Dana Derricks’s Training Programs
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Dana Derricks’s Training Programs


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About Me
I’m a serial entrepreneur, author, speaker, coach, and goat farmer.

From selling my buddy’s drawings on the playground for 50 cents and splitting it with him…to being the only person in my school’s history to nab an athletic scholarship to college…to running multiple successful businesses, this is in my blood.

I’m out to change lives and empower people to do what they were put here to do.

I’m here to give you the information and tools you actually need, so you can fulfill the duty you were put here to serve…and leave the legacy you’ve always wanted.

You’re the reason I do what I do.

Thank you.

Dana Derricks's Training Programs

I got featured on Forbes!
Forbes decided to pick up my story and show the world how a goat farmer from Wisconsin is selling books for $400, $1,000, and even $2,500 PER copy!

Dana Derricks's Training Programs

I went to Boise to help Russell Brunson with a project
Besides having his 5 crazy kids tire me out in his wrestling room by jumping, swinging on a rope, and playing “chuck the big ball at each other”.

The first ever Goat Farm Mastermind
Entrepreneurs flew in from all over the world (including Australia, Canada, and more) to gather for 3 days in Clear Lake, WI. Guest speakers (shown) flew in from all over the country to provide amazing value. They look pretty snazzy, don’t they?

Mario & Luigi joined the family!
I scaled my herd from 2 to 4, and haven’t looked back. Mario won Grand Champion at the county fair and Luigi won Reserve Champion…so I paid a premium for these little guys.
They’ve been a huge blessing and bring peace, fun, and playfulness to the Goat Farm 🙂

When Amazing.com tried to scam me out of a lot of money…(Documentary)
I had a deal made with Amazing.com and Matt Clark (CEO), where I delivered a LOT of copywriting to them…and in addition to being paid I was to speak at their live event as part of the deal…
Well, not only did they not pay me…they told me they were pulling me as a speaker 5 days before the event, then blocked my phone and all attempts to contact them. Not cool, right?
So, since the plane tickets and hotel were nonrefundable, we went anyway and handed out over 1,000 straw hats to the crowd as they waited for the doors to open for the event.
I published High-Ticket Book Secrets!
The book that’s showing authors (and anybody selling anything) HOW to sell their books for what they’re actually worth…was born. After six months of painstaking writing, revising, editing, and perfecting

The time I gave my car away to a stranger
I took the goat hauler for one last ride because I knew there was somebody who needed it worse than I did. I found a woman who, by no fault of her own, was going through a tough time…so I gave it to her

That time I broke the internet with my webinar
I sold over $200k on a single webinar, which was more than I had made the entire previous year working 60+ hours per week…and ended up breaking my merchant account, having Becca help me pack boxes (wasn’t equipped for that), and then get many strange looks from the folks at the post office.
Got engaged to the beautiful “Icelandic Queen”
Hack for guys: get engaged on Christmas so the ring is also the present.

I got paired up with my “Little Brother”
My Little doesn’t have a dad, and waited 3 long years for a match, but I’m hoping it was worth the wait! We enjoy board games, swimming, books, building forts, and just about anything fun.

Launched my Pet Supplements company, Pet Relief
It started in my living room, mixing products on my coffee table while watching football on Sunday afternoons. Then, it grew into my aunt’s attic. Then, it grew into it’s own 2,500 sq foot facility…with many of my family members working to help it grow. Now, it lives in it’s own facility with a full-time employee who continues spreading the mission of helping thousands of pets get happy and healthy.

I became one of the highest-paid copywriters in the world
After working for five years, every single day, and being a constant student of my craft…combined with God-given talent…I earned the right to be one of the highest-paid freelance copywriters in the world. Charging fees as much as $10,000 per project to revise Amazon listings and more…I made a name for myself as “The Copywriting Professor”

Dana Derricks’s Training Programs, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • 01-Author Challenge
  • 02-Sales Succe$$ Center
  • 03-Dream100®Con
  • 04-Dream 100® Launch Program
  • 05-Copywriting Retreat
  • 06-Value Ladder Challenge