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  • Emergency Room Video Course – ITPM

Emergency Room Video Course – ITPM


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The ITPM Emergency Room Video Course of ITPM will help you overcome financial challenges and know what precisely to do in a poor financial market situation.

Discover what’s inside the Emergency Room Video Course of ITPM

In order to help customers with their pensions and trading accounts get back on track, ITPM published an emergency room video course that demonstrates what to do and not do under terrible financial market conditions. Many people have saved and made tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not thousands. Because markets are nowhere near cure, the Emergency Room Video Course is back in order to enable you to cope with the current economic crisis and stock market instability.

This ITPM video course will address the protection of capital, survival and the earning of money. Everything on call is in a distinct scenario. They aim to offer value, but if feasible they will have to take action. They will demonstrate how you may add value to your portfolios in a challenging environment. Daily market updates will be presented with everyday macro events and interpretations, highlighting key tool moves and what they signify for portfolios. Here’s what the Emergency Room Video Course of ITPM will provide you:

  • Market projections, measurements used by professional traders to predict the course and expectations of the day.
  • Resources are daily uploaded for all participants via a private download URL.
  • One hour of portfolio maintenance each day and help to transmit your portfolios through a private email address.
  • Anton and ITPM mentors will support restructuring of portfolios for better probability results and actions, as well as an open question and answer section where you may ask Anton Anything (AAA).

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ITPM, the Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management, is the world’s premier financial education organization. It was founded in 2011 to educate, teach, and guide retail traders so they may become profitable in the long run. They give training and mentorship for those who either have previously worked or are now registered professional traders and provide valuable trading education and mentorship. All their mentors have served in the past or in the present as professional (registered and regulated) traders for investment banks or hedge funds. ITPM has been teaching thousands of students across the world, many of them are Hedge Funds and many of them have been working as traders in Investment Banks and businesses. You don’t need previous trade experience to take any of the ITPM courses. Each video course discusses and provides a simple to grasp framework for ideas and procedures that Professional Traders utilize on a regular basis. It just requires a basic grasp of mathematics and an essential degree of common sense, so that the quality of ITPM courses is not to be fought. You may also re-wind the movies and go over the contents and tools until you completely grasp them.