage of whenever you’re ready to catapult your audiobook sales.

Why This Should “Pay For Itself”

I had a narrator record one of my books.

It was $1,350.

If someone told me I could do it myself and it would only be a $497 investment…

It would be a no-brainer.

Even though I can afford the narrators…

I’d prefer to have my voice on the recording.

And since I read my books aloud during proofreading…

All I have to do is hit the record button and take care of both my final proofread AND audiobook narration at the same time.

Plus, once I knew the process…

I got paid thousands to record audiobooks for other authors.

That’s right.

If you fall in love with the process as so many other authors have…

You can potentially get PAID by other authors to narrate THEIR audiobook once you know the Audiobooks Made Easy Method.