Go From 0 To Selling within 30 Days Or Less By Luna Vega
  • Go From 0 To Selling within 30 Days Or Less By Luna Vega

Go From 0 To Selling within 30 Days Or Less By Luna Vega


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Go From 0 To Selling within 30 Days Or Less By Luna Vega – Instant Download!

Go From 0 To Selling within 30 Days or less
Learn how to build your very own
E-Commerce Machine

In this MINI-COURSE; you’ll learn how to get more sales with your Etsy Print-On-Demand business with my proven step-by-step “Selling Formula”. I will pull back the curtains and show you exactly how to actually implement my method with an actionable plan, worksheets, and concrete examples.

Wondering why you can’t get sales or be consistent with your Etsy Print-On-Demand business? Can’t Figure Out What You are Doing Wrong?
* Are you struggling to get SALES (and if you do, they are sporadic)?
* You need help understanding why you aren’t getting TRAFFIC to your Etsy Store?
* Does Etsy feel like a game you just can’t seem to beat?

The MAJORITY of Etsy sellers rely on hope… luck… trial and error… or even worse… copying

BUT Unlike Popular Belief
* Saturation is NOT the problem: Learn strategies needed to attract customers over and over again.
* Having 1,000 of Product Listings is NOT necessary: Learn how to put gasoline into what’s working to exponentially grow.
* MARKETING is NOT the answer: Learn WHEN is a good time to start MARKETING and which STRATEGIES will actually yield into sales.

On the Contrary:
* Etsy is like a SEARCH ENGINE
* Etsy users are actively looking for gifts to buy
* Etsy users love to shop and will come back to the same shop if they find something they adore
* Etsy users love discovering new brands and sharing their findings with their friends
* Etsy users love to interact with brands & feel part of a community

What if you could …

👉Go from 0 to Selling on Etsy within 30 days with a proven step-by-step method to help you build a long-lasting business.
👉Avoid Making Mistakes So You Can Be Successful FASTER
👉Crack the Print On Demand / Etsy Code

Inside The Course, You Will Learn How To:

Dramatically grow your Etsy Print On Demand business (while using High Margin Suppliers such as Shineon etc…) & get more sales while consistently attracting new customers who are excited about your brand and can’t wait to buy your latest collections.

Stand out from the competition. Your online Etsy store becomes a go-to destination.

Have more time to focus on what you love. You put in place an automated marketing system that enables you to have extra hours in your day to do what you love. You are constantly growing your business without spending extra money. You can finally breathe and truly enjoy what you do!

Constantly grow & make your brand profitable while setting up an automatic sale system. No more spending countless hours in the wrong places. You’ll know exactly where to spend your time and become effective with your marketing outreach. Your Etsy business continues to grow even when you go on vacation.
It’s all possible – and you might even make Beyoncé turn her head.

Course Curriculum

Your Roadmap To Success
Roadmap To Success
Build An Irresistible Store
Branding: Create A Brand That Will Convert Visitors to Buyers
Setting Up A Successful Store: Etsy & Shopify & CED Set-up
Step by Step Shineon Set-Up
New Etsy / Shineon Integration – Set-up
Outshining Competition on Etsy
Finding Winning OpportunitIes within the Etsy Marketplace
Find Gold Seeds
Standing-Out From The Competition
Create Super Seeds + Etsy SEO Best Practices
Secret Strategies To Get Sales
Plant Winning Crops
Winning Product Set Up
Etsy Listings that drive sales & get 5-Star reviews
Getting Your First Sale Checklist
Product Upload Swot Analysis
Attracting customers with stellar Messages + Designs
Creating Winning Design Templates
Product Bulk Upload Strategy
Growth Hacks
Getting 5 Star Reviews
Metal Wall Art Supplier 101
Bonus: Over My Shoulder Training
BONUS: Live Q&A August 6th – 2022
BONUS: Over My Shoulder Training
BONUS: Live Q&A from Coaching Students

✅ Say Goodbye to wasting time uploading products on Etsy without getting sales
✅ Say Goodbye to hustling to find a Winning Messages / Products
✅ Say Goodbye to the confusion

Meet Luna Vega

Go From 0 To Selling within 30 Days Or Less By Luna Vega
► I’m not another digital marketing guru giving you generic information you can find on the web. My goal is NOT to give you same old boring advice you’ve heard over and over again. Yes, you know you need tags on your Etsy store. Duh!
► When I first started I had no idea what I was doing. I had to find successful business owners and dissect why they were doing so well. After a lot of research, trial and error, I finally developed a system that would allow myself and my team to grow the business year after year.
► I can’t wait to teach you my proven Etsy Formula so you can go from no sales to 4-5-6 figures.
► My extensively tested step by step method will enable you to turn your Etsy store into a customer attraction machine. All without icky-sales tactics or outdated methods that don’t work in 2021.
► My goal is to teach you how to create passive income with Etsy so you can quit that day job you hate for anyone who is ready to make a change.

Go From 0 To Selling within 30 Days Or Less By Luna Vega, What is it included (Content proofWatch here!)

  • 01-Build An Irresistible Store
  • 02-Finding Winning OpportunitIes within the Etsy Marketplace
  • 03-Standing-Out From The Competition
  • 04-Secret Strategies To Get Sales
  • 07-Bonus – Over My Shoulder Training
  • 00-Roadmap To Success.mp4
  • 00-The Selling Formula Etsy Success Roadmap.pdf