Burt Goldman – Quantum Jumping 2
  • Burt Goldman – Quantum Jumping 2

Burt Goldman – Quantum Jumping 2 | Instant Download !


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Burt Goldman – Quantum Jumping 2 | Instant Download !


Quantum Jumping 1 & 2*** By Burt Goldman***19 CDs in MP3 digital 3 PDFs*** This is a digital download product ***Quantum Jumping is based on the Theory of Parallel Minds (which is a blend of the Eastern Philosophy of Multiple Lives and Western Quantum Physics). Simply put, it is the process of “jumping” into parallel dimensions, and gaining creativity, knowledge, wisdom and inspiration from alternate versions of yourself. The Quantum Jumping program includes lessons, meditation and exercises that will guide you to understand the concepts behind Quantum Jumping, and the workings of your mind… A year after introducing Quantum Jumping to the world, Burt revealed more advanced Quantum Jumping techniques and meditations on Quantum Jumping 2. The original course still remains an essential component to mastering this powerful technique and contains all the foundations to prepare for the more advanced material found in Quantum Jumping 2. Quantum Jumping 2 is a powerful continuation of the original course, designed to improve results and diversify jumping abilities in ways you may never have thought possible. ► This is what you will receive (Instant electronic delivery, usually within one day) : 1). Quantum Jumpng on 7 CDs in MP3 digital. 2). Quantum Jumping 2 on 12 CDs in MP3 digital. 3). Both Quantum Jumping Programs come with a PDF Text Companion 4). Quantum Jumping workbook in PDF. ► You receive your secure download-link by email.